Weekend Creative : Love MiniBook/Card


[ Jenni Bowlin Circle 4 inch Minibook; Creative Cafe Clear Sheet Dots; Little Yellow Bicycle Flocked Grey with White Floral Paper; Ali Edwards Love Circles; Ribbon: Narratives, random other pieces ]

Part card, part minibook this little circle creation is a great way to celebrate someone you love this Valentine's Day (or any day of course). This project uses my new Love Circle embellishments from Designer Digitals that you simply download and print (or use on digital projects). I showed a simple card idea with them last week here.

Here's a look at the interior:


A short note opens the card/minibook with the following pages cut (using a Creative Memories circle template) from a thick transparency from Creative Cafe. Each transparent page has a photo on one side and one of my printed Love Circles from Designer Digitals on the other side.






The great little "handmade book" stamp is from Cats Life Press. Ink is from StazOn.


66496mid • Cover the Jenni Bowlin 4 inch circle chipboard minibook with Little Yellow Bicycle textured patterned paper on the front cover and the back cover and painted the interior chipboard covers with cream paint. I love the flocked texture paper for the covers of little books like this - gives it a nice soft feel (fabric would also be a great cover). I ended up not using the interior circle lined-pages for the minibook itself but will hang on to them to use them in a future project.


• Cut out 5 circles (or as many interior pages as you want for your book) from the Creative Cafe white dot transparency (I used this Creative Memories circle cutter). This is a very thick transparency which works great for interior pages of a minibook. I also love to use Hambly overlays for projects that really need a thicker sheet.


• Choose, scan, and print your photos. I scanned in some of my favorite photo booth pictures (I have used these in projects in the past) and organized them to print on one 8.5x11 sheet of photo paper. The photos were scanned (and enlarged) to be about 2.5 inches wide.


• Punch the photos using the Marvy Giga Scallop Circle Punch and a McGill circle punch. I wanted both regular and scalloped circles to work back to back with the Love Circles (available here):



• After punching out my photos and the Love Circles I simply adhered them back to back on each of the interior pages. I chose to do photo on the front, Love Circle on the back. Very simple and quick to put together. I am planning to give this to Simon on Valentine's morning at breakfast with a couple other little goodies.


To finish off the book I added one circle to the cover and a gathering of ribbons on the metal ring that holds it all together.

Enjoy your weekend!


[ Past weekend creative projects can be found here. ]

93 thoughts

  1. dragonflydreamer (Susi)

    2009-01-30 20:15:49 -0500

    I love these photos of you and Simon. They show the special bond between the two of you. I can't believe how quickly it seems he has grown from a little boy into a big boy. Thank you for this great project. Even though my sons are grown, I'm going to use photos of us when they were young. I hope you are feeling as comfortable as possible. I am holding you all in my prayers for a healthy birth and healthy new addition to the Edwards family.

  2. Tammy

    2009-01-30 22:20:57 -0500

    How cute! I'm thinking of a cute idea for my Grandchildren. Thanks for the idea

  3. Lara

    2009-01-30 23:54:15 -0500

    So cute!!! Love everything about it!!

  4. Christina

    2009-01-31 03:38:34 -0500

    Cute album!
    You must be so sick of scrapbooking, though. Ha ha.

  5. Ali Edwards

    2009-01-31 04:39:23 -0500

    HA :) - Christina - I am actually inspired right now (I go through phases for sure).

  6. Vicki

    2009-01-31 04:43:25 -0500

    LOVE it, simple, cute and sweet!!!!
    I'm sure Simon will adore it!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :):):)

  7. leonie

    2009-01-31 08:12:48 -0500

    just wanted to say that i am thinking of you
    all the best with your new addition to the family
    take care and enjoy

  8. g5cents

    2009-01-31 09:01:47 -0500

    My hisband is not really fond of hearts, so coming up with a Valentine's present can be quite the challenge. Thanks for a wonderful idea. This will definitely fit the bill.

  9. Jenn L

    2009-01-31 09:57:34 -0500

    this is SUPER! thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Laura Leland

    2009-01-31 13:39:11 -0500

    Just wanted to pass along a happy Saturday. Hope all is well. Also wishing your family best wishes in the coming of your newest little family member. Also wanted to pass along to you a message about how inspiring you are. I love browsing your blog (I check it almost daily). You have the cutest projects and I love your simplicity and attitude about the process. You truly inspire me to create and document my memories. I wanted to share with you a page I just created based on one of your pages from Studio A - Jan. 2009 CK. See link below:
    It's so fabulous to have someone like you for inspiration. Keep up the wonderful work and good luck in the coming days. Best Wishes!

  11. Sarah Coday

    2009-01-31 15:25:09 -0500

    Very fun little book Ali.
    Get LOTS of SLEEP and rest.
    God Bless,

  12. Candi Tardio

    2009-02-01 10:04:17 -0500

    sooooo sweet ali :D
    hope you are having an awesome weekend!

  13. Artful Yogi

    2009-02-01 10:48:04 -0500

    Great idea. Thank you.

  14. Latrice

    2009-02-01 17:48:51 -0500

    Hey Ali! I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog. So much going on with you girly! Great baby room. We're still waiting to find out what we're having. I'll be hitting the antique stores to find some great things for our room too. So glad to see NieNie blogging again. Gob bless that girl and her family! Happy belated b-day to Simon! 7 is awesome I'm sure.
    I just really wanted to say hi! You look great and you're carrying all out front just like me hon. Love every moment.

  15. Wendy Kwok

    2009-02-01 21:02:43 -0500

    Hi Ali
    Your mini is so cute! Last week, I too created a mini using Jenni Bowlin album.
    Check it out here:

  16. Barbara

    2009-02-02 00:18:55 -0500

    How did you do the 'photo booth' photos. Were they really done in a photo booth :)?

  17. Barbara

    2009-02-02 00:21:38 -0500

    hmmmm not sure if my last comment was posted.
    If it was sorry for being bothersome!
    I love this little mini book, but would love to know how you got the 'photo booth' look, did you really have photo booth pics?

  18. Arancha

    2009-02-02 09:48:16 -0500

    Love from Spain

  19. Arancha

    2009-02-02 09:49:36 -0500

    Absolutely great!!

  20. Claire Fader

    2009-02-03 01:00:33 -0500

    I downloaded your LOVE CIrcles on a whim and how glad am I ?!
    I haven't plucked up courage for digital pages yet so I printed them off and used a couple on a LO for a scrapping forum in the UK called UK Scrappers for a challenge ( you can see it on my blog here I think..http://neverkeptadiarybutmightmanageablog.blogspot.com/)
    They are So versatile and delicious - I almost want to eat them !! Thank you for making these available - I can see myself using them again and again )

  21. Nora

    2009-02-03 03:32:57 -0500

    Such a cute little album! I'm going to make something simular for my boyfriend, thank you for the inspiration:)
    But won't your husband be jelous that Simon gets a Valentine album and he doesn't?:)

  22. Sandra Webb

    2009-02-04 00:51:47 -0500

    OMG, they're so sweet. Great howto!

  23. Nasilele Holland

    2009-02-05 12:11:13 -0500

    SO adorable!!!

  24. Investment casting

    2009-03-04 19:50:51 -0500

    Love this! Thanks for sharing

  25. Molly

    2011-01-14 21:47:04 -0500

    so so wonderful!

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