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Great comments again today - so many leaps, so much courage.

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I am heading up a committee to try to get a new school built for my town. Times are tough and the odds are against us right now, my town has seen three plants close this year. But I really believe in my gut that if we don't invest in our children, we give up on our future.
Posted by: Teresa Cotterman

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(1) My leap is that I am flying to Georgia in March to visit my sister. I haven't flown in 33 years!
Posted by:
Laura B.

(2) We are taking a huge leap of faith and I personally am mustering up as much courage as I can find inside to do it...relocate with my husband and 4 children to another state! Both sides of our family live right here where we are but we just cannot pass up an opportunity to go after a better life for our children.  What an adventure this could be. I will miss everyone though. And thank God for technology these days!!
Posted by: Lori Simpson

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My most recent "leap" really hasn't been a leap at all, rather the decision to not leap, but tough it out and make it work. I am so proud of myself for trying to work thru it rather than "leaping"ship!
Posted by: Jenny

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