Right now.


1. Filling the house with fresh flowers.

2. Excited that my Mom arrived yesterday and will be here with us for the next couple of weeks.

3. Watching Simon work-through his homework. Going through the routine of protest, silliness, more protest, and finally settling into concentration and then triumph & celebration at the end. 

4. Reading voraciously. Started and finished Girl with a Pearl Earring
in a couple nights. Starting World Without End

5. About half-way through creating a "reflections" book for the first few weeks/month with the new baby. Planning to share images from that project on Monday unless she comes before then. I am using some older pink Anna Griffin patterned papers that I have been holding on to for something special. 

6. Our bags for the hospital are packed and ready to go with comfortable clothes and a couple sweet things for the baby.

7. Feeling calm about my choice to have a repeat c-section.

8. Hoping to finish up our taxes today. Would love to have that done and out the door before the baby comes. 

9. Trying to remember what it's really like caring for a newborn. Reading up a bit on baby care and hoping it will all come back to me (or I will relearn). I would love to read some of your favorite tips for those first few weeks if you have them (I am all good with the "sleep when the baby sleeps" mantra).

10. Simply excited beyond measure to hold this new bundle and welcome her into our lives.


It's all pretty surreal right now.

I have been thinking a lot about the three of us and the family unit we have been for the past seven years. For many of those years I was pretty sure that Simon would be our one and only. Now, with another one coming so very soon, I have been reflecting a bunch and hugging Simon just that much tighter and longer.

I am a different person in lots of ways compared to who I was when Simon was born. Many, many things have impacted me tremendously over the past seven years. I am looking forward to meeting myself in this new role. I will be gentle with myself. I will seek help when I need it. I will savor and celebrate as many moments as I can.

Looking back and looking ahead and being in the right here, right now.

Things are about to change big time once again.

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