15% off Designer Digitals

Now through Tuesday at 6am Eastern Designer Digitals is offering 15% off. This kicks off a month of promotions celebrating the site's 4th Anniversary.

Here's a couple of my newest products:


You Word Art


12x12 Handdrawn Frames No.1


This Is The Day Word Art


Days of the Week 12x12 Handdrawn Frames

I also wanted to highlight this cute page created by Designer Digtials Guest Creative Team Member Laura Grimes that uses a couple of the above products:


Check out Laura's gallery of projects here.

13 thoughts

  1. Kristin Rutten

    2009-03-29 10:36:26 -0400

    Wow... I'm so impressed you are able to put out such great new designs with a new little one in the house. I can see where you find the inspiration, but where do you find the time? Love your stuff, as always! :)

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  2. o-girl

    2009-03-29 10:56:27 -0400

    Hi Ali!
    Love your latest designs for DesignerDigitals.com. I'm wondering if you have any plans to make 8.5"x11" Handdrawn Frames. I don't use 12x12 albums (but I know they can be sized down to 8x8's & 6x6's, etc). I'm also wondering if you have any plans to make plain, basic overlays minus words (like your Title + Journaling overlays). You know, so a person could add their own words, different fonts, etc. ? I'd make my own but my verrrrrrrry basic photo-editing software doesn't have a shape like you've used with rounded corners - plus I can't seem to get my journaling lines evenly spaced.
    Thanks for your time. Hope everything is well in your little corner of the world.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  3. Kathy F

    2009-03-29 10:59:50 -0400

    Love the designs! I will have to go grab those for sure! :)

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  4. Bonnie

    2009-03-29 11:24:02 -0400

    I haven't tried digital scrapbooking yet, but if I did I for sure would use your stuff. I love the look.
    By the way, I love your new Header. It's perfect!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  5. Scraptician

    2009-03-29 14:04:08 -0400

    Love the new look! It's very cool.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  6. Ali Edwards

    2009-03-29 15:31:56 -0400

    Right now I am really working in "bits and pieces" as I find a minute. The time is made :).

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  7. Ali Edwards

    2009-03-29 15:39:07 -0400

    I do have plans for some 8.5x11 - they are on the list. I should be able to do some blank title + journaling overlays at some point as well. One thing to know is that you can "erase" the text that is currently in there and add your own (not sure if you can do that in your program but it is something to investigate). In Word you could just make a white box over the text you want to cover + then add your own as well.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  8. Rani

    2009-03-29 15:46:48 -0400

    Awesome sale! Already purchased some and more and made two digi layouts in the span of about 40 minutes!!!!!! Love your layered templates too! Both layouts posted on my humble blog! Looking forward to my parents seeing them in India!!!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  9. Linda Francis

    2009-03-29 16:28:33 -0400

    I just have a question. I just returned from a week mission trip with my church youth group to Arizona/New Mexico and have a ton of pics. I will doing many pages for myself but would like to do an album as a gift for the youth group and will be using many, many pics. I was just thinking about using many pics on a page with very little journaling and then have some pages with a lot of journaling. I'm just not sure - we have so many great pics of all the work the kids did. What do you think the best way to go about this is?

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  10. Marta M. Darby

    2009-03-29 16:28:36 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    Really love those hand-drawn frames! Heading over to Designer Digitals right now.
    Grateful for all you do!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  11. Nicky from Canada

    2009-03-29 16:42:42 -0400

    I love the new links at the bottom of your posts linking back to prior items - you have so many great ideas and projects, it is a great reminder for me.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  12. Mieke Duyck

    2009-03-29 21:24:17 -0400

    Oh my god Ali, I just want ALL your "designer digital"products, even though I am not at all a computer-scrapbooker...but I believe you can just print them on cardstock, and just use them on regular scrapbookpages, am I right?
    And the baby layout is gorgeous, you can feel the love.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
  13. Tona

    2009-03-30 05:11:25 -0400

    What a great idea to document the music she listened to as a baby.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:28AM
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