Godspeed Jason.

We got to spend some time yesterday with our friend Jason and his family as he gets ready to deploy to Iraq this next week.

Jason & Megan (and kids) : thank you for your friendship (and that awesome pulled pork), your service and your sacrifice.

Jason : we wish you well and look forward to your safe return in a year.

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  1. Maureen

    2009-03-23 01:46:39 -0400

    To a safe return for Jason, and a network of support for his family.

  2. DeLynn

    2009-03-23 02:43:47 -0400

    So grateful and humbled at the sacrifice of Jason and his dear family. Blessings on you.

  3. Leslie

    2009-03-23 03:26:02 -0400

    Blessings and gratitude going out to Jason and his family.

  4. Dawn

    2009-03-23 03:56:37 -0400

    My son deploys the 9th of April...again.
    Blessings on Jason and his family during this time.

  5. michelle

    2009-03-23 04:10:14 -0400

    thank you Jason and your family for sacrifice to help me to keep the rights that I have..you will be in my prayers and thoughts..I too have a nephew that will be deploying in mid April.

  6. Terri Emmons

    2009-03-23 04:17:30 -0400

    My nephew leaves in a couple weeks for Iraq also. I quess it is the largest bunch of guys leaving from portland since world war 2.
    We are going up to see him at the goodbye cermony they are having.
    What great guys we have to do this for us and keep us all safe.
    Have a great week.
    Terri (aka Makikos mom)

  7. Megan

    2009-03-23 04:43:46 -0400

    After all the well wishes and good-bye hugs over the weekend, seeing it in print really brings it all home. I'm grateful to all our friends (and yours here!) keeping us in their thoughts. May the next year go quickly!
    Thanks for the lovely message, and thank you so much for coming!
    I have a couple of Star Wars action figures here looking for their Jedi master. Let me know a good time to drop them off! :)

  8. Nicky from Canada

    2009-03-23 04:46:22 -0400

    Godspeed and blessings

  9. Susan Raihala

    2009-03-23 06:43:13 -0400

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family. Our service members and their families make enormous sacrifices...I know because my husband retired from the Air Force 14 months ago. He served 20 years and deployed three times. All the prayers and support during those times did make a difference, but it's still so hard.

  10. Beth

    2009-03-23 07:02:09 -0400

    Thanks and blessings to all who serve.

  11. Tya

    2009-03-23 07:29:50 -0400

    Jason - thank you for your service and all that you do. May your tour be quick and you return to your family safely.

  12. Marilouise

    2009-03-23 08:52:03 -0400

    I'm don't know how to send you my favorite baby girl quote and because you are so generous with your quotes, here it is:
    A mother who radiates
    self-love and self-acceptance actually VACCINATES her daughter against low self-esteem. Naomi Wolf.

  13. lisa

    2009-03-23 09:46:05 -0400

    Well wishes to Jason and his family. May the following year go very quickly and safely for all of them. Thank you for your service -- it is appreciated.

  14. Mary Kay

    2009-03-23 12:27:57 -0400

    Best wishes to Jason and his family who will be anxiously waiting his return. My son leaves for Afghanistan soon so I can relate to their feelings.

  15. Alison Behan

    2009-03-23 12:33:55 -0400

    I too, would like to wish Jason a safe tour of duty and my thoughts go out to his wife and family during this tough time.

  16. marg

    2009-03-23 14:01:38 -0400

    thoughts are with him and his family.

  17. Jaimee

    2009-03-23 14:47:24 -0400

    My brother finished up his time in Iraq and is now thankfully home safe...wishing your friend, Jason, and his family the same!

  18. Stephanie

    2009-03-23 16:53:57 -0400

    My husband is currently deployed to Iraq...There's nothing like great friends and family to get you through it all. May God bless Jason and family!

  19. Debbie

    2009-03-23 17:23:48 -0400

    He is in our prayers as well as the other men and women who are serving!

  20. andrea

    2009-03-24 00:54:28 -0400

    a big THANK YOU to jason and all the men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms. these people truly are HEROS!!!

  21. Terri Paulson-Sasaki

    2009-03-24 02:51:49 -0400

    Please tell Jason and his family thank you. I will keep him in my prayers.

  22. Linda Crowder

    2009-03-24 05:16:38 -0400

    I had a niece and nephew there at the height of the war in Iraq. It was terrifying but God was good and they both returned without too many scratches. She was almost caught in a road bomb, but was unhurt. I prayed for a safe return every day and I also prayed for the families of the ones who serve. I pray for Jason and men and women like him who serve and sacrifice their time away from home to keep us all safe. Thank God for you.

  23. Shanie

    2009-03-24 06:57:43 -0400

    Please let Jason know THANK YOU for your service! My hubby is on his way home from there soon. And, thank you to the wife too cuz they can't do it without us for sure as mine always tells me! Loves...

  24. * TONYA *

    2009-03-24 19:34:13 -0400

    Stay safe Jason. My thoughts are with his family.
    My husband is over there at the moment.

  25. Marilyn

    2009-03-27 17:04:34 -0400

    My prayers and thoughts are with each person serving our country. They are so young and so brave. From my heart I thank each and every one serving to protect us. Thank you Jason for your sacrifice. What you are doing is a gift for all of us.This gift of safety and security are a part of who we are as a country.

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