Three Things


I am continuing to gather up bits of pink and bits of texture as I go about beginning to create pages for Anna. So drawn to these soft pinks right now. 

1. Madeline Butterfly Chipboard Box
: Butterflies are just a basic for me. These ones are double-sided and
many of them have little gems already attached. Love the mix of
patterns (all part of the Madeline line from K&Company).

2. Making Memories Cantaloupe Paint : There is just something so soft and delicate about pale pink.

3. Prima Wildwood Collection Wood + Mulberry Flowers : I am drawn to these - totally not sure what to do with them yet - maybe use on the front of an album?

[ Circle numbers can be found here. ]


[ Three Things is a weekly product series : check out the archives here. ]

47 thoughts

  1. Dori

    2009-03-10 07:04:38 -0400

    Thanks for sharing, Ali. I'm absolutely tickled "soft pink" for you. :)

  2. Harley

    2009-03-10 07:07:42 -0400

    I just love those flowers. But then again, I love all of Prima's new flowers :D

  3. alexandra

    2009-03-10 07:22:09 -0400

    so lovely!

  4. Sandi Malloy

    2009-03-10 07:46:54 -0400

    Funny how sometimes the thing you most need has a way of appearing. I began a daily mini-book I've titled March into Spring and your digi circle #'s sang right out to me. I can think of some applications for the other products also. Thanks Ali.

  5. Shelly Kettell

    2009-03-10 07:48:08 -0400

    Thanks for sharing! That paint color looks delish!

  6. KatherineB

    2009-03-10 10:13:17 -0400

    How cool - pink pages! As a mother of 2 boys I hear you Ali. I was SOOOO excited when my sister made me godmother of her daughter as I scrap her a lot! Pink - gotta love it!!!

  7. kim bolyard

    2009-03-10 10:36:49 -0400

    the baby is beautiful..and you can tell by the three products you are in a pink girly mood...wonder why??? LOL

  8. Deb Jones

    2009-03-10 10:43:11 -0400

    Great picture of you and Anna yesterday. Great pinks today. I'm especially drawn to those butterflies and the paint.

  9. Nikki Love

    2009-03-10 11:28:49 -0400

    I, too, love those new Prima flowers!!! I love bulky, lumpy pages so I'll be putting them straight onto the layouts ;D
    Kisses to Simon & Anna!

  10. Linda F

    2009-03-10 11:37:29 -0400

    Ah, pink. MY favorite color and have pink everything!! I was blessed with 3 girls, then a boy. Now I'm the only girl in a house with 3 males (husband, son, stepson). BUT, I still have my pink.

  11. Nathalie

    2009-03-10 13:08:13 -0400

    Gorgeous, gorgeous colors... make me wish I had a girl...

  12. carol sloan

    2009-03-10 13:16:30 -0400

    so sweet. love the flowers.

  13. Wendy Kwok

    2009-03-10 13:28:13 -0400

    Love the choices. I have that flowers set too. It comes in green (good for a boy) and lovely textures!

  14. PAM

    2009-03-10 17:20:39 -0400

    Enjoy the couch, Ali, because before you know it she'll be moving around and won't want to be still on the couch with you anymore! I'm sure you recall this from your young Simon days!
    Treasure this time, and all truly is far too fleeting! We just celebrated our youngest son's 6th birthday, and I'm thinking, "Where did the last 2,190 days go?" lol I think there is a layout there somewhere!

  15. Erika Melnychuk

    2009-03-10 17:42:15 -0400

    Not a lot that's better in this world besides PINK!!!! Love it!

  16. Daniela

    2009-03-10 18:17:08 -0400

    Gorgeous - love the butterflies. And for the flowers: why not using them for a wall picture (similar to the one you've made with the butterflies)?

  17. Yvonne

    2009-03-11 01:45:05 -0400

    thanks for sharing. love the pink, it is such a happy color, and the picture of you and Anna is soooooo sweet!!!!

  18. Chris Turnbull

    2009-03-11 03:11:37 -0400

    Oh how delish and divine....yum yum yum!!!

  19. Wendy A

    2009-03-11 04:41:20 -0400

    Oh these new primas are to die for! I just have to get some for myself!

  20. Bonnie

    2009-03-11 05:09:48 -0400

    I love all that Pink and to think I only have boys! What do you think they would think if I did their pages in Pink. LOL

  21. Danielle in TN

    2009-03-11 06:42:30 -0400

    Ohhhh... how I LOVE your three things today!!!Just beautiful!

  22. Jasmine

    2009-07-11 14:25:19 -0400

    Awesome. Love #3. Just Beautiful.

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