You = Love.


The way you grip your ear with your little fist as you sleep. I imagine this is one of the ways you hung out before being born and wonder if it will be something you will carry on with you as you grow up.

The way your eyelashes are growing and uncurling just a bit at a time.

The way you hold your thumb between your pointer & middle fingers as you make a fist.

The way you have started to give us those beautiful smiles.

The way you rub your feet together while nursing.

The way you are making things easy on me with your go-with-the-flow personality.

The way you fit right in with our little family.

You = love.

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  1. Rachel

    2009-03-17 13:42:27 -0400

    She's beautiful, Ali! Your baby girl and your sweet words about her just make me melt!

  2. debi @ life in my studio

    2009-03-17 14:25:07 -0400

    What a beautiful photo...and post!

  3. Jenn Biederman

    2009-03-17 14:27:55 -0400

    Such a beautiful picture of you and Anna! Thank you for sharing these moments...they are so precious.

  4. Amy Dow

    2009-03-17 14:28:22 -0400

    OMG...she's too sweet...I really could just "eat her up" I guess having children and loving babies makes me a "cannibal" now because I think babies are delicious! I miss the smell and the warmth and the wonderfulness (not a word I know) that babies them! Enjoy "nibbling" on her!!!

  5. Kate

    2009-03-17 15:08:47 -0400

    Thank you for sharing so much with us. You must be really organized to find time for doing the blog with all you have on your plate. Hats off to you!

  6. Donna

    2009-03-17 15:18:06 -0400

    Ah, Ali. You make me want to have another one.....almost. Thanks for sharing such a special and wonderful time with all of us. I couldn't be happier for all of you. Blessings.


    2009-03-17 16:34:00 -0400

    Oh the wonderful little things that make up a joyful life. So glad that you take the time to enjoy the little things!

  8. julie

    2009-03-17 16:38:37 -0400

    That is such a beautiful picture

  9. Mary Ann/Ca

    2009-03-17 17:01:37 -0400

    Lovely photo and such a wonderful journal to enhance it even more.

  10. Shannon D

    2009-03-17 18:02:00 -0400

    There is an amazing scrapbook page ready to go. You will both treasure it always.
    Content is the word that comes to mind, and a great big smile.

  11. Mieke Duyck

    2009-03-17 19:41:08 -0400

    What an awesome picture, Ali, your both look so beautiful. And the journaling is just right, as always.

  12. KatherineB

    2009-03-17 20:45:42 -0400

    Just beautiful.....

  13. Alison Behan

    2009-03-17 23:37:54 -0400

    Cute, cute, cute.

  14. andrea

    2009-03-17 23:38:25 -0400

    my son did the rubbing his feet thing when he was born. he's four and he still does it. it's comforting and it soothes him.
    ahhh, you're giving me baby fever! post about some of the BAD things please!

  15. Mandy

    2009-03-18 01:27:05 -0400

    So beautiful. A+A=Love :)

  16. alyssa

    2009-03-18 02:05:52 -0400

    So beautiful. I so appreciate how you are able to keep your focus on the details and the big picture at the same time - such a happy, full, holistic perspective!

  17. teresa

    2009-03-18 03:01:36 -0400

    Beautiful baby and beautiful mama. This is a very special time, enjoy.

  18. Jill

    2009-03-18 03:22:32 -0400

    Just amazing pictures of you and little Anna. Especially love this one.

  19. juls

    2009-03-18 04:05:20 -0400

    Precious! I love reading about your baby girl. My two are now 12 and 19 years old and I sure miss those moments.

  20. suzanne

    2009-03-18 09:53:39 -0400

    How sweet! Your words brought tears to my eyes and that photo is so precious!

  21. Kelsey

    2009-03-18 10:26:24 -0400

    I have been coming to your blog for some time. This is my favorite post ever!

  22. Meka

    2009-03-18 13:55:11 -0400

    I absolutely love this post. The simplicity and love in the words and in the photo are priceless and truly inspiring.

  23. Cathy

    2009-03-18 14:39:25 -0400

    Oh...what I've been working on... creatively...a scrapbook for my daughter's fastpitch team's silent auction...their basket will include a completed softball scrapbook with a local store GC and a GC to Costco for photo developing. I'm also making a flip flop book for a pedicure basket for the same auction...
    Personally...loosing 3 more pounds before Spring break! 10 down, 3 more to go, 16 days until take off for sunny FL.
    Professionally...working on some lessons for teaching reading...that is my personal professional challenge...I know how to do it, I just want to do it better and more authentically so that my students will really LOVE important for these little 2nd graders!
    That is what I'm working on...

  24. Nikki Love

    2009-03-18 17:39:43 -0400

    You = Inspiration
    Thank you for the sweet post :)

  25. Jessica Herling

    2009-03-27 13:44:26 -0400

    Thank you for sharing, your work is so darn inspiring!

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