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March 17, 2009

You = Love.


The way you grip your ear with your little fist as you sleep. I imagine this is one of the ways you hung out before being born and wonder if it will be something you will carry on with you as you grow up.

The way your eyelashes are growing and uncurling just a bit at a time.

The way you hold your thumb between your pointer & middle fingers as you make a fist.

The way you have started to give us those beautiful smiles.

The way you rub your feet together while nursing.

The way you are making things easy on me with your go-with-the-flow personality.

The way you fit right in with our little family.

You = love.


  • 51.
    gitz said…

    I just completely melted.

  • 52.
    alexandra said…

    so beautiful.

  • 53.
    Cheri said…

    sweet! Mine are teens – I MISS those baby days!

  • 54.
    Keri Jackson said…

    how awesome! My baby is only 14 months old, but those newborn days seem so long ago. I LOVE infants!!!

  • 55.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    How quickly they grow!! How is the little man Simon doing – is he enjoying being a big brother!!

  • 56.
    Ginger said…

    How precious and beautiful. I’m sure those words will end up on a scrapbook layout. :-) I’m looking forward to having my own little newborn to hold in 2 months…

  • 57.
    purejoy said…

    precious. simple as that.

  • 58.
    Heather said…

    This is so precious Ali – Beautiful picture that I’m sure will be treasured always.

  • 59.
    gem said…

    thank you for this scoop o’ sweetness…
    in joy,

  • 60.
    Valentina said…

    Unbelievable Sweet! your words warm my heart :) Congratulations and enjoy your little family!

  • 61.
    Dana Nichols said…

    so, so sweet! Enjoy!!

  • 62.

    thank you for sharing your journey with us – it’s only been a year or so since I was in the same place, and it goes by so fast!

  • 63.
    cheryl yelverton said…

    It is absolutely so sweet for you to share such moments with us. Thank you, ms.cheryl

  • 64.
    Kathy F. said…

    One word: Beautiful!
    The pic and your words are beautiful!
    Kathy F-Great Falls, MT

  • 65.
    Lisa said…

    Oh, Ali, you make me cry with all these posts. I am 17 weeks pregnant with baby #3 (and our last baby), and it makes me nostalgic already, and I haven’t even had her yet. Yes, I said her, we’re having a girl, too, and I hope she’s as beautiful as your Anna!

  • 66.
    Mary Patterson-Ezzell said…

    ali, this is a beautiful photo of the two of you – beautiful jouranling – & such a precious memory. thx for sharing! hugs! :) m-

  • 67.
    Lisa said…

    Love that you are sharing this wonderful time with Anna with us. She is a sweetie pie.

  • 68.
    Amanda from AUS. said…

    This is such a beautiful post.

  • 69.
    Duru said…

    Anna is very cute and sooo beautiful :)

  • 70.
    chantille said…

    Ali she is beautiful and such a precious photo. I so wish I had made notes of the little things as you have. I love their little sausage shaped fingers and tiny nails, I remember cutting them the first time. Ah, memories……. Mine are 13 and 14(one of each, like you), time flies!

  • 71.
    kat said…

    love it!!! love love love that picture. precious!

  • 72.
    Charin said…

    This is so precious!! :) I can definitely see this picture and journaling on a future scrapbook page :)

  • 73.
    Sarah said…

    What a great photo and great words to capture your memories.
    I am pregnant, expecting our first child in May, and am enjoying blogging to document the pregnancy. Also looking forward to continuing the blog after the birth as well.
    Enjoy your little one. (I hear they don’t stay little all that long.)

  • 74.
    Dori said…


  • 75.

    Love this photo, Ali. I’m so happy to be sharing your journey. I know this might not be the right place to ask this question, but here goes anyway: some time back you mentioned using iJournal for blog entries. I have finally gotten around to checking it out since I want to get back to posting to my own blog (almost a year now!). Seems iJournal has been abandoned by the developers, but I’m still willing to try it. My question is this: are you still using it, and do you find any problems with it? I use blogger and have not checked their website yet. Also, any tips for using it?

  • 76.
    gypsy alex said…

    So sweet, Ali! I especially love what you said about the way she rubs her feet together while nursing. That sounds delicious! xo

  • 77.
    Jessica Salyers said…

    Ali, You have such a wonderful way of noting the most wonderful details. Simon and little Anna are so lucky to have you as a mommy.

  • 78.
    Vicki said…

    Beautiful photo, heartfelt journaling!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • 79.
    Kimmie said…

    can’t help but just smile! no words. :)

  • 80.
    Joy Buss said…

    Love this! Such a precious photo.

  • 81.
    Samara Link said…

    sweet, sweet, sweet.

  • 82.
    Terri said…

    This is why we scrapbook. Thanks for sharing the depth of feeling you have for Anna. We cherish you, Ali.

  • 83.
    Laura Melohn said…

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so sweet. thanks for sharing!

  • 84.
    Lisa said…

    i wonder what she would say about you?
    the way you take time to really look at me..
    the way you let me go at my own pace…
    they way you let my brother take such an active role with me…
    the way your hair smells when you hold me…
    the way you look at my dad…

  • 85.
    kim bolyard said…

    love what you wrote…it is amazing how easily the second child just goes with the flow…my second child was just that way.

  • 86.
    tracy said…

    I so look forward to your posts these days! Thank you for sharing these intimate moments with all of us. It brings back so many memories of baby days and seems like only yesterday!

  • 87.
    Lyn said…

    such a tender post….cyber hugs to you Ali, for your expression of love and helping others (ME) appreciate my own love!

  • 88.
    Rachel said…

    She’s beautiful, Ali! Your baby girl and your sweet words about her just make me melt!

  • 89.

    What a beautiful photo…and post!

  • 90.
    Jenn Biederman said…

    Such a beautiful picture of you and Anna! Thank you for sharing these moments…they are so precious.

  • 91.
    Amy Dow said…

    OMG…she’s too sweet…I really could just “eat her up” I guess having children and loving babies makes me a “cannibal” now because I think babies are delicious! I miss the smell and the warmth and the wonderfulness (not a word I know) that babies are…love them! Enjoy “nibbling” on her!!!

  • 92.
    Kate said…

    Thank you for sharing so much with us. You must be really organized to find time for doing the blog with all you have on your plate. Hats off to you!

  • 93.
    Donna said…

    Ah, Ali. You make me want to have another one…..almost. Thanks for sharing such a special and wonderful time with all of us. I couldn’t be happier for all of you. Blessings.

  • 94.

    Oh the wonderful little things that make up a joyful life. So glad that you take the time to enjoy the little things!

  • 95.
    julie said…

    That is such a beautiful picture

  • 96.
    Mary Ann/Ca said…

    Lovely photo and such a wonderful journal to enhance it even more.

  • 97.
    Shannon D said…

    There is an amazing scrapbook page ready to go. You will both treasure it always.
    Content is the word that comes to mind, and a great big smile.

  • 98.
    Mieke Duyck said…

    What an awesome picture, Ali, your both look so beautiful. And the journaling is just right, as always.

  • 99.
    KatherineB said…

    Just beautiful…..

  • 100.
    Alison Behan said…

    Cute, cute, cute.

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