Three Things : Classic Letter Stamps

(1) Educational Insights See and Stamp Jumbo Lowercase
• I think these, along with the uppercase set, are probably my favorite stamp set right now.


(2) Hero Arts Basic Uppercase Letters • a classic wood-block sans-serif mini-set. I also love their Printer's Type Alphabet.

(3) Studio Calico's Noah clear stamp set • these are similar to the Educational Insights set, but the nice block serif sets them apart. These are clear acrylic stamps.

Do you have a favorite alphabet stamp set? What do you turn to over and over?

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52 thoughts

  1. Amy

    2009-04-28 05:18:26 -0400

    I have a few sets of foam stamps. But I'm not very good at using them for titles, etc. I find it difficult to line up. Any tips?

  2. sharna

    2009-04-28 05:22:13 -0400

    I love the Big Timber stamps from Technique Tuesday!

  3. {vicki}

    2009-04-28 05:41:48 -0400

    I have several sets of alphabets stamps---they are what I use the most!
    Would love to have the ones you use from educational insights--I have admired them on your layouts before.

  4. Nancy

    2009-04-28 05:47:59 -0400

    The one set I seem to turn to lately is Williamsburg by Technique Tuesday. I used it in a class and I was hooked!

  5. cheryl

    2009-04-28 06:05:39 -0400

    I am still investigating stamps so I will check these out for sure. ms.cheryl

  6. Amanda Rettke

    2009-04-28 07:41:57 -0400

    Hi! I am here because you have been nominated for an Awesome Blog 2009 Award!! Stop by and see what category someone thought you rocked!
    God bless-

  7. Kimberly L.C.

    2009-04-28 08:05:45 -0400

    I use the Antique Typewriter upper and lower case stamps from EK Success all the time. They're convenient and the perfect size for cards and layout journaling. I also like the Kate and Jack Jr. rub-on alphabets from American Crafts.
    For larger alphabets, I turn to Technique Tuesday's Big Timber Tall stamps and, of course, Thickers. I can never get enough of Thickers!

  8. Maureen

    2009-04-28 08:33:53 -0400

    too many to name, I have several sets from Stampin' Up that I love as well as techinique tuesday, if pressed I would say TT Provance.

  9. Sherri P eh

    2009-04-28 10:32:11 -0400

    I love Stampin' Up's big alpha sets, and the itty bitty $1 bin alphas by Hampton Arts are also in my go-to category.

  10. Alease

    2009-04-28 11:51:56 -0400

    congrats on being featured on typepad.!!!!!!!!!

  11. Joscie

    2009-04-28 13:05:59 -0400

    I love alphabet stamps too! :) I just ordered that set from studio calico this morning, how funny! I also love my Stampin' Up! Jumbo outline alpha, Schoolbook serif Alpha and contempo alpha.

  12. Autumn

    2009-04-28 13:07:08 -0400

    Adorable layouts!
    I love the Educational Insights stamp sets too! Question for you: my set is very dirty (stained from staz-on ink). What do you do to keep yours clean and clear so you can see where you're stamping?

  13. tania

    2009-04-28 14:22:43 -0400

    I never thought of using my printing practice stamp sets for my pages. I have an upper and lower case set for making practice sheets for my children. Got them at a home school convention booth. That Williamsburg seems popular, have to check it out.
    I reach for my Headliner Set from Stampin'UP! all the time for LO's, monograms on cards and tags. I LOVE it. This set owes me nothing, lol. And I just got their Jumbo Outline Set to use by filling with stickles. Still a glitter addict, sigh.

  14. Ali Edwards

    2009-04-28 15:16:06 -0400

    Hey Autumn - mine are pretty dirty too. I try to wipe them off fairly quickly after use (but sometimes that is just not possible).

  15. Lizzy

    2009-04-28 15:20:26 -0400

    I only have a few (3-4) alphabet sets that I use when stamping titles and other words on my layouts. When I buy an alphabet set I look for something that's a different size from anything else I have, but that will "match" what I already have (something classic that will go with any type of layout or card or subject). That way I get the most use out of my stamps, and the best value for my money!
    [email protected]

  16. Ramie

    2009-04-28 15:31:19 -0400

    My faves are the Stampin Up Rough Edges mini alpha and their Big Deal alpha too! Love them both and turn to them alot!

  17. Kate

    2009-04-28 16:04:42 -0400

    I like a couple of the Close To My Heart alphas. I use Rustic a fair amount and Charm- both upper and lowercase. Just depends on how much space I have and what looks good with the layout.

  18. Katie

    2009-04-28 16:29:48 -0400

    I have quite a few alpha stamp sets. I love them.
    ps could you please let us see bigger photos of your layouts? I love to read the stories on peoples pages about what is happening. :)

  19. TrishaS

    2009-04-28 18:20:51 -0400

    I have a favorite alpha stamp set - bought it in the Target $1 aisle. LOVE IT. It's a simple typewriter style font and it's just the right size for notes on my pages. I even found the number set that matches it - of course it wasn't $1 - but still at $3.99 a very good deal for as much as I will use it.

  20. Johanna Dietrich

    2009-04-28 23:00:30 -0400

    I have a tiny alphabet stamp set I inherited from my Grandma, which was intended to be used for labeling clothes. Apparently, it hadn't been used for ages before I dug it out in a box of "art and craft stuff" she used when she was much younger. In the inside of the cardboard box, she had tested the stamps - it's the name of her first daughter, my aunt (born 1938). No other stamps where used, as only the characters for the name were blackened underneath. It's a tiny all-caps stamp set with tiny serifs and so far, I've used it twice. :)

  21. Katie Squires

    2009-04-29 06:27:59 -0400

    i'm too lazy to stamp :( Shameful I I use Thickers stickers (AC) :)

  22. Abby

    2009-04-29 08:53:53 -0400

    This post reminds me how much I need to use my alphabet stamps.

  23. ~kathryn~

    2009-04-29 13:29:50 -0400

    testing ....
    can't seem to post

  24. HOlly T.

    2009-04-29 16:38:50 -0400

    Some acrylic stamps that I can place easily on the same stamping block.

  25. Steve H

    2010-06-25 20:34:29 -0400

    Had a great stamp set as a kid and was given it recently by my mother who found it in the loft. Has a few letters missing unfortunately

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