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April 29, 2009

Wednesday Sponsor Giveaways: Elle’s Studio, Paperclipping, & Songbird Ave


Elle's Studio is giving away TWO packages which include 10 sets of tags and two sets of stamps from their newest release.

Elle's Studio just added two new full lines to the shop called: Pocket Full of Posies and Whale of a Time. They also added new journaling tags with fun designs (including some for the 365 project), note flats, and recipe cards. Their die cut circles grew to 2 inches wide and they expanded their vintage flashcard line. See all the new products here.

Dottedline, the scrapbooking video podcast, is giving away one membership.

With a Paperclipping Membership, you receive a six-month subscription that allows you:

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For a limited time you can use Coupon Code FF2E1 to receive $12.00 off a new Membership, bringing the price to only $30. If you choose to renew after the 6 month membership ends it is only $15.

You can find out more by visiting and watching a sampling of the free videos on the left-hand column, or clicking Membership Information in the menu at the top.


288140245v8_240x240_Front One person will receive a Songbird Ave Tote bag from their Cafe Press shop (choice of four designs).

Just a couple more days left purchase Bloom & Grown – the Songbird Ave digital kit I contributed to this month and have the donation go to Autism Speaks. Remember that Jessica Sprague and I are each contributing $2 to each donation made through the 30th of April. Thanks to all of you who have already purchased. You are appreciated.


To be entered into the drawing today leave a comment answering the following: if you could wake up anywhere, where would it be? This question is completely inspired by the very cool site 50 People, 1 Question (thanks for the link Helen). Comments will be closed tonight at 8pm Pacfic with the winners posted shortly after.


  • 1.
    Ali Reed said…

    Definitely Napili Bay on Maui, with my hubby and two beautiful kiddos. Maui was easily our favorite vacation – sometimes we dream of moving there!

  • 2.
    Tammy Perkins said…

    I would be in Alaska – Denali Park – I’ve always wanted to go there and experience the beauty and the animals.

  • 3.
    Judy Lucas said…

    I would wake up at the Hana Maui Resort in my cottage over looking the ocean in Hana, Maui, with the door open and the ocean breeze blowing in…..gosh was that wonderful-
    definately my best vacation ever- I can still smell all the beautiful flowers…..

  • 4.
    Ruth Allmart said…

    I would love to wake up back home in Ireland as my sister is pregnant with her third child and her husband lost his job at the begining of the year :( It would be nice to give her some support and just be there for her.

  • 5.
    Cyndi Wetmiller said…

    If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be in my childhood bedroom in July 1976. I was in 4th grade and it was the bicentential year. My family went to visit all these patriotic places and at that age I didn’t really care about any of it, I just wanted to swim in a swimming pool or go to an amusement park. So I would like to wake up again to that time in my life so I could visit those places and appreciate the patriotism, the history, the chance for family bonding and the fun of seeing this great country again through the eyes of a child with a better appreciation and sense of responsibility. I wish there was a time machine in my house!

  • 6.
    Cameron H said…

    I hate to be boring, but I want to wake up right where I always wake up — next to my husband, across the hall from my son. Well, I want to wake up in our apartment, but a CLEANER version! :)

  • 7.
    Liz H. said…

    I honestly wake up every morning in my dreamhouse…an old farmhouse surrounded by woods, fields, and all the gardening space I could ever hope for!

  • 8.
    Cara said…

    Just at home. I love waking up with my husband.

  • 9.
    Sally said…

    oooh it has to be next to my husband and son on a beach somewhere, listening to the sea.

  • 10.
    Julie said…

    Bodega Bay in CA. It’s very beautiful, quiet and serene!

  • 11.
    Cameron said…

    In Italy, for sure. We lived there for 3.5 years and just moved back to the States 1.5 years ago… I still miss it terribly. I made friends with our Italian neighbors who became like surrogate parents, and Nunzia gave me cooking lessons… I often dream of being in her kitchen.

  • 12.
    Expat said…

    In my own comfy bed. Definitely.

  • 13.
    elizabeth s said…

    I would wake up in Charleston, SC in my childhood home!
    Both of my parents would still be alive and we’d spend the day talking about life! ;)

  • 14.
    Lisa Martin said…

    as far as a place to wake up, not with someone specific, I’d have to say a beach bungalow. Mexico maybe? Or Hawaii

  • 15.
    Deb said…

    Anywhere at all, as long as my beloved husband was there to wake up beside me. After 23 years of marriage, he’s still my favorite person to spend time with, whether we’re on vacation or just in our own little house!

  • 16.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    If I could wake up anywhere it would be in Italy with all of our kids and their families to visit our ancestors homes and walk the same streets that they did. One of my life dreams to get there.

  • 17.
    Heather said…

    I would like to wake up in Vancouver in 2005.. just some really sweet memories of our life there.

  • 18.
    lizgleason said…

    if i could wake anywhere, it would be in a big cozy bed big enough for 5. my 3 children and one husband. of course, 3 out of the 5 would be snoring. the birds and squirrels would be chirping and chattering and a nice summer breeze would be blowing through the windows and rustling the curtains. that would be a very good morning indeed.

  • 19.
    sarbear said…

    for me, it would be at my cottage in Nova Scotia, with my husband kids, parents, brothers and sisters all together.

  • 20.
    Shannon said…

    mmmm…. In bed with my husband and two sons, in a beach house where I could see the beautiful blue ocean and hear the waves.

  • 21.
    Annette said…

    If I could wake up anywhere right now, I would be at Walt Disney World, at the Polynesian, with my family in a room overlooking Bay Lake with a view of the castle at Magic Kingdom…is that specific enough??

  • 22.
    Bonnie said…

    In my bed. There’s no place like home!

  • 23.
    minna said…

    Stockholm, Sweden to be able to wish a friend happy b-day!

  • 24.
    MissKim said…

    Orlando, Florida. I’m always happy when I wake up at Walt Disney World.

  • 25.
    kristina said…

    I’d definitely love to wake up just right where I am in my warm, cozy bed with the sound of the rain falling on the roof. :)
    Thanks, Ali!

  • 26.
    Donnelly Webb said…

    I would love to wake up in a cottage on the Oregon or Washington coast.
    Have a great day!

  • 27.
    katie said…

    here at home on a day when we’re off work and can sleep in.

  • 28.
    sannika said…

    In my own bed, really late!

  • 29.
    Kris Van Allen said…

    Gosh, waking up anywhere is a good thing! Esp with my DH, whom I love. That’s all kinda sappy…I’ll answer the question now.
    I’d wake up in a tiny village in Bavaria somewhere, in a little cottage, on a huge featherbed, on a cool fall morning with a light breeze blowing through an open window. I’d be able to see the fall colors of the trees, and there would be gentle sounds of wheels on cobblestones outside.

  • 30.
    Laura said…

    Let’s see. At home (no better place). At the cottage in the Haliburton Highlands (with the window open, birds chirping and a cool breeze blowing in). In a luxurious hotel suite in Hawaii (hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?!).

  • 31.
    Rebecca Vavic said…

    Cinque Terra, Italy with my guy and our kidlets all snuggled in a big bed.

  • 32.
    Teresa M said…

    I would love to wake up somewhere warm with a beach with my husband and children.

  • 33.
    Jane said…

    I would love to wake up with my family in that house in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Bella… something. But yes, there with the yellowy sunshine and the dew clinging to the olive trees and grape vines. Mmmmm.

  • 34.
    KristiGilbert said…

    I’d like to wake up in my bed with my husband, hearing sounds through the monitor of my daughter fast asleep…just like normal, but 3 hours later than usual and having slept through the night!!!

  • 35.
    Sandy L said…

    Ooh – I would wake up in Tahita – because that’s the only way I’m ever going to get there… lol.

  • 36.

    This may sound really sappy, but this morning I wished I woke up in the year 1998. In that year my mother and aunt were still alive and my first nephew was born. I remeber how happy I was then.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my life now, but I can always daydream, right?

  • 37.
    Karen s said…

    I would love to wake up at Walt Disney World. The promise and excitement of a new day and the magic it inspires is invigorating!

  • 38.
    Jo-Ann Pullen said…

    This took seconds to think of it is an island in Scotland called the Isle of Iona a very small island found on the west coast of the Isle of Mull.It is bairly 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. They have the most beautiful Abbey and it certainly takes your breath away. It is one of most favorite places to take photo’s and I have many. This is where I would like to take my final rest, it has to be god’s country.

  • 39.
    Rachelle Brown said…

    have to say Grand Cayman or Hawaii with a view of the ocean from the bed, so its the first thing I see. My hubby and kids would be there of course!

  • 40.
    Kate said…

    If given the chance, I’d wanna wake up in Rome, in a luxurious hotel with my partner by my side. We’d have breakfast in bed, cuddle, then explore the city… Ahh…

  • 41.
    Lauri said…

    I would love to wake up in a big summer rental house on a beach or a lake with all of my husband’s family. It is so rare that we are all together (aside from Christmas and weddings) that having time to just fritter away together would be delightful.

  • 42.
    sherry cruz said…

    I would wake up i 1979, I would love to be 16 again:)!!

  • 43.
    Susan W said…

    If I could wake up anywhere it would be Boca Raton, Fl. I long to move to Florida. I would love to be able to walk to the beach everyday. Wear shorts/t-shirts & flip flops year round. Have my little guy go to school down there. Maybe someday … I can dream and hope DH finds a job there someday

  • 44.
    Aimee Confer said…

    Hi Ali,
    I think I would wake up at our house at the beach in NJ. I love being with my husband and two kids there. Even though it is supposed to be a vacation, it is much more work with two kids. I love it there and wouldn’t change all the work for all the memories and fun we have!

  • 45.
    Aimee Confer said…

    Hi Ali,
    I think I would wake up at our house at the beach in NJ. I love being with my husband and two kids there. Even though it is supposed to be a vacation, it is much more work with two kids. I love it there and wouldn’t change all the work for all the memories and fun we have!

  • 46.

    If I could wake up anywhere it would be on some very remote tropical island with the warm sunny salty sea breeze blowing through the windows and with the ever so slight scent of jasmine flowers. With a room that over looks the bright clear waters and soft waves crashing on the untouched shoreline. It would be peaceful, quiet & calm. And of course a nice cup of coffee and some fruit to start the day off right!
    Great giveaway today!!! Thanks so much!

  • 47.
    Jill said…

    If I could wake up anywhere it would be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Great architecture, food, and culture, and nearby some mountain hideaways. I would love to share that with my family!

  • 48.
    Laura said…

    Alaska. I’ve love to see Alaska.

  • 49.
    Debbie L. said…

    I would like waking up in the past and meet some of my ancestors.

  • 50.
    Conni said…

    The island of Capri off the coast of Italy….ohhhhh that would be super cool!!