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May 4, 2009

Capturing Life.


Waiting WAITING.


Sleeping SLEEPING.

Carrying CARRYING.

Snuggling SNUGGLING.




  • 1.
    Lara said…

    Love “sleeping” how precious is that!!!!???

  • 2.

    oh that is just beautiful ali.
    all signposts of a rare, precious, loved life :)
    bless you for being you :)

  • 3.
    cindy mandernach said…

    she is getting so big. what a great smile. she so looks like you. love the everyday life pictures.

  • 4.

    … matching!

  • 5.
    Peggy said…

    I always find your perspective on “life art” so inspirational in looking at the everyday. It’s truly the everyday that makes the memories we want to keep- not just the birthdays & holidays. Than you!

  • 6.
    cathy said…

    Love this.

  • 7.
    Tanya said…

    Great shots! Simon and Anna are so precious!

  • 8.
    Allegra said…

    A cloth diaper fan I see!!!

  • 9.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Pictures do say a thousand words!!

  • 10.
    Melissa Deakin said…
    ali, she is just gorgeous &looks like such a happy baby!
    i love all these photos!

  • 11.
    Melissa Deakin said…
    ali, she is just gorgeous &looks like such a happy baby!
    i love all these photos!

  • 12.
    Maureen said…

    Those are just terrific! Naturally, I love Grandpa with the laptop.

  • 13.
    Molly Irwin said…

    i love your matching orange. and the pretty little art collection in your laundry.

  • 14.
    Ali Edwards said…

    I “almost” added that too LOL :) .

  • 15.
    Heidi Y said…

    Great pix! I love the last one :)

  • 16.
    4659267 said…

    these photos are all so beautiful! what a fun post!

  • 17.
    Expat said…

    Absolutely lovely photos.

  • 18.
    Yvonne Stehle said…

    So heartwarming – every scene!

  • 19.
    Yvonne Stehle said…

    So heartwarming – every scene!

  • 20.
    Margaret said…

    i love love love the bottom pic!!!!!!!!!

  • 21.

    we have the same washer & dryer (but in silver/grey) and i too just too a photo of them yesterday while catching up with the never-ending loads of laundry! (too funny!) :) they are great though, especially with having children!!

  • 22.
    Stacy Rogers said…

    Hi Ali! I love your blog and lurk often. I love your photos. Your little one is so adorable and I love that she looks so much like Simon. I wonder if he notices that they have the same smile? :)

  • 23.
    sue Treiber said…

    Love these!! Anna is beginning to look so much like Simon :)

  • 24.
    jakki said…

    I love the one word use of totally captioning a photo…

  • 25.
    Debbie Jack said…

    LOVE these pics, especially that last one. I love her smile! She is absolutely adorable …. looks just like you! Priceless. Thank you for sharing.

  • 26.

    Each of these is just so precious. Thank you for sharing this window into your world.

  • 27.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    PS – and tell Simon what a great Big Brother he is!!!

  • 28.
    michelle said…

    Hi Ali!
    I’m getting ready for our new little one to arrive in a few weeks and have been going back and forth on the cloth/disposable diaper use. With my other two kids I used cloth and the velcro covers which was sooooo ahead of the curve 17 years ago (this baby is a total surprise…can you tell by the age difference?)Anyway, where/ what brand are the ones you use in the photo? I love the updates with your family…God Bless!

  • 29.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hey Michelle – i have a post coming later this week that will talk more about what we are using. Stay tuned :) .

  • 30.
    Brit S. said…

    Awww she’s so adorable. You’re going to cherish these pictures forever- they’re absolutely beautiful.

  • 31.
    LindiG said…

    ab-so-lute-ly adorable….i LOVE the way you capture life!! thanks for sharing!

  • 32.
    Heather said…

    Beautiful moments!

  • 33.
    AJ said…

    love this post. the one word with the pic is great!

  • 34.
    Susan Hessler said…

    So beautiful!
    Peace. Susan

  • 35.
    mary rogers said…

    What a fabulous post ali!!
    happy Monday!

  • 36.
    jodi said…

    So sweet, Ali!! Anna is so precious. Where do you get her clothes?

  • 37.
    Kristina Kornoely said…

    Your little girl is soooo cute! It is wonderful to see you enjoying your family!

  • 38.
    Sarah said…

    Beautiful pictures. I loved my Moby wrap when my son was a newborn. We have graduated to a ring sling and he loves to look around. Isn’t it fun to cuddle while you walk/shop/clean the house?

  • 39.
    Sarah said…

    I’m not sure about these (looking forward to that post) but I use Thirsties for velcro covers. But I really prefer snaps, like my fuzzibunz or swaddlebees (they have a Velcro diaper too).

  • 40.
    Katie said…

    Love the photo of Chris and Anna…so precious. These are such priceless little moments.

  • 41.

    What great photos!

  • 42.
    april said…

    I have been away for awhile from the scrapbook world. (trying to build my business) I see that you had a baby….Congratulations!!! I am a big fan of your work!!!!

  • 43.
    Julia in MI said…

    You’ve captured some great moments. It’s a special time with babies in the house. Enjoy.

  • 44.
    Esther said…

    I love that last photo!! They are all great, but that last one is fantastic!!
    So beautiful how you captured all of those moments!!

  • 45.
    Stephanie Cunningham said…

    Beautiful!!! All those photos also say LOVE!!!

  • 46.
    s a n s k u :) said…

    Families is it! The purpose of life I mean. <3

  • 47.
    Susana Feightner said…

    So sweet…she looks like a very happy & loved baby. I love all of the pictures that you post of her and Simon he really looks like he enjoys being a big brother.

  • 48.
    Karla Dudley said…

    She is a doll…so so sweet ^_^

  • 49.
    {vicki} said…

    Looks like the cloth diapers are working out good.

  • 50.

    Adorable – each and every one.

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