Celebrating Mom With A Layout


This is the weekend for celebrating Moms (who should be celebrated everyday if you want to the truth).

I am excited that I get to spend time with both my Mom and Chris' Mom on Sunday. It's always fun to have a house full of family.

One of the ways I am honoring my Mom is by doing a page that celebrates how thankful I am for her and the impact she has made on my life. Love you Mom.

Here's a peek at how I put this layout together:

1. Find a photo or photos of your Mom. My photo was scanned (and enlarged) and printed 6x8 inches at 300dpi.


2. Paint a background sheet of white cardstock (I used an 8.5x11 inch sheet). Use a dry brush (meaning do not dip it in water) to apply paint to the page. I used Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paint in Traditional Tan, Yellow Pastel, and Purple Palette. Set aside to dry.

Picture 1

AE_MomWordArt_PREV 3. Create a new canvas in Photoshop (File/New). I made mine 4.5x8inches at 300dpi. Open the Mom Word Art (or create your own) and drag and drop the .png file you want to use onto your canvas. Layer more than one if you feel like it and recolor (Edit/Fill). You could also add in other decorative brushes (such as florals) for even more depth.


4. When you painted cardstock is completely dry, print your word art onto the cardstock by running it through your printer.  You could also make a card using this same technique of painting on
cardstock and then running through the printer to add your text.

5. Trim your photo and your painted/text piece. Lay them together and round the outer corners. Sand around the edge.


6. Use a piece of scotch tape to temporarily hold the photo and the painted/word art together. Use the pink Marvy scallop circle punch to remove a circle.

7. Using a leftover piece of the painted cardstock punch the smaller scallop circle.


8. Stamp the heart using Versamark and sprinkle the platinum UTEE on top. Use a heat gun to set the powder.


9. Adhere the photo and painted/text piece to your background paper. Adhere the smaller scallop circle using foam dots or dimensional glue dots in the center of the large scallop circle.

10. Trim 1/2 inch across the top of your background paper. Using a scallop border punch choose a coordinating patterned paper and punch across all 12 inches. Trim to 1 inch and adhere behind your base piece of paper.

11. Use a sewing machine to stitch a zig-zag across the top with cream thread. Stitching across seams like this is a nice way to "join" two pieces of paper together visually (in this case I adhered the paper so the stitching is not the only thing holding it together).

12. Adhere circle ribbon over the seam where the photo and the painted paper meet.

13. Attach metal arrow turns on opposite edges with brads.

14. Place tiny letter stickers on photo. What sentiments you use will depend on the photo you are using and how much room you have. Don't forget the date.

15. Journal around the edge of the photo/painted piece.

Background Paper: Bo Bunny Chiffon Dot
Paint: Studio Basics (Claudine Hellmuth for Ranger)
Word Art: Mom Word Art by Ali Edwards @ Designer Digitals
Scallop Border Punch: Fiskars (Apron Lace Border Punch)
Patterned Paper: K&Company (Brenda Walton)
Scallop Circle Punches: Marvy
Heart Stamp: Catslife Press
Embossing Ink: Versamark
Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel in Platinum: Ranger
Letter Stickers: Making Memories Tiny Alphabet
Metal Arrows: 7gypsies
Pen: American Crafts Precision Pen
Ribbon: Scrap Within Reach


I am really liking Twitter. Lots of great ideas and link sharing going on there. Follow me here.

Cloth diaper post coming this weekend.

48 thoughts

  1. Shelly Kettell

    2009-05-08 09:27:04 -0400

    It turned out great! Hope YOU have a Happy Mother's Day this year!

  2. tchrtiff

    2009-05-08 10:22:03 -0400

    What a gorgeous page. Thank you so much for the step-by-step on how you put it together. I'm starting to learn digi scrapping so your directions are very helpful.
    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day with your two little ones. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Leonie - Australia

    2009-05-08 10:44:12 -0400

    This is a gorgeous page Ali, Happy Mothers day to you on Sunday!

  4. Kaitlin Sheaffer

    2009-05-08 11:21:06 -0400

    Gorgeous page- very inspiring!
    Now I want to scrapbook...
    Did you just guess on the text color when printing?
    It just compliments the paint color so well it almost looks like a watermark. I really like the effect.

  5. beverly

    2009-05-08 11:43:17 -0400

    Ali, you always spark my creativity. Happy Mother's Day

  6. DawnS

    2009-05-08 13:54:48 -0400

    Ali...I'm a big fan of Twitter too! I've learned so much about photography these past couple of months by following some great photographers on Twitter. It's fun following you too!!!

  7. Liz Ness

    2009-05-08 14:08:40 -0400

    Love the photo of your mom! Also, the paint (paint is good, LOL)!

  8. Tacha

    2009-05-09 04:27:10 -0400

    Ali, it is so beautiful, Many thanks for the tuto
    Enjoy your week-end

  9. Melissa Priest

    2009-05-09 07:39:32 -0400

    Really sad about how you chose to handle the situation with Karla. I have always been a huge fan of yours, but this has left a bad impression of you on my mind. The industry is big enough for both of you - and maybe your intent was not to 'strong arm' someone from creating, that is certainly how it is coming across. Not good, Ali. Your fans expect you to have handled this in a more graceful and mature way.

  10. Melissa Priest

    2009-05-09 07:39:32 -0400

    Really sad about how you chose to handle the situation with Karla. I have always been a huge fan of yours, but this has left a bad impression of you on my mind. The industry is big enough for both of you - and maybe your intent was not to 'strong arm' someone from creating, that is certainly how it is coming across. Not good, Ali. Your fans expect you to have handled this in a more graceful and mature way.

  11. procrastination mama

    2009-05-09 09:30:20 -0400

    That picture is amazing. I love looking at pictures of my sister, me and my mum from when we were little. Especially as she isn't around anymore. In fact at the moment i am cataloging our childhood in albums and you have inspired me to actually do something a bit unique with some of them. ;)

  12. kimberly

    2009-05-09 10:02:08 -0400

    I just can't understand why you would complain about Karla Dudley and especially her blog?? I'm shocked and disappointed that you would be a part of something so ugly and petty.

  13. Maggie

    2009-05-09 10:13:09 -0400

    This is the most gorgeous layout I have seen in a while - love it so much!

  14. emily

    2009-05-09 10:13:21 -0400

    Thank you for your comments about Karla Reynolds. It's a terrific reminder of why I will not be renewing my sub to CK or purchasing any of your future books or other products. I've been a long time reader and of both ck, your blog, and books. Karla was adding digi stuff to photos a few years back before the blog OLW was started and before it was really the cool thing to do.

  15. Jill

    2009-05-09 10:44:38 -0400

    I am really disappointed in what I read on Karla's blog today, Ali, but I'll wait until I hear your side of the story before I make a judgment.

  16. Susie

    2009-05-09 11:14:43 -0400

    I'm another one who is waiting to hear Ali's side of the story especially since Karla's stuff is still up at After5. If she was fired several days ago, why is she still listed as a designer at After5?

  17. Ali Edwards

    2009-05-09 12:14:21 -0400

    Hey guys - in regards to the situation with Karla I emailed her last night and spoke with her on the phone this afternoon letting her know that in fact I had not communicated in any way with After 5 at any point with complaints about her designs or her blog. I am hoping this situation will be cleared up soon. Karla is a great designer and there is plenty of room in this industry for anyone with a passion for creativity. Thanks for your patience while those involved clear up these misunderstandings.

  18. Manon

    2009-05-09 12:47:52 -0400

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous tutorial Ali!! Happy mothersday to you!! I also wanted to say that I really love all those piccies of you and Anna, they are so so awesome and sweet!
    About Karla, I think you are both gorgeous. Never believed you had anything to do with it, you're too sweet for that sort of stuff!!
    Much love *hugs*

  19. Nathalie

    2009-05-09 15:23:58 -0400

    Beautiful page full of sweet emotions! You continue to inspire me! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  20. sannaf

    2009-05-09 20:43:41 -0400

    This layout is gorgeous! Thank you for showing us how you made it! I love how you use your computer so much in your scrapping!

  21. Jill

    2009-05-10 00:05:00 -0400

    Thanks for your reply, Ali.
    Your reputation has taken a battering today and if you didn't say what has been credited to you then you should look at those you associate with.

  22. marsha

    2009-05-10 04:03:48 -0400

    i love your how to posts also. you are such an

  23. Maureen Kao

    2009-05-10 04:29:50 -0400

    Happy Mother's Day Ali! Thanks for all the inspiration you bring to so many lives!

  24. claudine hellmuth

    2009-05-25 12:47:59 -0400

    yummy!!!! thanks for using my paints girly!

  25. slp

    2009-06-13 16:01:06 -0400

    Hi.....love the paint job...what is the size of the scallop puncher? Thanks.

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