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To be entered into the drawing today leave a comment answering the following: how often do you scrapbook (if you aren't a scrapbooker, how often do you get a chance to spend time on your hobby/creative passion)? Comments will be closed tonight at 8pm Pacfic (see below) with the winners posted shortly after.

EDITED: the drawing will be at 9pm Pacific tonight :).

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  1. jensmack

    2009-05-06 16:29:51 -0400

    I don't get enough time. Lately it seems that my creative has been in smaller and smaller increments. To no ones fault but my own. I get too busy doing "whatever" and lose the time to scrap.
    I try to scrapbook at least twice a month... which is like an all day-scrap thing. Other than that - I try to be creative at least once a day... maybe just in words or a small little project or idea.

  2. Jacqui

    2009-05-06 16:32:15 -0400

    i haven't scrapbooked in a few months, but i'm about to start a book for a friend's bridal shower. lately i've been crocheting like crazy. i manage to get a little in every day!

  3. Keisha in MN

    2009-05-06 16:32:17 -0400

    Well, I'd LIKE to scrapbook at least once per week.... however, it's more like once per month with the craziness of life.

  4. Suzie Q

    2009-05-06 16:33:56 -0400

    I try and scrapbook at least once a month. With 3 kids in different levels of school (high school, middle school & grade school). They are very active and this week it's crazy with 4-H, tennis, ballet, baseball and attempting to keep up with their homework. It's getting harder and harder to clear out a day for myself right now, but I know there will come a day when my children will spread their wings and leave our nest and go out on their own and I don't want to miss anything with my kids!

  5. Anita

    2009-05-06 16:36:15 -0400

    In a good week, once or twice. Not enough, but more than nothing.

  6. Maria

    2009-05-06 16:36:58 -0400

    I don't have a "set" schedule for scrapping; I find it comes in spurts - usually about once a month, if not a little more. I don't ever try to PUSH myself, as that ends up just being a waste of time :(

  7. Denise Conrad

    2009-05-06 16:36:59 -0400

    After my little has fallen asleep, I can be on the computer working with my photos and blogging until 2am. By the way...I've downloaded your font and used that on many of my photos.

  8. Roseann

    2009-05-06 16:38:12 -0400

    I spend a few full days a month scrapbooking with my nine year old daughter. I really enjoy this time together and wish we could do more!

  9. Quinna

    2009-05-06 16:38:14 -0400

    I try to scrap twice a week. Right now I'm scrapping 30 days in the month of May and having a blast!

  10. Teresa Young

    2009-05-06 16:40:40 -0400

    I'm loving doing some digital designing something that takes me back to my roots as a graphic designer. Left that field 10 years ago to change careers and my scrapbooking has brought me back to that desire to create digitally.

  11. Leanne Allinson

    2009-05-06 16:44:06 -0400

    As often as I can which is not really often enough!! Lol!:)

  12. Kathy

    2009-05-06 16:44:31 -0400

    It has been difficult to find time to scrapbook recently; two boys, busy baseball schedules, spring time at school with my 6th graders, purchasing a new house...the list goes on and on. Actually I scrapbooked 2 small pages for an album just this morning at 6:45 to send them in for a class gift for Jacob's teacher. Wow, I finished those pages in record time with the help of my little crafty son.

  13. Lisa S

    2009-05-06 16:45:47 -0400

    #1 = scrapbooking. adays I can't seem to find ANY time to do it.
    So right now I am a collector of scrapbook goodness!

  14. Lori

    2009-05-06 16:47:53 -0400

    I spend time monthly. I have been scrapbooking for my son's kindergarten class. Actually, they have been working on them and I have just been helping but it is so fun to watch each child pour over their photos and enjoy the story that the pictures tell about their kindergarten experience.

  15. tricia

    2009-05-06 16:50:20 -0400

    Fun. Love it all!

  16. Maria

    2009-05-06 16:50:32 -0400

    wow, all 3 of these sets are so beautiful!!! You always lead us to such wonderful sites!!! I don't get too scrap nearly as much as I would like and I know I am losing my time. Work consumes 10 to 12 hours of my days so by the time I go home I go to bed and I am mising my creative time but I am working on making time for that too!!!

  17. jany

    2009-05-06 16:51:27 -0400

    I make pages maybe once a week... but I'm constantly looking in magazines or surfing the Net (like your blog!!) for ideas :)

  18. Julie

    2009-05-06 16:52:59 -0400

    I spend a bit of time most days doing some type of crafting. It makes me relaxed.

  19. tricia

    2009-05-06 16:53:18 -0400

    Fun. Love it all! I am still in the process of unpacking all my goodies...but I do try to do something creative...if only just a card...about once a week.

  20. Julie

    2009-05-06 16:54:01 -0400

    I spend a bit of time each day doing some kind of crafting. It helps me relax.

  21. Sheree

    2009-05-06 16:56:28 -0400

    Unfortunately, I don't get to scrapbook that often but I try for at least one hour a week. Sounds like that is how most people are!

  22. Michelle Co

    2009-05-06 16:56:34 -0400

    I'm scrapbooking about once a week right now. I can see myself doing it more now that I've broken up with my boyfriend. Positive thinking here!!

  23. Karen

    2009-05-06 16:57:03 -0400

    I'm a mom of two young boys so I don't have much time to scrapbook. I try to make a little time each day (usually when they're in bed). It helps me unwind and remember all the good things about being a mom.

  24. Joanna

    2009-05-06 16:57:25 -0400

    I scrap on average once a week. Paper, digital and hybrid, I love it all. It keeps me sane and I crave the creative time.

  25. veronica

    2009-05-06 16:57:45 -0400

    just under the wire here today......i dream about scrapbooking constantly....i walk by the craftroom several times per day...i entre a couple of times per week....i create a couple of times per month.....this full time job thingy gets in the way....

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