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May 29, 2009

Weekend Creative : Naming Your Petals

Weekendcreative Simon
Last week this little gem made it home from school safe and sound in Simon's backpack.

What a very cool peek into some of his current favorite things and a little bit about how he's seeing himself (or how his teachers helped him identify some of his traits). My favorite petals include "reader," "kind," and "chicken burger."

I've done a variety of layouts over the years documenting our right now: things that are important to us, favorites, what we are into, etc. This is the first one in Simon's own words; in his own handwriting. Definitely a treasure to me.

This weekend consider documenting your own petals or those of someone you love. Maybe involve your family members by having them identify what are the important things in their lives right now. Ask simple questions like "what's your favorite food" or "what are you really good at?" and have them write their own words if they are able.Ali_petals

This is definitely not a complicated exercise. It's a silly little way to document a bit of your life right now. Grab a piece of scratch paper and draw a simple flower or download and print the one below. Simon's flower has 10 petals but don't worry about the number, just write. Don't forget to add the date.

These flowers would make a sweet little family minibook, a nice accent on a layout of each person, or you could gather a bunch together and create a "bouquet" of all your family member's flowers.


AE_NameYourPetal_PREV To get you started here's a simple flower download (the same one I used for my flower above) that is ready and waiting to be printed and decorated by you and your loved ones.

Download AE_Petals.png


[ weekend creative is a semi-regular feature appearing on Fridays : past projects can be located in the here. ]


  • 51.
    tammy t said…

    Such a sweet prompt. I love it and plan to bug my entire family to take part in it!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    tammy t

  • 52.
    Lisa Flanagan said…

    Awesome, thanks, Ali!

  • 53.

    Oh I *love* this idea! And how very, very simple too! I love that it adds each person’s favorite things in their handwriting (if possible). I’ve downloaded mine and printed out 5 of them (one for each of our family members). Can’t wait to get started and see how they all turn out….thanks again Ali for yet another fabulous idea!! :)
    Jessica Woodford

  • 54.
    Kristi said…

    Love this idea, thanks for the download too!

  • 55.
    Erica Hettwer said…

    How sweet that he’s got big brother AND loves sister on there! :D

  • 56.
    Angie F said…

    Thanks so much for the download…love the flower and the thought behind it to “fill it”! I will love doing this with my girls!

  • 57.
    Cori S said…

    What a great idea!

  • 58.

    Thanks for the download ,GREAT idea.I will use the flower for a family favorites mini album or great kids project for a weekend.Love it.
    Have a awesome weekend

  • 59.
    o-girl said…

    I’ve done this with my daughter before but we’ve used a pic of her in the middle and wrote words as petals around the picture. Simon’s is way cute! Thnaks so much for the sweet flower .png. Have a lovely weekend.

  • 60.
    Erika said…

    Love this Ali!!!! I just printed out 5 copies to do about my family. Great idea to take stock of now!!! And, I intend to display my family bouquet in my scrap area and also use it for a point of inspiration for future scrap projects! Thanks a bunch to Simon for bringing home such a sweet, neat project. Have a super fantastic weekend!!!!

  • 61.
    Annette said…

    Thanks for sharing, Love this!!!! definately gonna try this one on my family. Have a great weekend.

  • 62.
    Nikki Love said…

    what a wonderful freebie. Have it saved on my puter and plan to do this with my Kinder :)

  • 63.
    KarenK said…

    Thank you for the download and the great idea! I’m thinking I may have my girls fill one out about school this year and then create something for their teachers from it.

  • 64.
    Sarah said…

    Ali, I have a chipboard flower album I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Now I know! Thanks for sharing!

  • 65.
    kim said…

    THANK YOU!!! I am printing right now to do w/my child care kids next week!!!

  • 66.
    Kate said…

    Thank you Ali for the flower petal png file. I really appreciate you sharing Simon’s and your favorites right now. I wish I had done this for my children as they were growing up, what fun to look back at it later.
    Aloha, Kate

  • 67.
    Amy Bailey said…

    Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for the download. What a great idea.
    I just printed out three for my kids to do right now.
    Have a blessed day!

  • 68.
    Marsha said…

    Thanks for the flower download-I am going to do a lo using this this weekend-such a superfun & non-threatening way to do a page about myself! You are the best!

  • 69. said…

    love this…. :)

  • 70.
    Jane said…

    Love this idea!

  • 71.
    Rani said…

    very cool! thanks for the download! going to do this with my girls this weekend and post on my blog! the folks in India will be happy!

  • 72.
    emily ruth said…

    so fun…love this!

  • 73.
    anna said…

    LOVE this!

  • 74.
    gina said…

    Thanks for the fun download and the great way to document “right now”. Have a relaxing weekend.

  • 75.
    Colleen said…

    Thanks for the download. I posted mine flower on my blog today…

  • 76.
    Dawn F. said…

    Thank you sharing the idea and the pattern. I’ve printed it and will be having each of us (there are 5) fill it out. Love it!

  • 77.
    tchrtiff said…

    What a great idea! Love that it’s so simple yet will mean so much in the future. Can’t wait to read what my family writes on each of their petals. Have a great weekend, Ali.

  • 78.
    Lissa said…

    Simon’s flower is so precious.=] Thank you Ali!=]

  • 79.
    mary said…

    ali – you are so generous with the freebie – thank you! I love playing around in photoshop and your cute flower sounds like a fun hour or so for the weekend. wishing you a fun weekend, too! – mary

  • 80.
    amanda said…

    Thank you for sharing Simon’s assignment. It is a wonderful thing to share with your family on a friday night. You continue to inspire me with your weekend ideas. It is the simple things in life that help you remember all of our blessings. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  • 81.
    Kim Rose said…

    What a great family night idea. Thanks for the freebie!

  • 82.
    mati McDonough said…

    chickenburger :)

  • 83.
    CoraLee Kilfoy said…

    I think the things Simon wrote on his flower are pretty awesome! But my favorite has to be “accepting”…WOW! How wonderful that he understands already how to be accepting of others! WTG Momma! ;)

  • 84.
    MariaM said…

    Yes! thanks for that reminder about the daisy GS petals…I have a third year brownie now. Love that idea.
    Ali, thanks for the very cute download.

  • 85.
    Danielle said…

    I love this idea so much. It’s just me and my husband right now but maybe I’ll add one for our dog too! Thanks Ali, I am so excited to do this!

  • 86.
    gail lindekugel said…

    What a dear guy, I love!” loves sister and big brother….”
    These are the good old days….

  • 87.
    Ali Edwards said…

    It is something he is really working on at school…accepting not being first in line everyday, accepting directions from teachers, etc.

  • 88.
    Kathy F said…

    I am gonna do this one for sure! :) BTW, I am gonna email as soon as I get my project I did for your last Weekend Creative project on my BLOG. I have to thank you for that project…I love my mini book so much! :) I will probably be later this weekend. :) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  • 89.
    Jenny W said…

    Thank you for sharing this cool idea. My family will be playing along. I am considering sizing them in such a way that I could make a page with our four flowers and a picture of us. Looking forward to it.

  • 90.
    LoriHudson said…

    Ali, I love “big brother” and “love sister” . Priceless!

  • 91.
    Gina said…

    Oh, I’ll be doing this over the weekend with my family. I love the idea of making a family bouquet – I have just the vase to put them in!!! Thank you, Ali…and Simon and Simon’s teacher! :)

  • 92.
    dr berry said…

    So very AWESOME!!!! I love all the treasures that come home from school at the end of the year.

  • 93.
    Stephanie said…

    Hi Ali, I love the idea and am going to do it with both of my girls. I have a quick question I love the font/handwriting you used in your petal, is that available anywhere? Thank you

  • 94.
    Vicky said…

    Ali, what a cute idea. Thanks for the gift. I love how Simon has lovesister on his petal. Anna is so lucky!

  • 95.
    Ali Edwards said…

    I wrote that myself + then scanned the whole thing in. There is a font similar available here:

  • 96. said…

    This is going to be a great idea for Father’s Day. I’m going to have each child fill out a flower for Grandpa! Thank you for sharing!

  • 97.
    Marie said…

    What an awesome idea: take stock of your self, examine “you” a little.And for a family it’s a nice way to see where each of us intersects. Thanks for the free template :)

  • 98.
    Kim said…

    Thank you!

  • 99.
    Tracy said…

    I love the petal that says “accepting”. How insightful!!!

  • 100.
    pj.goodman said…

    Thanks Ali for a wonderful idea. I wasn’t sure how this would go over after dinner, but I now have 5 flowers —husband, son aged 21, son aged 17 and shih tzu aged 8!!!!
    Everyone was so into this activity and sat around the table laughing and having fun revealing their petals. I am going to scan them and put together a layout. What a keeper!!!

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