One Little Word : Mid-Year


My word for 2009 is nurture.

I am nurturing a young boy's love of Star Wars & leogs &
reading & Harry Potter. I am nurturing an inquisitive mind by answering a lot of awesome seven-year-old questions about the way in which our world works. I am nurturing his social skills as I encourage and model and role-play.


I am nurturing a baby girl's enchantment with the world around her. I am nurturing her physically as I nurse her and emotionally as we engage in all that great mama-baby bonding. I am nurturing her natural rhythms and helping her adapt to life in our home.

I am nurturing my relationship with Chris as we navigate the waters of being busy parents (with passionate professional lives).

I am nurturing myself as a second-time mama with as much patience as I
can muster. I have been taking things slow and focusing on the projects I
think are most important and letting the rest go. I am trying to live
fully present in this season of my life without hurrying on to the
It's a minute by minute choice.

I am finding that a lot of my creative energy is currently going into
my relationship with my kids. I feel really good about this. Life with two kids is a very creative
endeavor. Creativity in focus, in juggling, in entertaining, in attitude, in setting up a day that
is "full of life" for each of us. To me "full of life" means a
combination of healthy things: play, rest, work, nutrition, etc.

I may not be producing as many layouts and projects right now as I have in the past, but I am exactly where I want to be in terms of being available & active in the lives of my children.


How are you and your word getting along this year?

Did you write anything about your word back in January that you can review now? One of the reasons I love having a blog is being able to go back in time and see what was documented. Reading what I wrote then vs. how I am feeling today is a gift to myself.

Don't feel bad if you haven't really connected with your word this year. It's been my experience that some years I have a strong connection with my word and others not so much. Have you really given your word a chance?

Take some time today to reflect or reconnect with your word. Consider posting an update on your blog or here in the comments.

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