One Little Word : Mid-Year


My word for 2009 is nurture.

I am nurturing a young boy's love of Star Wars & leogs &
reading & Harry Potter. I am nurturing an inquisitive mind by answering a lot of awesome seven-year-old questions about the way in which our world works. I am nurturing his social skills as I encourage and model and role-play.


I am nurturing a baby girl's enchantment with the world around her. I am nurturing her physically as I nurse her and emotionally as we engage in all that great mama-baby bonding. I am nurturing her natural rhythms and helping her adapt to life in our home.

I am nurturing my relationship with Chris as we navigate the waters of being busy parents (with passionate professional lives).

I am nurturing myself as a second-time mama with as much patience as I
can muster. I have been taking things slow and focusing on the projects I
think are most important and letting the rest go. I am trying to live
fully present in this season of my life without hurrying on to the
It's a minute by minute choice.

I am finding that a lot of my creative energy is currently going into
my relationship with my kids. I feel really good about this. Life with two kids is a very creative
endeavor. Creativity in focus, in juggling, in entertaining, in attitude, in setting up a day that
is "full of life" for each of us. To me "full of life" means a
combination of healthy things: play, rest, work, nutrition, etc.

I may not be producing as many layouts and projects right now as I have in the past, but I am exactly where I want to be in terms of being available & active in the lives of my children.


How are you and your word getting along this year?

Did you write anything about your word back in January that you can review now? One of the reasons I love having a blog is being able to go back in time and see what was documented. Reading what I wrote then vs. how I am feeling today is a gift to myself.

Don't feel bad if you haven't really connected with your word this year. It's been my experience that some years I have a strong connection with my word and others not so much. Have you really given your word a chance?

Take some time today to reflect or reconnect with your word. Consider posting an update on your blog or here in the comments.

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  1. Paula

    2009-06-29 12:33:34 -0400

    My word was/is professional. Of course I chose this before I knew I was going to be a mama again! While it's been a struggle with all the restructuring and mistakes made around the workplace, I'm overall pleased that I've been able to make this word mine.
    Thinking about another word for the second part of this year...

  2. rebekah

    2009-06-29 13:17:59 -0400

    ali, thank you for your response! you are awesome! i really love your work, your vision, everything. i'm glad you took my comments as an honest inquiry, and not as an attack. i find the business end of the creative world to be fascinating, and since this is a somewhat new industry (as far as blogging goes), i take interest in seeing how things evolve.
    again, thank you so much. i was really looking for your views. thanks for taking the time to respond and answer my questions.

  3. darlene

    2009-06-29 13:44:57 -0400

    what a great post, thanks for encouraging thoughtful care of children and reflection!

  4. Jackie

    2009-06-29 14:49:42 -0400

    Oh Ali! As always...I love to visit your blog. You are truly an inspiration. My little word is "Hope" and it has helped me tremendously. I constantly surround myself with "Hope". Thank you for inspiring us with "one little word", and for inspiring us with "your world"! I have appreciated so much more since I started to visit your blog (Fall 08).

  5. Barbara

    2009-06-29 15:31:03 -0400

    Simplicity was my word for this year. I chose it as I was getting ready to come home from a 6 month deployment. Although, I experienced several new and demanding activities while deployed my life was simple. Now home with a full time job, two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband I find it a daily struggle to simply live.

  6. [email protected]

    2009-06-29 15:36:39 -0400

    I love that you remind us about our yearly words! I decided to repeat my word from last year (create) since I didn't do as much creative stuff last year as I wanted to. Guess what? Reusing it again has really made all the difference! I finally finished my book, "Dirt and Sunshine" and got it printed, now it's on Amazon! So there is much power in focusing on a word. The past few months are a testament to that for me! I would love to send you a complimentary copy (for you and your family) if you wish to contact me offline. There is a section about 'living in the moment' that I feel will resonate after your post today. You are always such a breath of fresh air and it's a pleasure to visit your blog!
    All the best
    Kathy Besser

  7. Dee

    2009-06-29 16:09:58 -0400

    Ali - Can I pick a word mid year?! My word today is JOY. As a frequent reader of your blog..(but a very infrequent poster of comments!) I have to tell inspire many different ways. You seem to balance everything so well. I am inspired by the way you create. The way you love what you create. The way you nurture your children. And your husband. I love the way that everyday life is reflected in your blog. And I love the way you share that you are many things. A wife, a mother, a woman, an artist. I am amazed by very few amaze me!
    Today I had week 12 of a 12 week chemo treatment...There were days I didn't think this day would get here!! Reading your blog really was calming for me...just that you are living life with a joy that is clear in your pictures and your postings. Thank you for sharing your world, your talent, and your own inspiration with all of us. I hope to continue to find joy in the little things..because after all...that's what really matters.

  8. Sarah George

    2009-06-29 17:22:49 -0400

    Love the post today Ali!
    Thanks for revisiting this topic because I never picked a word for the year and now I feel inspired to do so for the rest of the year. Don't know what it'll be but I'll decide on one in the next couple of days.
    Thanks and so glad to see that your family is doing well.

  9. Ali Edwards

    2009-06-29 17:33:59 -0400

    Peace be with you Dee :).

  10. Enjoli

    2009-06-29 18:54:26 -0400

    My word this year was Tenacity. Just like last years word (possibility) my whole year has worked really close to the theme of each respectively. Last year was full of possibilities that either blossomed or they didn't, but they were there, and I embraced both outcomes. This year has really proven challenging which has meant I needed to call a lot on my tenacity to make it through. I can see where I need to be more tenacious no matter how uncomfortable or scared I might be to face it. And in other areas of my life I feel like my tenacity is record breaking. Thank you for all that you are, Ali. You have really made a wonderful mark in this world. Best wishes to you and your family!

  11. ACHA

    2009-06-29 22:57:34 -0400

    I´ve never thought about words but I would choose ENJOY. Enjoy life, time with my family, enjoy being healthy, having work... I really love reading about your kids. My little boy looooooves legos and Stars Wars too!!. Elena (Spain)

  12. Elizabeth

    2009-06-30 01:51:13 -0400

    Hi Ali, I'm not sure I have commented before but I am now. I just wanted to say that I had originally read about having an inspirational word on a blog called 'Goodness' as it's a Japanese tradition to start the year with a word that has reflected or reflects the year! On re-reading Leslie's post I realised you were the inspiration behind a new word for the year! I love it...So I Have adopted donethis process for the past three years. So my word that I chose for 2009 was & is GROWTH. It celebrates a great many changes that I was prediciting would happen, as it has happens 6 months later there have many significant changes in our lives that have stimualted 'Growth' and some of them most certainly has been an interesting and inspiring year to say the least and it's only half way...I wanted to Thank you for your continual inspirational words on your family, creativity and balance of life work. Also echoed through your readers with some of their wonderful thought provoking responses made in relation to this post. I am constantly amazed at empowerment fo words!...thanks everyone. cheers, Lil

  13. Andrea

    2009-06-30 01:59:14 -0400

    My 2009 word is "Downsize". Not just the amount of stuff that I have, but also my weight, my temper, my impact.
    I have lost 15 lbs this year taking pilates and a class through my local community college called "boot camp" and jogging. It has been so much easier than I imagined to muster up the energy to make it through a class. I've also downsized the amount of junk I eat, and by exercizing regularly, I've been less angry and sad, and I've learned to walk to the store rather than drive. It's weird how changing one habit changes so many things in you life.
    Congratulations on doing so well with your word and for just having a beautiful family. Thank you for such an inspiring post.

  14. Samantha Piette

    2009-06-30 02:22:41 -0400

    Hi Ali! You have inspired me to blog about my word for this year, which is exactly what I did yesterday. My word is AWARE. Thanks so much for the CONTINUED inspiration! I may just have to turn this blog post into a scrapbook page!

  15. Meghan

    2009-06-30 02:23:21 -0400

    Ali, you are an incredible inspiration. I am new to your blog and new to all the creativity that abounds here... but thank you for sharing all of it. I figure that I still have time for a word in 2009 and I am going to pick it and scrap it today-- mmmm... maybe that IS my word... TODAY... thank you for sharing with the world as you do!

  16. Katie F

    2009-06-30 04:54:10 -0400

    I didn't pick a word this year, but, over the last several months, I believe it has picked me. Patience. After losing his job last year, my very brave better half joined the US Army at 37. He did end up working in another state for a time before leaving for basic training and AIT. We have spent more time apart this year than together and it has been really difficult. One month down, five to go. Patience.

  17. Laura Lee

    2009-06-30 05:10:59 -0400

    My word is Appreciate. I'm not sure I'm doing enough to appreciate what I have. So, I am trying very hard to be appreciative of a nice day, a chance to play with my dog or cat, and to help where I can. I am really trying to appreciate that I am alive and comfortable in my world.
    Things I really need to document. :) Have a great Day Ali and thank you for making me think about my word. Although Appreciate is my word, I'm still looking at last year's word on my wall. Is it ok to use the same word next year? I really like LIVE!

  18. Hannah

    2009-06-30 12:13:38 -0400

    Ali, thank you for reminding us of this!
    My word is plant. Following your lovely prompt I have been journalling. I had chosen this word hoping to plant good things in my life and in the lives of others. What I am noticing with delight is that others are also planting good things in my life: kind words, encouragement, support! This was not something that I had anticipated when I choose my word! I am so thankful that life is sometimes better than I had expected!

  19. Tara

    2009-06-30 14:51:21 -0400

    I just had been thinking about my word this past week, which is funny, maybe it's just a natural time to check back on your goals you set forth at the start of the year.
    Grow/growth was still my word, nurture could have worked as well.

  20. alison

    2009-06-30 16:34:16 -0400

    i choose 'create' in the beginning of the year without any clear picture of what to create, now, 6 months later, i just launch a website, offering my services, small time but it's something to work on, finding my way, creating a better life for me and others, step by step, little by little as i go along. so yeah... i think it has been good. slow but good. thank you ali, for this post, it made me stop and review what i have done past 6 months, and i am definitely feeling good about myself.

  21. Shanon Langlie

    2009-07-01 07:46:00 -0400

    My word is adventure/adventurous (as in I want to go on adventures and be more adventurous). I've done more living in the last few months than I had in quite a while!
    I've explored museums, gone to plays, started ballroom dancing (something I've always wanted to do but was too scared to try without a partner), gone hiking in the grand canyon, and the biggest adventure to date: moving from Minnesota to South Carolina for graduate school. As if moving from everything and everyone I knew wasn't enough, grad school is something I never thought I'd be able to do. But I'm here and it's real.

  22. Sandra

    2009-07-01 16:18:43 -0400

    Well, as always you have great timing. i was just reflecting on my word for 2009: BELIEVE. I was blessed and refound my faith this year, so Believe was even more fitting for me. My DD and I started over 3 years ago and this year has been one of discovery for us. I may not be scrapping as much as I'd like, but there are other more important things, as you have pointed out!! Thanks for it all.

  23. Sherry Grove

    2009-07-01 16:52:16 -0400

    My word is Balance. Thanks for reminding me to check my status. I blogged about it here:

  24. Kate I

    2009-07-01 17:47:41 -0400

    My word for this year is Playful and I appreciated this reminder to reflect on it again which I did on my blog:
    Thanks Ali

  25. cre8ivegirl

    2009-07-02 15:30:39 -0400

    Baby girls are so beautiful! And yours is a baldy just like my girls were.
    I chose the word "be" as in "just BE in the moment". Having trouble with that lately. Got a lot of frustration with 2 kids, a dog and husband running the house. Maybe it should have been "patience". Thanks for posting.

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