Tuesday Tutorials : Katie Pertiet : Adding Emphasis With A Photo Mask

This week Tuesday Tutorials welcomes Katie Pertiet
. Katie's digital tutorial walks you through the steps in Photoshop to add emphasis to a layout using a "photo mask."

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Adding Emphasis with a Photo Mask

1. Begin with a blank 12 inch x 12 inch, 300dpi canvas in Photoshop.

2. Add a light green background paper (Katie used Going Away Solids).

3. Open a photo and drag your photo onto the new document (Photoshop will create a new layer).

4. With the move tool selected, "show transform controls" checked, and the shift key held down, scale your photo to fill the entire page.

5. To achieve the blended affect simply change the blend mode to "Soft Light" in the layer palette and adjust the opacity until you like the way it looks (no right or wrong).

6. Since this page is for an album about Jack, the youngest in the picture, I wanted to draw more attention to him. I chose a filmstrip photo mask and positioned it over Jack in the photo:

7. Turn off the visibility of the mask layer by clicking on the "eye" icon.

8. Click on your photo layer so that is your active layer.

9. Move your mouse over the mask layer in the layer palette and hold down the apple key on a mac [ctrl on a pc] and you'll see the cursor change. Click on the mask layer while holding that key down and you'll see 'marching ants' in the shape of the mask.

10. Making sure you're still on the photo layer, Edit > Copy

11. Create a new layer, Edit > Paste Into. It pastes the photo right in position:


12. Adjust the opacity to the strength you're happy with.

13. Add elements to round out your page and call it done. Simple as that!

Try adapting this technique with other ideas, like pasting inside a letter or other shape!

Complete layout details available here.

Apr09-1 Katie Pertiet is the owner and founder of www.DesignerDigitals.com. She received her degree in graphic design nearly 25 years ago and has worked professionally as a graphic designer and art director before starting her own design firm in 1993. Her layouts have been published in Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Memory Makers, Legacy, and BHG Scrapbooks Etc. Katie has also designed products for Autumn Leaves as well as licensing her designs for stationary, fabric, wall paper, prints and home decor. You can find her digital scrapbook products at designerdigitals.com and her prints at Art.com. For more inspiration check out her layout gallery.

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