6.5 Months


Dear Sweet Anna-girl,

We are pretty much ga-ga over you. I don't think a day has gone by without at least one of us mentioning something about how much we love you, how glad we are that you are here, how cute you are, or my personal favorite - when Simon says, "Anna is so cool."

You are just a little bundle of goodness.

Here's some things about you at 6.5 months:

- You sit up amazingly straight and tall. I can set you down in one spot and you won't go anywhere (I know that will only last a very short while). It is quite obvious that you are super happy with yourself for getting to this stage - you are much happier to be sitting up and checking things out vs. being on your back or your tummy.

Annabathbrene © Brene Brown

- Your favorite thing to do while sitting on the floor is to either
take all your toys out of a small basket one by one or look at a book.
It's pretty darn cute to see you sitting there with a book. Warms this
book-lovers heart for sure.

- You traveled with me again this month on a fabulous girl's weekend retreat. You were bombed with love and cuddled and held and lifted up in action and thought. You did great on the car ride, except for the part when we drove from Canon Beach to Manzanita where you cried the whole way (Andrea got to experience that lovely bit of screaming baby time). You slept almost the entire way home (a four hour trip with one stop for a break & food). 


- You and Simon have had lots of time to hang out as the summer winds down. In a few short weeks he will be going back to school and I am pretty sure you will be wondering where he has gone off to. Trips to the park, the pool, the museum, and good-old down time on the couch have been part of your daily adventures with him over the past few weeks. You are both really loving our babysitter.

Annabath2 © Andrea Scher

- You have been trying all sorts of different foods lately. One of your current favorites is cantaloupe. Last night you devoured peas. I am actually hoping that your brother may develop an interest in trying some of the things that you are eating and enjoying.

Thank you, sweet girl, for being such a good baby. For having those giant smiles in the morning and being so go-with-the-flow most of the time. You are deeply loved.

58 thoughts

  1. Katie F

    2009-08-27 09:14:40 -0400

    *sigh* She really is a doll!

  2. gina f.

    2009-08-27 09:55:03 -0400

    time is flying by! thanks for sharing; you have done a remarkable job keeping up the blog since Anna's birth! I'm glad Anna is such a blessing to your family!!

  3. Kathy Besser

    2009-08-27 09:57:32 -0400

    Hi Ali!
    May I make a small suggestion? How about having Simon help you "prepare Anna's food" and then recommend that you both taste it beforehand to see if you think Anna will like it. It might be just the thing since it's for Anna and he sounds like the kind of big brother who'll do anything for his sweet little sister. If you have a chef's hat for Simon, so much the better! If not, let me know and I'll see about getting one for you from my sister (she's made over a hundred of them for me over the years).
    All the best,
    Kathy Besser

  4. Carolyn

    2009-08-27 11:17:46 -0400

    Oh Ali, she is just so very precious... amazing, every moment, just truly amazing :)

  5. Jennifer Stewart

    2009-08-27 11:27:24 -0400

    She's just beautiful, Ali. :)
    Mentioning the food made me remember some of Noah's favorite first foods. Avocado - I would split it and just scrape a baby spoon across the flesh. He LOVED avocado. Same way to eat bananas. His other favorites were butternut squash and sweet potatoes, boiled and pureed. I used to make huge batches and freeze them in ice cube trays so I'd always have some handy.
    I miss those days. :) Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  6. alexandra

    2009-08-27 11:44:52 -0400

    I've been wondering the very same thing. My twins are 6 1/2 and we have a frozen embryo waiting for our decision - it would be so amazing to have a baby in our lives again.
    Anna is so lovely and sweet.
    Thanks for a fabulous post!

  7. Lani

    2009-08-27 12:45:17 -0400

    Question for you Ali - I noticed that two of the beautiful photos are copyrighted (thanks for links to more beautiful sites) so I was wondering if you blogged about how they were taken, or if you plan to share. Just curiosity on my part.
    Thanks as always.

  8. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-27 12:57:24 -0400

    Hi Lani - they were taken on my girl's weekend a couple weeks back :). Good friends who take lovely photos :).

  9. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-27 12:58:08 -0400

    This is a wonderful idea Kathy - thank you! We do have a chef hat (lots of costumes) :).

  10. Ann

    2009-08-27 14:11:06 -0400

    Total cuteness! That pic of Anna and Simon on the couch together is the BEST!

  11. Sue Kment

    2009-08-27 14:45:19 -0400

    How sweet...brings back memories of when I bathed my babies in the kitchen sink!

  12. AesaLina

    2009-08-27 14:59:13 -0400

    Absolutely adorable.
    What is your email? The link I click on will not work.

  13. Amy E

    2009-08-27 15:02:51 -0400

    The picture of Anna and Simon is absolutely priceless. Such a sweet time for you!

  14. Sharon

    2009-08-27 15:18:15 -0400

    thanks for sharing Ali, she is a precious gift- enjoy the everyday!

  15. Lisa Walters

    2009-08-27 15:26:20 -0400

    She is so precious...thank you for sharing those photo's. Time really does fly by. My baby is now 15 years old!!! Enjoy:)

  16. Nancy Wyatt

    2009-08-27 16:19:58 -0400

    So very sweet and she is simply divine! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  17. Ann

    2009-08-27 19:32:39 -0400

    What a lovely post! I absolutely adore my 7 month old boy and am taking in every moment! I am just about to create a beautiful little keepsake album documenting the little things about him at this stage! Can't wait!! Thanks for the wonderful post and photos! It really reminds me of how I feel about my baby! :o)

  18. Dominique

    2009-08-27 21:23:12 -0400

    Hey Ali!
    I'm from germany and I love to read your story's about your little one Anna. I think you are such a wonderful Mom and I love how you write about ANNA.
    I hope a will be the same type Mom like you, I can't wait to do a scrapbook for a little one.
    Take care and have a wonderful day
    Dominique from germany

  19. Lani

    2009-08-28 01:13:10 -0400

    Thanks! I'm a little jealous of your trip! Would love to do that with my own group of friends. Loved the canvas from that post too.

  20. Jennifer Camplin

    2009-08-28 03:37:49 -0400

    Lil A so sweet girl! By see pictures of her all smile.. Happy girl..
    Ali~ You are a great mother to both A and S!

  21. Bethany C.

    2009-08-28 05:13:13 -0400

    Anna is seriously one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen! The photos you've shared are priceless! What an amazing smile...

  22. Melanie J

    2009-08-28 16:59:16 -0400

    She is so precious! And, you are right, she will be moving soon. My DS is 10 months, and I remember just a few short months ago sitting him down and he would stay there. Now he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything! In fact, today he pulled himself up with the cupboard knobs and then opened the cupboard. My girls go back to school next week, and then my other two boys start school the next week after that. I'm sure the baby will be wondering where everyone has gone! Enjoy her!

  23. Teresa

    2009-08-29 04:36:56 -0400

    Congratulations,Anna and Simon are so beautiful. Enjoy these moments.
    Your children are very special.
    Sory my english

  24. Leisa A. Hammett

    2009-08-30 15:11:30 -0400

    This is so sweet!

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