6.5 Months


Dear Sweet Anna-girl,

We are pretty much ga-ga over you. I don't think a day has gone by without at least one of us mentioning something about how much we love you, how glad we are that you are here, how cute you are, or my personal favorite - when Simon says, "Anna is so cool."

You are just a little bundle of goodness.

Here's some things about you at 6.5 months:

- You sit up amazingly straight and tall. I can set you down in one spot and you won't go anywhere (I know that will only last a very short while). It is quite obvious that you are super happy with yourself for getting to this stage - you are much happier to be sitting up and checking things out vs. being on your back or your tummy.

Annabathbrene © Brene Brown

- Your favorite thing to do while sitting on the floor is to either
take all your toys out of a small basket one by one or look at a book.
It's pretty darn cute to see you sitting there with a book. Warms this
book-lovers heart for sure.

- You traveled with me again this month on a fabulous girl's weekend retreat. You were bombed with love and cuddled and held and lifted up in action and thought. You did great on the car ride, except for the part when we drove from Canon Beach to Manzanita where you cried the whole way (Andrea got to experience that lovely bit of screaming baby time). You slept almost the entire way home (a four hour trip with one stop for a break & food). 


- You and Simon have had lots of time to hang out as the summer winds down. In a few short weeks he will be going back to school and I am pretty sure you will be wondering where he has gone off to. Trips to the park, the pool, the museum, and good-old down time on the couch have been part of your daily adventures with him over the past few weeks. You are both really loving our babysitter.

Annabath2 © Andrea Scher

- You have been trying all sorts of different foods lately. One of your current favorites is cantaloupe. Last night you devoured peas. I am actually hoping that your brother may develop an interest in trying some of the things that you are eating and enjoying.

Thank you, sweet girl, for being such a good baby. For having those giant smiles in the morning and being so go-with-the-flow most of the time. You are deeply loved.

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