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August 12, 2009

The Traveler & Deeply Loved : Four Corners Layered Template Two Ways


I love getting stuff back from the printer. Whether it is a 12×12 digital scrapbooking page or a bunch of individual photos for paper pages, it just makes me happy (as it should be). 

The above layout was printed at (I noticed they are having an August sale with 12×12 prints for $1.99). These digital pages go right into my 12×12 albums with my other pages. You can see a post that includes photos of some pages in one of my albums here

The layout above appears in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. It's a good example of showcasing different time-periods on one layout. Think of all the time our kids spend in the car (and how much time we spend in the car going here and there). I need to get my camera out and make sure to take a few shots now that we have two kids and two car seats in the back.

The digital layout above was created using a layered template available at Designer Digitals: Four Corners Circle layered template. Wondering how to work with layered templates in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Go here or here or here.


I posted this layout in my gallery at Designer Digitals
and someone mentioned that they liked how each of the photos included
something Simon was interested in at the time (or still is today). That
was a cool observation that I had not intended when I was putting it
together. It's another reason to remember to include more than just a cute face in the photos we take – the surroundings often add so much more to the story.

Digital Supplies: AE Four Corners Circle Layered Template; Katie Pertiet Graphic Garden No. 2

See all of my available layered templates here.

I was going to end the post here but instead decided to put another page together to show a different way to use the template as a jumping off point for another project. Here's the result:

Digital Supplies: Ali Edwards Four Corners Circle Layered Template, 12×12 Text Frames Baby; Michelle Martin: Aryanna & Colbie Solids Paper Packs; Pattie Knox Absolutely Acrylic Clockworks; Katie Pertiet Rose Garden Mini Kit, Negative Sleeves; Anna Aspnes Stitched By Anna No.5

Instead of the four quadrants I changed the main circle area to a full circle by simply using the shape tool and deleting the other areas.

As I was adding (and removing – with digital especially I find myself adding + removing more than with paper) elements I decided to try adding a page protector sleeve vertically (love those things in paper + digitally) and slip a couple elements in behind. This is all done using the layers palette in Photoshop or Elements.

The circle stitching was added last. I like how it felt finished to me when the stitching was added. 

Now it goes into the "TO PRINT" folder for the next time I upload.


  • 1.
    Lauri said…

    These are so beautiful – I love your work. Can’t wait to begin the class at BPS!

  • 2.

    wow. great pages!

  • 3.
    Melanie K. said…

    Thanks for the sales tip (I love getting 12 x 12s from them! like Christmas!) And I love love LOVE the last layout! You are so remarkable in your details … but this one really blew me away. Gorgeous!

  • 4.

    do you constantly walk around with your camera so you can capture moments like the one with your husband and daughter? I always have my camera at the ready, but never at moments like that…even though it’s close – the camera, by the time I get to it, the moment has passed. Do you ever cheat? See a moment happen, not get a picture, and then try and re-create it?

  • 5.
    Aude/Missscrap said…

    wow I love yours pages , it’s really beautiful !

  • 6.


  • 7.
    Katie said…

    Beautiful – I especially love Simon’s facial expressions in the first layout. So fun!

  • 8.
    Lara said…


  • 9.
    Tara said…

    you’ve made digital scrapping interesting and doable for me, I love your templates and the last few months have been able to put together a few layouts that I love.
    Thanks for always inspiring us.

  • 10.
    Linn said…

    You’re right, the stitching and the page protector elements just finish the layout. Very sweet.

  • 11.
    Kathy W said…

    Wow. Can’t really say anymore than that. These are way cool layouts. I totally love the traveler theme and having it incorporated in the circle. I wish that I had thought of these ideas when my son was small! Thanks for sharing.

  • 12.
    Cynthia said…

    beautiful. beautiful.

  • 13.
    Tammy Moore said…

    Those are beautiful! I love the idea of having a “to print” folder – I’d never thought of that! I’ve always just kept them in a “digital layouts” folder, not knowing which I’ve printed. Thanks for the idea and inspiration! :)

  • 14.
    SusanD said…

    Love these layouts! I am so excited for your class at BPS.

  • 15.
    Jenell said…

    Ali – these are great layouts. I have a question. What is the “ribbon” that you used in the circle in the Anna/Chris layout? I checked your links, but just didn’t see the ribbon. Are all of the words on the ribbon from your 12 x 12 Text Frames Baby? Very beautiful page.
    Also, thanks for the tip on printing the 12×12 digital pages. Now I feel better about putting my books together!

  • 16.
    arrica said…

    Love the layouts! Thanks for sharing.
    I was wonderng if you assist me on where your “To Print” file is located? My photoshop has an option for this but never syncs up to the chosen site. Should I bypass the photoshop and just make a file on computer under “Pictures” or am I missing a step? Do you have any suggestions?

  • 17.
    arrica said…

    oops forgot to change email –

  • 18.
    Jenell said…

    Ali – I figured out the answer to my question above. The circle with the words is actually on the 4 Corner Template. Off to purchase it!

  • 19.
    sansku :) said…

    i LOVE circle stuff. these are awesome. i still haven’t figured out how to use your other stuff i purchased. i need a tutor for all this digital stuff! it looks so much fun but i’m technically challenged. :)

  • 20.
    Sara Perez said…

    I love these, Ali! Especially the sweet photo of Chris and Anna.

  • 21.
    Annette said…

    Love these. What type of paper do they print these on??
    The few times I have had them printed they look more like a photo, and I relly want the paper look instead, any comments??? Thanks for sharing Ali.

  • 22.
    Nicky Hurt said…

    Love those layouts. I wanted to post this idea that I remembered looking at the layout of Simon. A couple of years ago I was getting ready to go camping 8 hours away, and took pics of my two boys in the back seat, just like that. But in the journaling I listed everything that they brought with them to do in the car on the drive. Then last year I did it again- it was interesting to see the differences in what they just “HAD” to have with them. The first time my little guy’s list included “attention” three times. It’s also fun to see how technology changes in just a couple of years, as well.
    I hope someone can use my idea!

  • 23.
    Jennifer from Canada said…

    The “To Print” folder got me thinking…what a great idea. I would love to know how you organize your pictures on your computer – what software you use etc. I have recently switched to a MAC and use iPhoto, but I find that I cannot always find what I am looking for easily. I love the idea of a To Print folder…what other gems do you have?
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  • 24.
    Jennifer from Canada said…

    Love that idea…listing all the stuff the kids “NEED” to have in the car. I will definately use that!

  • 25.
    Mary Kozak said…

    great layouts, great templates, but that photo of chris and anna is PRICELESS! total love there. tfs

  • 26.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Allison – I do carry my camera with me most of the time (just in my bag, not a separate camera bag). Sometimes I will something and will say to Chris, “do that again” and catch it that way. Not cheating…the moment is just being replayed as a new moment :) .

  • 27.
    Ali Edwards said…

    It’s really helped me in getting these pages + other photo enlargements printed.

  • 28.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Arrica – I just created a file that is on my desktop. Easy to just save to that file :) .

  • 29.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hey Sansku – check out these links – there are some good places to begin listed here: /getting-started-with-digi.html

  • 30.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Annette – they are printed on matte photo paper. I remember the first time I saw Jessica Sprague’s scrapbooks in person (printed digital pages) – I was amazed how awesome they looked all together. I didn’t notice the paper at all…and now it is the same when I see them in my albums. I look right at the photos :) .

  • 31.
    AmberLee said…

    Ali I love the layouts but I have a question about something in the picture. What is that seat thing Anna is in? Is it one of those portable high chair things? Do you take it with you when you eat out (does it fold up)? The other night I realized Tuesday could sit in the high chair at the restaurant instead of the car seat, but it was gross.

  • 32.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Yep – take it with you & it folds up (kinda). My sil has one for Lucy. It is from Chicco – it’s called a Caddy HookOn:

  • 33.
    Heather said…

    Hi Ali!
    In just under a month, I’m going on my first vacation in 4 years. I’m so excited! I was wondering… I know you’ve done a few scrapbooking-on-the-road things. Any chance you can show that again? I really want to make a pack up on what to take and could really use the help getting it together!

  • 34.
    Jen Davis said…

    I love, love, love these layouts! I saw that first one in CK and loved everything about it. Also am going to steal that idea regarding the “to print” file, that’s going to save me a ton of time! =)
    Thanks Ali!

  • 35.
    Amber Lee said…

    Cool thanks Ali!

  • 36.
    emily said…

    love the pink! r u still using scrapbookpictures for digital printing? thanks! have a great day! emily

  • 37.
    emily said…

    haha never mind….i see that you mentioned it earlier in your post, I just missed it. :)

  • 38.
    kim said…

    love, LOVE this whole layout and idea… but look at Simon… what a handsome boy… he is so growing up.

  • 39.
    Deanna Dennison said…

    When you send the layouts to the printer, are they saved as a psd file or jpeg file? Also, do you change the resolution when you post on your blog?
    Thank you,

  • 40.
    Amy L said…

    What cutting mat are you using? I would really like a white one like that!

  • 41.
    Huyen said…

    Love the layouts! Kids are so cute!!!

  • 42.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Yep :)

  • 43.
    Ali Edwards said…

    They are saved as a jpg for uploading + printing. I definitely change the resolution to 72dpi for putting images on my blog.

  • 44.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hey thanks – that’s a new addition. I ordered it from

  • 45.
    Monika said…

    Cute, cute, cute…and a lot of talent. I have a question about the numbers digi page from a few posts ago. Since I am new to figuring out all the digi stuff, is it possible to change the colors of the individual numbers on your template so that it could be used for multiple projects?
    I have used iPhoto in the past (we’re on a Mac) and much prefer Aperture, which is also a Mac product. In Aperture, you can make a new “album” to move pictures to, and when you’re finished with the project, you can delete the album, without deleting any of the photos. They are still in their original project, the album is just a temporary place for them. You can also do more editing with Aperture as opposed to iPhoto, for those who don’t have Photoshop. Try it.

  • 46.
    Janie said…

    I’ve been using ever sinc eyou recommended them last year (maybe longer). They have always provided wonderful pages, excellent customer service, and quick turnaround.

  • 47.
    Jennifer Larson said…

    In that bottom right hand photo, Simon looks like a young man, not a boy. Wow. He’s gown up in front of your and your readers’ eyes. Amazing.

  • 48.
    anna said…

    ali, i’m so inspired by this blog post…as many others, but i’ve kept coming back to this one over and over…feeling like, look she just made it and printed it…just like that. but i’m still sitting here, and haven’t even started on my own.
    i know you’ve mentioned to go for it. not be afraid…but maybe i feel overwhelmed with which story to start with?
    thanks ali!

  • 49.
    Ann said…

    I love these layouts. I haven’t tried digital scrapping yet but you’re starting to persuade me!

  • 50.
    Andrea said…

    Hi Ali, I LOVE the 4 corners page with the dates in the centre – I just can’t figure out how to make the change. Help!?

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