Weekend Creative : Write Something By Hand


When was the last time you incorporated your own handwriting into a project?

Do you wish you had a piece of paper with your grandmother's or grandfather's handwriting scrawled across? It's totally possible they weren't fans of their own handwriting either. Just a piece of paper with messy penmanship can be a powerful connection to the past.

Do it today. Write out a favorite quote or poem. Send it to someone. Paste it on a layout. Stuff it in an envelope and put it somewhere you keep special things. It is special.

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  1. Kim L.

    2009-08-28 08:15:21 -0400

    My local scrapbook store owner tells me that Kokuyo is going out of business and she can no longer get that adhesive. I got this on your recommendation and can't think how I can live without it!! What is your second favorite roller adhesive? Thanks.
    Kim L.

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  2. Deb

    2009-08-28 08:24:57 -0400

    I HATE my handwriting! I have tried to improve it, but it just doesn't happen. The owner of my local scrapbooking store (sadly, going out of business)is a big advocate of hand journaling. She gets me to do it occasionally.

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  3. Daphne

    2009-08-28 08:30:25 -0400

    I love handwriting. Handwritten notes, journaling, snail mail by friends and family, writing letters, ... but, how do you write something and download it unto a picture or to your blog; etc. .. with Windows ...

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  4. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-28 09:03:36 -0400

    I am testing some out currently and will let you know soon. It is such a bummer!

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  5. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-28 09:03:57 -0400

    I think it comes down to embracing what you have :).

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  6. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-28 09:05:35 -0400

    Hi Daphne - you can get it onto your computer by scanning it in using a scanner or you can use a tablet (such as a Bamboo from Wacom) + pen set up.

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  7. ann

    2009-08-28 09:16:51 -0400

    I completely agree! I started adding more handwritten thing to my projects a little over a year ago. I just had one of the project published in Somerset Holidays - a Thanksgiving pumpkin. I had all my family members write out what they were thankful for. I had to remind them NO TYPING!!! Because some of them didn't want to 'cause they thought their handwriting was too sloppy. But that's what I wanted. I'm also working on a cookbook scrapbook including some of my grandmothers' handwritten recipes! They are VERY special.

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  8. Rani

    2009-08-28 09:17:57 -0400

    I love this reminder! Thanks!!
    I have such illegible handwriting, but ever since middle school, this is what I was known for...if it was illegible, it was mine!!! LOL!
    But I'm ok with that! and so are the people that mean the most to me, my friends and family! They love my handwriting and the fact that I need to decipher it for them!!!

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  9. lizgleason

    2009-08-28 09:41:14 -0400

    i'm trying to think of something to write down. i think i'll just do a "today we..." note and stash it away in their keepsake totes. today my 3 children and i (ages 7,5.5 and 3) have played hide&seek in the house, watched movies and shared peanut butter and apples. one of the better days cooped up inside! thank you for reminding us to cherish our writing. my dad has one page from a tablet of my mom's signature (which she practiced extensively) on his fridge. its been 6 years since she passed.

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  10. Olessia from Canada

    2009-08-28 10:16:31 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I have not very solid handwriting,but i still use it and I think it is the best special touch.
    Thanks Ali

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  11. Megan P

    2009-08-28 10:30:36 -0400

    i just wanted to say that thanks to you i have come to love my own handwriting and i now use it on almost all my layouts, you taught me that simple is better and the fact that the story is documented is all that matters, and because of this i just do my pages as fast as i can and move on which means using my own writing almost all the time!
    Thanks you are a great inspiration to me!

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  12. Kristy

    2009-08-28 10:53:47 -0400

    i simply can not stand my writing. printing or handwriting, yuck. but i read a blog yesterday with an inspiring story, and then reading yours today, i will for sure make a list of my most favorite things: foods, colors, movies, stores, etc. for my girls. i will tuck it away for them to read someday.
    thank you for the inspiration.

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  13. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-28 11:30:38 -0400

    That's a perfect idea.

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  14. Diane C

    2009-08-28 11:38:39 -0400

    I hate my handwriting. It's a mess. But my dad died a few years ago and I was going through some of his things and I found old tax forms of all things and I saw his handwriting and started crying. It was messy and bad just like mine but it brought him back in a rush. I put my messy bad handwriting on layouts all the time now. Who I am is on every page.

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  15. Tanya W

    2009-08-28 12:47:49 -0400

    this is so true, when gran passed away 3 years ago i was thankful for the recipe books she had given me years earlier with her hand writting in the front of them, i have quite a few layouts and altered books with my hand writing and even though i hate it and i know its messy its part of me and it will be part of my history won't it...but some layouts are to nice to ruin with my hand writting hehe.....

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  16. ~lisa w~

    2009-08-28 13:21:03 -0400

    You are soooo right about an individual's handwriting being special. . .I'd consider it priceless.
    When my Mom died 6 years ago, my sister and I had the task of going through her things. Out of all her personal belongings, two items stood out as 'treasures' to me.
    1. Her recipe box, filled with all of her 'handwritten' favorites.
    2. A questionaire, that I had given to her years before. I had asked every question anyone would ever want to know. . .favorites, memories, childhood. . .etc. . .and she 'hand wrote' each answer out. I had never before seen her answers. She had tucked it away to be found when the time was right.
    There is something truly comforting about seeing her handwriting. . .and 'No'. . .she didn't like it. : )
    Thank you for encouraging your readers to put something special down in their own writing. . .others will honestly appreciate their efforts later.

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  17. Alana M

    2009-08-28 13:42:43 -0400

    If I don't have much to say or am lazy - do it by hand. If I have a lot to say and know I'll screw up somewhere - by computer. In the end - about 50/50.

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  18. Ali Edwards

    2009-08-28 15:24:43 -0400

    That's about the same as me Alana - much easier to type when you have a lot to say :).

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  19. Nicky Hurt

    2009-08-28 17:39:46 -0400

    Amen, sister!! I love my handwriting, but now I do almost all digital pages, so I pull out my Wacom and add my handwriting that way. :)

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  20. Danni

    2009-08-29 01:42:38 -0400

    This is why I always journal my pages by hand. There is nothing like your own writing right at that moment!!

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  21. Martha

    2009-08-29 05:28:48 -0400

    I have forced myself to do handwritten journaling...but I really don't like my handwritting...at least its down on paper and saved for others to read later.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:37AM
  22. Danielle

    2009-09-01 12:46:21 -0400

    I happened to find a old tiny notebook in a box of thread on wooden spools that my Mom gave to me. It was filled with quotes, observations, a couple addresses...I said something to my Mom about it and it turns out that it was my Grandma's (her handwriting had changed enough that I didn't quite recognise it at first...), from back before she married Grandpa.

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  23. Courtney

    2009-09-03 07:51:45 -0400

    Ali thanks for the inspiration... it started the wheels turning to make this: http://courtbaker.blogspot.com/2009/09/anatomy-of-scrapbook-page.html

    * edited 08/11/14 08:37AM
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