10 Things : Capturing Me Right Now


It's been awhile since I did a little capture of where I am right now. Here goes: 

1. I am wanting to re-organize everything. And I mean everything...no drawer is safe. It's usually when I am at my busiest that I want to get rid of any excess that has been collected (and I have no time to do it). The result is little messes all around where I have started going through stuff and then had to get back to work in my office before finishing the task. Not a good cycle. 

2. I am tired. I have a seven-month old and, no, she does not sleep through the night. But as you can see above it has not stopped me from testing out the Wii that Chris brought home this past weekend. Simon is a bowling champ already. 

3. Simon has been amazing us every day in all sorts of ways. He seems to have had a language explosion again recently. Actually it's more of a sentence explosion - he is expressing himself in longer sentences and more complete thoughts (that make more sense and are more relevant). It's really, really cool. Chris and I do a lot of glancing at each other and smiling while we listen to his daily recaps, questions and statements about his life. Yesterday as we headed out on some errands he stated, "Mom every time we walk out the door it's an adventure."

4. I haven't read any really good books since Anna was born. I haven't really felt much like reading - every little bit of sleep is like gold. This past weekend I was wishing I had something to read to balance everything out: work, family, baby, this & that. I am thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and checking out Oprah's new book club selection which is a collection of short-stories: Say You're One of Them.

5. I am constantly in awe of the fullness of life. 

6. I caught a little bit of one of my favorite radio shows last night (I usually listen to it as a podcast on iTunes) called Speaking Of Faith. This week was a replay of a 2008 interview with Irish poet & philosopher John O'Donohue called The Inner Landscape of Beauty. What I heard was really inspiring and I'm hoping to listen to the full version while I work today. 

7. I am feeling really thankful that I am getting the chance to revisit babyhood again with Anna. In the same instant I am often aware that I am a completely different person and the same scared first time mom I was with Simon as an infant. I can feel totally capable, calm and confident one moment and then slip into insecurity about my abilities in the next. Overall I am much more relaxed and go with the flow and trying really hard not to wish any of these stages away. 

8. My to-do list is longer than there are hours available. 

9. I was surfing around recently and came across this project by Laura Kurz: 365 days to 30. It's a blog where she documented 365 people (over 365 days) who were along for the ride of her life leading up to her 30th birthday. It's magic and fabulous life documentation. 

10. This morning I played chase with Simon as he waited for the bus. We talked about the red leaves on our grass and made some "observations" about where they had come from (the neighbor's tree across the street). I got to give him a big hug and a little kiss as he got on the bus. I love you buddy - hope you have a great day filled with fun adventures at school. 

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