And Then There Were Two.


Back-to-school is in full swing around here. 

Now instead of one kid at the table there are two. Instead of one kid's reflection in the table during homework-time there are two. 

There's the boy, diligently working on his homework: 


And seriously, someone forgot to warn me about the jump in homework from first to second grade. It seems like there is a lot more to do compared to last year. 

And the there's the girl, taking it all in:


For her right now she is literally taking it all in. Everything goes right in her mouth. 

Another thing I am loving with her right now is her fascination and delight with all the photos we have up around the house. Her favorite is one that is hanging in her room of her and her cousin Gabrielle. She totally smiles and wants to stop there each time we walk by. It's been fun to see her reacting with such joy to the images. 


After Simon finishes his homework, or as we take a little break between subjects, he usually likes to check out whatever has been entertaining her for the last few minutes. On this day it was some felt food. I think she is asking politely for her hamburger back. 

And then there were two. 


Just one more reminder that Yesterday & Today - my online workshop with Big Picture Scrapbooking - begins tomorrow. I can't believe it is finally here! I am nervous and excited and am looking forward to getting started. Registration will remain open until October 7. 



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