Coburg Antique Fair 2009

seeing things by you.

love by you.

me & kim by you.

I didn't take very many photos this year. 

Too busy looking. Too busy walking. Too busy getting out there at 6am to be among the first to see what's available this year. Too busy chatting with my Mom and Kim (that's her above) and Chris and Anna - we make quite a team. Too busy just enjoying myself. Too busy peeking at what everyone else was carrying around in their baskets and bags and rolling carts. 

This was my third year attending the Coburg Antique Fair. Last year the adventure was all about the bay of lockers; this year it was more about smaller things: a bedside table for Simon, a red paper holder, a glass jar for coffee, an oak mirror for Chris, and a couple of match holders for a random collection I started. 

Simon got the day off and spent time with Chris' parents at a lake instead. He was so disappointed that he missed out on hours upon hours of walking around looking at old stuff (said as sarcastically as possible of course). 

As for me, I love being out amidst all the treasure seekers and checking out all the random stuff. I love seeing people get excited and chattering on about giving new life to imperfect things. So many of the goods have stories buried under the layers of dust and paint and dirt. And even though the majority of those stories will never be known, there's something really cool about that connection to the past. 


Looking towards a big work week with heavy concentration on my Big Picture class. I have been working on it for so long and the time is quickly approaching. Registration is going strong and remains open until October 7 with class beginning on October 1. 

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