Coburg Antique Fair 2009

seeing things by you.

love by you.

me & kim by you.

I didn't take very many photos this year. 

Too busy looking. Too busy walking. Too busy getting out there at 6am to be among the first to see what's available this year. Too busy chatting with my Mom and Kim (that's her above) and Chris and Anna - we make quite a team. Too busy just enjoying myself. Too busy peeking at what everyone else was carrying around in their baskets and bags and rolling carts. 

This was my third year attending the Coburg Antique Fair. Last year the adventure was all about the bay of lockers; this year it was more about smaller things: a bedside table for Simon, a red paper holder, a glass jar for coffee, an oak mirror for Chris, and a couple of match holders for a random collection I started. 

Simon got the day off and spent time with Chris' parents at a lake instead. He was so disappointed that he missed out on hours upon hours of walking around looking at old stuff (said as sarcastically as possible of course). 

As for me, I love being out amidst all the treasure seekers and checking out all the random stuff. I love seeing people get excited and chattering on about giving new life to imperfect things. So many of the goods have stories buried under the layers of dust and paint and dirt. And even though the majority of those stories will never be known, there's something really cool about that connection to the past. 


Looking towards a big work week with heavy concentration on my Big Picture class. I have been working on it for so long and the time is quickly approaching. Registration is going strong and remains open until October 7 with class beginning on October 1. 

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  1. Melanie K.

    2009-09-14 06:03:55 -0400

    When I saw the first picture, I said to myself, "NO WAY, it is antique fair time again!" Where did the year go?
    I so wish I knew of one near me ...

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  2. Jennifer M.

    2009-09-14 06:25:50 -0400

    That first picture is beyond awesome.

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    2009-09-14 07:04:37 -0400

    Someone needs to make a sarcastic font. :)

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  4. noell

    2009-09-14 08:52:57 -0400

    Too bad there's not a community page for people to upload pic's of what they've done to their new old stuff. BTW Anna looks adorable in her outfit! Love it!

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  5. Shelly Kettell

    2009-09-14 08:56:51 -0400

    How fun for you! I swear you just went! Ha time flys! Anna is looking so cute and lovable! Thanks for all you share!

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  6. Courtney

    2009-09-14 08:59:19 -0400

    Oh I'm so jealous this looks amazing! It seems like all the good antique shows are in the northwest!

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  7. Davinie

    2009-09-14 09:15:30 -0400

    Oh Ali! I'm so excited! I live in Redmond and we just don't get junking like that locally. I have bookmarked it for next year! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Megan

    2009-09-14 10:10:45 -0400

    I know just what you mean about that connection to the many of my old vintage treasures are from my own family; I come from a place where my child, me, my mom, her dad and his dad where all born in the same house that my great-great grandfather built. I DO know the stories connected with most of my most-treasured possessions...and they are so beloved, as much for the item, as the fact that hands that may have held my grandfather as a baby may have held the items I now hold. Thanks for helping me give voice to my feelings!

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  9. Helen Tilbury

    2009-09-14 10:33:37 -0400

    That little girlie is so cute...and I love her wardrobe already ;-D Hope we get to see your treasures...

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  10. Jaime Martinez

    2009-09-14 13:08:45 -0400

    Just have to say- I love Anna's little white hat! Makes me want to knit one for myself. : )

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  11. Trish

    2009-09-14 14:19:32 -0400

    It was a great fair. I made out like a bandit with 15 old burlap feed sacks (for a dollar each!) and boy am I happy. I am mad about burlap this year.
    It seemed more spares this year (my seventh year attending) compared to earlier years. But still a great time with my mom and sisters as always!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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  12. Amy

    2009-09-14 14:46:50 -0400

    Anna's little knit hat and outfit is so cute! she's such a little darling.

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  13. Barbara

    2009-09-14 15:15:51 -0400

    What a special weekend meeting interesting women and finding cool treasures. It was nice to see you again.

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  14. Shannon D

    2009-09-14 18:18:33 -0400

    What a great way to spend a weekend. I really must seek out a similar event in my local area, you always inspire me with your enthusiasm. Anna is adorable, as always, I love that hat, and it is a favourite of mine to put a long sleeved shirt under a cute summer one, love getting more use out of things. The pic of you in the mirror just feels so antiqueish, love all the stuff you can see!

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  15. darlene

    2009-09-14 19:40:52 -0400

    would love to be at that antique shop!

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  16. Pascale

    2009-09-14 20:34:29 -0400

    Love Anna's hat! I hope you'll show us some pictures of the nice stuff you got there...

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  17. Jacqueline

    2009-09-14 21:02:51 -0400

    That looks like a fun fair! It's nice picking @ antique! I adore your gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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  18. Lisa Russell

    2009-09-15 00:14:12 -0400

    Take some pics of what you got! Would love to see. Love antiques!

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  19. Beth

    2009-09-16 00:08:49 -0400

    I love the photo of you taking a photo in the mirror.. and I'm dying to ask if someone made that hat for Anna.. so that I might find out what pattern it is and make one for my little 7 mos. old niece.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:39AM
  20. Ali

    2009-09-16 05:13:50 -0400

    Hi Beth - I actually found that hat at the Gap before Anna was born :).

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  21. Liz Ness

    2009-09-16 12:18:58 -0400

    It's KIM! Okay. Now, I'm thinking that we need to make a road trip down for sure! Maybe we all could get together and do lunch/dinner...? Wonder if we could convince your Mom and Paolo to come, too? Hmm...the wheels are turning.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:39AM
  22. Ali Edwards

    2009-09-16 17:18:03 -0400

    Yep, it's THE Kim :). I bet we could definitely get mom + Paolo to come. Mom was there this time + Paolo has done it before. Good times. We would love to have you Liz.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:39AM
  23. alicia

    2009-09-20 18:21:39 -0400

    For my birthday my boyfriend took me to Coburg for my very first antique fair and I just have to say thanks!! I had never heard of it before I followed the link on your blog on last year's post. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go to another.

    * edited 08/11/14 08:39AM
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  25. Sarah

    2009-09-24 17:50:34 -0400

    No post of all the finds? I finally got my pictures up. After Casey and I made 2 trips!! With a car that was probably unsafely jam-packed full. Had a blast! Just sorry I missed the morning share session! Fun to see you again :)

    * edited 08/11/14 08:39AM
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