Reconnecting with the joy of scrapbooking.

All products from the September Cocoa Daisy Kit. Click to view larger.

This past weekend I attended a local crop where I actually got to just sit there and scrapbook (and then raise a little money in the evening for one of my favorite local charities called The Heart Gallery of Lane County that is dedicated to making words + photos work for some very special kids).

Sitting there, cutting + pasting + documenting, I reconnected with some joy that has been dormant for awhile. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

AE_e2 copy All products from the September Cocoa Daisy Kit. Click to view larger.

I love that I just took the contents of a kit with me and my basic supplies (trimmer, square punch, adhesive, scissors, tiny metal brads, etc). Simplify the process.

The night before I printed out the photos you see used in these layouts. I didn't have the layout design planned in advance but had some initial thoughts in my head for general photo sizes so I just went with it and knew I could make it work when I was actually putting it together. Go with the flow & embrace imperfection.

All products from the September Cocoa Daisy Kit + add-on kits. Click to view larger.

even enjoyed creating with other people around. I get so used to
being by myself while I work here that having the interaction with other
women at my table and surrounding tables was a welcome change. It was fun to see what they
were working on and share tools, ideas, laughter, photos and stories. Play.

Feeling very thankful for scrapbooking today.

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