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This week Tuesday Tutorials welcomes Allison Kreft Abad

Here's Allison: 

Recently I’ve been making over and rearranging everyday things in my house to have them look better and match the rest of my home decor. I figured if you have to stare at them everyday, why not have good design? That’s the graphic designer in me…

Every morning I make myself a latte to take to work, so on my counter next to the espresso machine sits 3 bottles of syrup. The labels were not the prettiest, so I came up with the quick way to replace the labels and make them look better.


Label Re-Do: Custom Label Tutorial
by Allison Kreft Abad

Avery Consumer Products - Inkjet Labels, Full Sheet, 8-1/2
Elegant Label rub-ons by Hambly
Antique Frame rub-ons by Hambly

First you need to get your label paper - it’s basically one big 8 ½  x 11 label (sticky on the back). Next, type out some words on the computer in the program of your choice and print it on the 8 ½ x 11 label paper. Make sure you space out your words so there is enough room for the rub-ons and to cut around it (you can also just leave them blank and write you own words with a pen).


Since the label paper is all sticky on the back it’s easy to make customized shapes for the labels.

After printing the words, select the frame rub-ons from the sheet and cut them out by hand. Next transfer them to the sticky-backed paper by rubbing the labels directly over the words. Use the back of your fingernail or a popsicle stick or rub-on tool to transfer the label design. Lift off the clear liner slowly to make sure the whole design transfers. 



Cut loosely around the frames, following the design of the label. Repeat with the different colored frames to get a nice variety.  





Peel the backing off the label and stick it to the bottle. 


I love the way it turned out - especially since I use these every morning when I make my coffee!




Create pre-scored labels using a sheet such as the Avery 8165 White ink jet mailing labels. Rub on a variety of different Elegant Label rub-ons in different colors directly onto the label sheet. Use these for mailing packages, organizing supplies, or for creating holiday package tags.  

13-mailing labels  

14-write labels

It’s a quick and easy way to get organized with a lovely design.



This is also a great technique to use for scrapbooking as well. Here’s a mini-book I made using the same technique just with our screen-printed papers instead of plain label paper. These would also make great titles for layouts.



My co-worker Kim also loved the idea, so she did the same thing for her canned pickles! 




Allison Kreft Abad is the art director and designer for Hamby Studios. Allison, with the occasional help from her sister Amy, creates innovative designs for their popular silk-screened products. Allison’s unique design style is a mix of both modern and vintage. Hambly products are unlike any other since they are silk-screened with bright inks on an assortment of metallic and textured papers. All of the overlays, papers and rub-ons are each hand silk-screened in their studio located in Santa Clara, CA

While designing for Hambly, Allison’s work has appeared in many popular blogs and magazines including Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts, Country Living, Adorn, Craft:, Apartment Therapy, Craft Stylish, decor8 plus many publications overseas.

Allison’s other creative passion is glass blowing. In her free time she can be found at the local glass studio blowing glass or fusing glass.

To learn more about Allison and her designs for Hambly (plus more projects) visit www.HamblyScreenPrints.com or www.hamblyscreenprints.typepad.com

You can also find some of Allison's glass art at www.allisonglassart.etsy.com

36 thoughts

  1. marlee

    2009-09-15 04:13:25 -0400

    I thought the labels were pretty and it was a good craft. But honestly, I am kind of laughing at having the time to craft labels to cover unsightly bottles on my counter... I guess I'm jealous 'cause I would never have the time for that... Looked good though!

  2. rsheedy

    2009-09-15 05:38:04 -0400

    Such great ideas; I love this! Can you tell us what font she used for the syrup bottle labels? It's beautiful!

  3. Erica

    2009-09-15 06:16:46 -0400

    I love ideas like this to dress up the everyday. I have a few bottles I've been hiding in the cupboard, but I think I'll give this a try and display them instead.

  4. Crazy Daisy

    2009-09-15 06:33:55 -0400

    Very cool! An easy way to dress up everyday items!

  5. Becca Groves

    2009-09-15 09:01:58 -0400

    The thing about a post like this, is that you think you're the only one in the world who thinks of creating beautiful things out of everday objects and then you read this and you know you're not alone. Though these are GLORIOUS and I know I wouldn't have thought of these beautiful labels on my own!

  6. mini scrapbook chick

    2009-09-15 09:14:15 -0400

    awesome labels. will have to try it out myself.

  7. Maureen

    2009-09-15 10:05:18 -0400

    I too would like to know what font Allison used. It looks lovely.

  8. kat-in-texas

    2009-09-15 11:42:36 -0400

    Oh Ali, thanks so much for showing us that little goodie!!! Love them!!!

  9. Karen

    2009-09-15 12:04:39 -0400

    Ali, I just ADORE this! I so love when we can take our crafty goodies, add a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of inspiration and mix for a new fabulous use somewhere else in our lives outside of our little crafting corner of our worlds. Thank you for this fantastic Tuesday Tutorial! :>

  10. Linda

    2009-09-15 13:24:43 -0400

    Great idea, thankyou.

  11. laura stewart

    2009-09-15 13:34:44 -0400


  12. Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

    2009-09-15 14:55:14 -0400

    So. Darn. Clever. Just love them!
    PS found this post via One Pretty Thing

  13. Lacie E

    2009-09-15 16:29:06 -0400

    This is so fantastic!

  14. D'Nese

    2009-09-15 16:32:01 -0400

    Oh now this just ROCKS!!!

  15. Ann

    2009-09-15 18:40:23 -0400

    I would love to make some of those labels for homemade applesauce over the holidays. so fun and so easy!

  16. iHanna

    2009-09-16 03:42:27 -0400

    Great and easy to understand and do guide to creating labels. Thanks!

  17. Judy Lucas

    2009-09-16 03:49:05 -0400

    You should check out this blog and scroll down to the part about the new Harry Potter theme area at Universal Orlando- looks like you might have to take a trip there in 2010....

  18. Alice Arterburn

    2009-09-16 04:43:23 -0400

    How lovely. I have several empty bottles that will be getting this treatment. This would make glorious presents for all occasions. Where did you get those precious small empty bottles? I read through the entry several times but didn't see them mentioned.
    Amazing creativity but so functional at the same time. What a great way to coordinate storage.

  19. Beth Perry

    2009-09-16 06:29:48 -0400


  20. Helene

    2009-09-17 06:44:51 -0400

    Hum, it's Caramel, not carmel! :-D

  21. Heather Kindt

    2009-09-21 15:29:56 -0400

    I love the labels! I am moving soon and would love to have cute labels to organize my scrapbooking area!
    Loved your stuff at ScrapFest! Sorry I was pestering you for scraps so much. Also at the end of the day I kept getting in line till I got cut-off! I was very happy to have a few styles of card to take home. Now I'll shop for something that will work for Christmas cards! Thanks so much! Hope you are enjoying CA sunshine more then we are enjoying mid-western fog and rain!

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  23. [email protected]

    2009-10-31 23:33:37 -0400

    awesome ive been looking for a way to label my bottles im in the middle of changing all my sauce condiment bottles.. like my soy sauces. oils. chili sauces. etc. and moving them into a new set of bottles that are all the same size.. but i needed a way to tell them apart and this just might be the solution... i hate how my cupboard is filled with tall , fat , short bottles.. it'll look much prettier this way.. thanks ive been searching everywhere for a nice way to do it

  24. [email protected]

    2009-11-03 01:49:33 -0500

    im using this idea for my liquid condiments and stuf that doesnt need to be refigerated... i hate how all my oil bottles are different sizes take up alot of room...so im transfering all of them into new 10 oz. bottles so its more uniform .. it looks so much better now.. make me wanna use them ore=more cooking :)

  25. Paula

    2010-01-02 11:00:14 -0500

    I tried the link for the rub ons but it cannot be found. I just love the way you adorned the bottles and I would love to try it myself. Can you verify that link and repost it?

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