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October 28, 2009

December Daily 2009 : Step Two, Part One • Construct


Just a short note to let you know I am in the middle of constructing the interior & exterior parts of my December Daily album. I'm planning to have a post showcasing them on Thursday or Friday. 

Construction is basically the process of creating 25 foundations – the pages upon which my stories and photos will be placed during December. I am using the Prima canvas album as my base but I am changing it up a bit (maybe more than a bit) and mixing in a variety of interior pages. 

Most of these pages are simple. Some are just two pieces of pattern paper adhered back to back. Some are just page protectors with a number embellishment stapled to the outside. And as you can see from the photo above, there is some stitching involved.  

More details on all this when I have the interior completed. 


Cocoa Daisy Greece event (where I will be teaching next fall) is now open for registration. Go here for more information. 

Technique Tuesday has a new website. Check out the stamps I have created for them here


  • 1.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Tell me Ali – how much fun did you have using wonder under in adhering fabric? It is amazing. It is so wonderful for making quilts, wall hangings and of course scrapbook – fabric things!!!! It is a wonderful product.
    Can’t wait to see your creation.
    Have a good one.

  • 2.

    Planning to jump in on this one as I couldn’t participate in your class afterall … I really, really want to get things rollin’ this year, so I felt so happy when the possibility of joining the december daily fun and having a “plan” to work with afterall crossed my mind.

  • 3.
    Claire said…

    Have prepared about half of my pages this morning. Quite enjoyed it and has finally sparked the mojo in me again!

  • 4.
    Tanya Gilmartin said…

    Yay! Ok, i am hoping on board. I skipped last year, but I am looking forward to doing a December daily again this year. I think every other year is good for me. I also find if I start constructing my album early, i get so into the Christmas season! Thanks for the nudge, Ali!

  • 5.
    Sarah said…

    This is my year for this project! It will be the first time my children (6 and 3) have every been at their home on Christmas morning. We normally always travel out-of-town, but not this year and this will be the most perfect way to document this big FIRST for them.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and documentation.

  • 6.
    Laura Anderson said…

    You are so inspirational, I can’t wait to see the finished product! I work with ReadyMade and thought you may be interested in checking out some of their arts and crafts
    ideas. You may get some inspiration for your project.

  • 7.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Wonder under is my friend!!!

  • 8.
    C@rol said…

    Can you please tell me if you are attaching your numbers ahead of time?

  • 9.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Love ReadyMade Laura – always cool stuff :)

  • 10.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Yes – in most cases I do. Check out this post to see my “blank” pages from last year: /2008/10/december-daily.html

  • 11.
    Ann said…

    I’m in love with your stamps! I have two of the smaller sets and they are so wonderful. Thank you for such nice work.

  • 12.
    Angela said…

    I’m looking forward to seeing your creation this year. I’m so impressed with the work that you produce given your busy family and career; you are truly an inspiration to those of us that aspire to be more creative.
    A quick question about the stitching – I would love to try this technique on my paper projects but I’m intimated by all of the different machines and features. Any tips for a new paper seamstress?

  • 13.
    Chris H. said…

    I’m ahead of the game for once! I got my album all put together earlier this week…my new dell laptop was getting here so I knew I’d be busy transferring, installing ,etc etc…I have pics on my blog and the Flickr group.

  • 14.
    Michelle B said…

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with Ali! I have my cover done…but thinking about the insides. I am working with a smaller 7 gypsies album this year. Trying use what I have on hand this time around. Love this project!

  • 15.
    Katya said…

    How interesting! Continue to inspire us. I can not wait for your creativity. Your actions are bright colors inspire us all ..

  • 16.
    Cathy Skrehot said…

    Ali, your stamps are very impressive, and very inspirational. I can’t wait to pick some of them up. Thanks for all your great ideas, you are such a star!

  • 17.
    anna said…

    ooooheee! i can hardly wait to see the goodness you came up with!
    i caught the ‘daily bug’ last night!!! now i’m just so excited to start and my local sb store has in a bunch of new Chirsmtas goodies! and since i used up most of my Christmas eye candy last year, i get to buy new stuff!!! :)
    itching to get my fingers busy!
    as always, thanks for all the inspiration ali!

  • 18.
    Tammy Mellish said…

    Can’t wait.. SO excited!!

  • 19.
    Amanda N. said…

    Oh Ali-Greece!? That is a dream trip! If I win the lottery soon, I will see you there. :)
    BTW, I think I am going to use one of your TT stamps on my daily December album this year. Perfect space for telling a quick story.

  • 20.
    Gayle said…

    I am doing this project this year and cannot wait until Saturday morning to work on it! Thanks for the inspiration to start EARLY!

  • 21.
    Mary Lib said…

    I’m going to Greece !!!!!! At least I think I am. I put it my deposit last night and got a confirmation.It was 1:00 am Florida time and nobody was awake here for me to shout it out to — then I had to go to bed.!! ….I’m so excited…looking forward to spending some time with you and soaking up some inspiration. ~~ Mary Lib

  • 22.
    nicole petersen said…

    i have been stalking the tt’s website looking for their next release! i hope there are new ones out by you! but, the links dont work. can you help a girl with a bit of a stamping problem?

  • 23.
    Angie in Japan said…

    This will be my first time to make a December Daily Album. I’m SUPER excited. I’m going to get all my things gathered this weekend and start the process. Wish me luck!

  • 24.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    I am doing December Daily this year for the first time! I have admired your DD projects for the last two years and decided to join in the fun! Just pulled my christmas stuff out and ordered my book today! YAY! Can’t wait!

  • 25.
    Andrea Yancey said…

    I downloaded your December Daily Journaling Overlays last might and I’m printing them out as I type this (I’m not a digi scrapper yet, but you’ve inspired me to branch that way. There are some awesome, printable digi accents out there!) Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  • 26.
    Cheryl aka cherpea said…

    okay so I want to know how you manage to use your sewing machine at what looks to be quite late at night without waking your whole house up!
    Really hoping to get my act together with this project this year…

  • 27.
    Carolyne said…

    Ali, I CAN-NOT wait to go on this journey again with you. I just can’t believe it’s come around so quickly though – okay, waiting for D day. hugs.

  • 28.
    asksmommy said…

    I got so inspired, reading your posts for the December Daily. I ran upstair and got out my album from last year, and was super-happy to discover I only missed the last four days of December, and I am sure I have the pics and can complete it before I am due to start this years adventure.
    I was just so happy to see the album again, to remember all the good times we hand, and to read about all the stuff I do not remember at all :) . I feel like such a wonderful mom for rediscovering all the little things I did for my kids in December 2008, and the idea with the ready made pages worked way better than my 2007, make-the-pages-as-I-go-approach.
    I absolutely LOVE you for bringing this idea to my attention!!!
    Hugs, Irene from Norway

  • 29.
    Jane Hakes said…

    Is anyone else having problems reading this blog? The font size is teeny tiny and I tried it with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. In fact I can hardly see what I’m typing! Yikes!

  • 30.
    Rebekah said…

    Don’t you just love late night crafting? I smiled when I saw you using your sewing machine in the dim light. I do it all the time.
    Yay about the December Daily starting again. I so enjoyed playing along last year.
    Sure appreciate you, Ali.

  • 31.

    Not sure what might be wrong, but you can always increase the font size by clicking “cmd” and “+” on a mac / “ctrl” and “+” on a pc using windows. Hope this helps!

  • 32.
    Jessica Herling said…

    I spent the day in my craft studio yesterday beginning my first ever December Daily Journal. I am so excited, thank you for being such an inspiration. I have your blog up all morning, refreshing the page about 10 times. Can you tell that I can HARDLY WAIT to see your finished product. :)

  • 33.
    Beth Lo said…

    yeah! so excited to see what you’ve been creating for the DD.09 album. this is such a great project, and about the only scrapbooking i have (make) time for.
    thanks for sharing this special album with us again this year ali.

  • 34.
    libbi m. said…

    i can hardly wait to see your finished dec. daily album. i also wanted to say i am so loving your today and yesterday class. i get so excited for thursday’s. i feel like a kid on christmas morning getting ready to open her packages. thank you so very, very much for all the inspiration and for sharing all of your special talents with us.

  • 35.
    April said…

    Unrelated to the current post, but can you direct me to where I can find the framed Merry Christmas decoration you made (I think) last year? The one with a variety of holiday patterned papers…. I’ve done a couple searches of the site and can’t come up with it.

  • 36.
    C@rol W. said…

    Thanks! That was wonderful to look at.
    You’re a peach! Carol

  • 37.
    Fairyrocks said…

    THIS IS SOMETHING I AM GOING TO GET WORKING ON RIGHT AWAY !! I love mini’s and you are so generous with your tutorials!!
    thank you so very much for this inspiration

  • 39.
    Heidi S. said…

    I’ve been following your December Daily’s since you started. I love your albums, they really capture the true holiday spirit. This year I am going to give it a try. I usually scrap every Christmas, but I find myself too overwhelmed with all of the pictures. Your album is a great way to document the season without having a ton of photos! I just finished putting my album together last night!

  • 40.
    Jen Chesnut said…

    Ali, I love your stamps & I am so glad you teamed up with Technique Tuesday. I took the “Everyday Life by Ali Edwards” class at CKC Seattle this past week & loved it. I loved the design we made. I even bought 3 of the puzzle “tiles” to help benefit autism. And then of course I had to buy stamps! Love it. We need more journaling stamps out there for normal size journaling…not just tiny dates & 6 word sentances only. Thank you thank you thank you and keep bringing us more!!!! I love your style of scrapbooking, it fits me…clean, organized & the story is told!

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