December Daily Coming On Monday


Look for a big post on Monday with a look at each of my core pages for 2009. 

Great giveaways coming Saturday! Happy Halloween!

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  1. EuroPanache - WorldPanache

    2009-10-30 05:22:54 -0700

    Happy Halloween Ali from Paris...

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  2. Kelli

    2009-10-30 05:52:22 -0700

    I'm very excited. I watched others follow along last year but this will be my first :)

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  3. Teri M.

    2009-10-30 06:17:30 -0700

    I am super excited! I have checked all day just in case you gave an early update! I can't wait until Monday. Guess I will have to go buy some goodies at the LSS to hold myself over until Monday. Happy Halloween!

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  4. Kelly in Canada

    2009-10-30 06:25:24 -0700

    Hi Ali,
    I just finished last year's album a week or two ago because I was waiting on my sister for a few photos but, how I love to look back at these fat little books when I pull them out in December. Thanks for giving us all a push...I have lots of supplies gathered but am undecided on an album so far. I haven't seen a fabric album in my LSS...hmmm, so many decisions. So fun and worth it, though.

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  5. Kim Bolyard

    2009-10-30 07:14:01 -0700

    cant wait to see the rest....

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  6. Sandy M

    2009-10-30 07:36:48 -0700

    The sneak peek of your December daily looks fab!! I cannot wait until Monday to see the rest:)
    Happy Halloween
    P.S. I hope one of your giveaways tomorrow will be for your December daily class!

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  7. Heidi Y

    2009-10-30 08:18:45 -0700

    You're always inspiring! Can't wait... Hurry Monday...

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  8. tchrtiff

    2009-10-30 08:54:08 -0700

    Oh I'm so excited!! So excited to see your album and so excited that this will be my first year participating.
    Last year I just looked from the sidelines but this year I'm jumping in and participating! Have started gathering my supplies and will put the book together next week once we're past Halloween busyness.

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  9. tab

    2009-10-30 11:46:17 -0700

    Can't wait for Monday. Love all of your plans!

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  10. Angie

    2009-10-30 12:38:52 -0700

    Ali- this is one of the highlights of my season to do this project. I did one last year and love the process. I can't wait till Monday for the reveal, I am so excited, I am gathering my supplies. already signed up on the flicker group. have a great Halloween. Hope Simon and Anna have wonderful tricks and treats. Xx

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  11. Sue Ignatowski

    2009-10-30 23:04:23 -0700

    Happy Halloween! Lot's of inspiration in the air! Love seeing your daily album each year. Such wonderful ideas.

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  12. Jana D

    2009-10-31 01:48:13 -0700

    I am looking forward to see what you have done for this years album.

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  13. Tona

    2009-10-31 02:07:34 -0700

    -Looking forward to Monday!
    Thanks for the chance at yet another great giveaway.

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  14. Katrina Henry

    2009-10-31 02:59:39 -0700

    Oh so fun! Just what I "need"! Hope I win... :)

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  15. Maryalice Telford

    2009-10-31 03:41:42 -0700

    Looking forward to Monday!

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  16. Karen

    2009-10-31 10:20:41 -0700

    I can't wait to read you blog on Monday. I am really going to do a December Daily this year, the past two years I was going to but it didn't happen. I figure i have 30 day to get it ready. Thanks for the giveaways!

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  17. Carol Trejo

    2009-10-31 11:45:12 -0700

    Hey Ali, Happy Halloween. Looking forward to Mondays"s post. Love the pics of of your children. They are so precious.

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  18. Trish

    2009-10-31 13:22:47 -0700

    I'm so excited for Monday!! Can't wait to see your album. I did December daily last year and look forward to doing it again this year.

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  19. Lynnelle S

    2009-10-31 23:33:03 -0700

    Started my Dec. Daily album core pages last night. Finished the cover and the first week. I am so excited to join this year!!

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  20. MaMay

    2009-11-01 01:01:18 -0700

    I am so incredibly bummed...Your 2009 December Daily kit @ Cocoa Daisy is already sold out. Checked the site after midnight...not available. Checked this morning...and they were all gone :(

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  21. Suzy Girl

    2009-11-01 01:06:22 -0800

    I still haven't finished last years and I am determined to get it done and also do one for this years. You are such an inspiration Ali! Thanks so much.

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  22. Joyce

    2009-11-01 03:38:39 -0800

    I'm really looking forward to December Daily this year-my first time. I am always so inspired by your blog and your reader's blogs. Is it really November 1st already?

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  23. Myra B

    2009-11-01 09:46:20 -0800

    I look forward to December Daily again this year!! Thanks for the chance to win goodies!

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  24. Laura

    2009-11-01 10:11:35 -0800

    I picked out my album this weekend & got a few supplies/embellishments that I really liked so I could get started!!!

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  25. Rene Bailey

    2009-11-01 11:37:31 -0800

    Oh, I can't wait to see Monday's post! I am trying to get up the nerve to start this project this year and stick to it! As always, thanks for the inspiration!
    Scrappy Love,

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