Eight Months & New Layered Template

Click for a larger view. Supplies: Katie Pertiet: Naturally KraftyNotebook Paper Pack, Beige Paper Alpha Caps; Michelle Martin Colbie Solids, Ethan Solids; Anna Aspnes: Stitched By Anna White No 1; Ali Edwards Remember Good Times Template; Circle Month Overlays; Patti Knox DIY Acrylic Alphabet.

Here's the journaling

Eight months. Eight months of life. Everyone always talks about how fast it all goes by, this thing called life, and boy does that manifest itself right in front of your eyes with an infant. I have said it before and I know I will say it again, Anna, we are so glad you are a part of our family. Not a day goes by that one of the three of us doesn’t remark on how cute you are or how cool it is that you are with us. It’s hard to explain just exactly what the impact you have made on each one of us really is and maybe it just can’t be defined. You are here and you are joy. Living and breathing and crying and laughing and watching and eating and swimming joy. 

At the eight month mark you are still sitting absolutely straight and tall with an inkling for moving forward out of that position. You are most enamored with your brother. He can make you laugh consistently and your eyes are always watching to see just what he is going to do next. You are still a tiny little thing at just 5% for weight, weighing in at 14 pounds, 10 ounces last week. You are definitely wanting to be a part of everything happening around here my little wide-eyed sprite.


AE_RememberGoodTimes_LAYEREDTEMPLATE_PREV  AE_CircleMonthsOverlays_PREV 

Remember Good Times Template and Circle Month Overlays

46 thoughts

  1. Anita G.

    2009-10-12 07:41:30 -0400

    Oh she is just adorable...I can see Simon in her face! I soo enjoy following your blog and looking at your work...just love it! Enjoy this first year...as you already know...it will go by soo fast.

  2. alexa

    2009-10-12 08:09:16 -0400

    Beautifully designed and crafted layout :) I love your work ... Just purchased the overlays! How did you do the writing round the circles?

  3. lynne moore

    2009-10-12 08:59:02 -0400

    just love the nickname "sprite." I tried to get my daughter to "pick" that name this year. She is stuck on trixiie tho. (Spelling intentional).

  4. Marie-Précieuse

    2009-10-12 09:00:50 -0400

    Hi Ali! I love this layout!! And I see you in Annas little face on month 7! Gorgeous! and so precious!! :)

  5. laura

    2009-10-12 09:01:37 -0400

    excuse me for my bad english!your baby is beatyful and sweet.un bacio dall'Italia Laura

  6. Deirdre

    2009-10-12 09:09:05 -0400

    Thanks so much for sharing these. I love the circle overlays.
    My son is 18 months and I know it will be a long time before I really scrapbook his baby photos, but I'd like to make a layout of the monthly photos we took (in the same spot, with the same toy)to frame for all of us to enjoy while he is still a toddler.
    So I have 12 photos I'd like to get on one page. I've been looking around Designer Digitals for a template or something that will make placement easier. I've seen so many of these kinds of photos/layouts that I think there must be something digital out there to make it easier.
    Anything come to mind that you could recommend?? Thanks.

  7. Sarah George

    2009-10-12 09:25:10 -0400

    Ali you've sucked me in again with your awesome templates & brushes!! (ha,ha)
    I'm off to buy these two tonight because I love them and can't wait to use them for my girls.
    Thanks for sharing and it is totally crazy how time flies by sooo fast, especially with your second. Mine is 17 months right now and wow....
    enjoy every minute.

  8. Susan

    2009-10-12 09:32:43 -0400

    What beautiful work! So timely, too!!! My girlfriend is doing a month by month book for her grandaughter. I told her I would help with the designer digitals and promptly downloaded them----but I can't find the circular month notations on either kit. Have I really lost it??? If they are in another kit would you please let us know as they really set it off!! Thanks again for all your beautiful ideas.

  9. Chelsey

    2009-10-12 09:59:14 -0400

    Oh, how sweet... I can't wait till January (my due date) I have so many scrapbooking ideas. I'm so excited. I definitely will remember this idea!

  10. Ali Edwards

    2009-10-12 10:21:24 -0400

    Thank you Melanie.

  11. Ali Edwards

    2009-10-12 10:22:57 -0400

    Hi Alexa - I created those in Illustrator. Looks like their is some interest in those. I will make up a package and add it to the Designer Digitals store this weekend. They were an after-thought when creating the page.

  12. Ali Edwards

    2009-10-12 10:24:36 -0400

    Hey Susan - you have not lost it. Those actual month/year circles were an afterthought that I added last night. I will make up some and add them to the Designer Digitals store this weekend. 2009/2010/and then just the months.

  13. alexa

    2009-10-12 10:31:31 -0400

    Thank-you, Ali, for your reply about the writing round the outside of the photos, and for your thoughtfulness in providing us with another lovely feature! I am looking forward to persuing Designer Digitals at the weekend. Keep those after-thoughts coming!

  14. Melissa

    2009-10-12 11:36:05 -0400

    I've really been enjoying checking out your digital LO templates since you've started working with DD. I am not a digi-scrapper, but someday I'd like to be and your templates are really pushing me toward that! ;->
    On another note: The coupon that is in your ad for House of 3 (R-hand column) expired 8/21. CERTAINLY NOT a big deal but I didn't know if it'd caught your eye.
    Thanks for the faithful blog posts and, yes, even the ads. I do enjoy supporting those who sponsor your blog.

  15. Ali Edwards

    2009-10-12 13:16:45 -0400

    Thanks for noticing that Melissa - I will send them a note :)

  16. Andrea Ford

    2009-10-12 20:53:16 -0400

    Hi Ali, as usual when I stop by your blog I get soooo much inspiration. Now where is the blog that gives away time??? I did find time last week-it was our school hols here, equivalent to your Spring break I guess, and I booked the boys (12,11 and 4yrs) into a scrapbook class that got cancelled so had to run one myself at home. We used the idea of your pink journal you made, ours had odd sized papers in them, with tissue and modpodge covers-goregeous! and the boys loved that I did that with them. Since then I have used your '10 things' page idea as I had such am amazing month in Sept that I had to capture it. Am about to start a journal based on your 'Week in my life' concept but won't have time to take photos and scrapbook it so will be just writing in the new journal to capture it all. I'd love to show you how my journal and page came out so might put it on flickr on the weekend!

  17. Sue

    2009-10-13 01:02:42 -0400

    Love the layouts. I truly cannot believe that 8 months has rushed by already! Time does fly!

  18. Emilyt

    2009-10-13 03:24:30 -0400

    That little Anna is precious and this was a wonderful page! btw, my Megan was not even on the charts for weight and she is healthy and happy. She's just petite! She didn't get to 20 lbs until 19 months. ;)
    Thank you for sharing again and again. Your blog is a simple joy for me.

  19. Samara Link

    2009-10-13 03:34:04 -0400

    Oh, Ali. What a beautiful page!! Nicely done. You are so talented!

  20. Tara Donley

    2009-10-13 05:36:27 -0400

    I love, love, love the new digital designs. I can't wait to use them for my baby due in January :) Thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  21. scrapbusy

    2009-10-13 16:57:48 -0400

    Precious baby precious life. Love your photos and your template.

  22. shelby

    2009-10-14 09:45:25 -0400

    the weight thing must be something with little ones named Anna! My little Anna (who is now almost 3) is in the 1%ile and I think she is only there because it doesnt go to 0% and her doctor said she is fine because she is continuously growing just just isnt a huge kid :)

  23. Maria

    2009-10-14 16:10:05 -0400

    What a beautiful page!

  24. Tiffany Harper

    2009-10-15 10:39:39 -0400

    Man Anna sure is cute! And she is tiny! My Sean is 3 months old (almost 4) and he was 12 lbs at his 2 month appointment. I have no idea why I have such large children. My daughter was the same way. Ha! Sweet layout. Thanks for sharing!

  25. paula

    2009-10-16 13:10:20 -0400

    wow - I feel like my boy, at 10 weeks is a giant - he's hit 14lbs already and he's the smallest of my lot! And only at the 75% percentile according to Plunket.
    As always, such inspirational layouts. thanks again!

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