Those Things On The Wall


I received a few questions in the comments yesterday about what was hanging on the wall in our dining room. 

They are old, vintage, junk, antique (whatever you want to call them) matchbook holders. 

I have had the red one for a few years now. I like to have candles on our mantle and sometimes on the dining room table and this is a great spot for storing the stick matches. 

A few weeks back at the Coburg Antique Fair I had a list of things I was on the lookout for and match holders were on the list. At first I was thinking that I only wanted ones that had some red on them. But then someone found the second one (it's cream metal) and I liked it (love the rounded edges). The night before at Come Play everyone had shared what sorts of things they were looking for which made it cool as we went around - many more eyes checking things out. 

The one with the red "matches" was a no-brainer and the fourth one with the yellow just grew on me. 

All of them obviously came home with me. I cleaned them out as good as I could (who knows what stories they hold) and pounded some nails in the wall. I had envisioned this little collection all in a line and I really love how it turned out. And they are cheap.

I think this is good though, I don't need anymore. If you are interested in locating some check your local Goodwill, antique store, or ebay (there are a bunch on there). 

It's become a perfect place for Simon's red homework pencils (they have his name on them - a fun Easter-bunny gift from a few years ago). 

 Here's a straight-on look: 


Someone also asked about the wall color. We did paint that but I have no idea what the color is (I asked Chris and he can't remember either). We like it too. 

The red chair right below the match holders was picked up a few years back. It's been in a variety of locations around the house: 


It used to sit next to my printer before Anna took over that room. 


I also have a yellow metal chair that is in my current office. Love those kind of chairs. If I had more room I would likely pick up more.

Good stuff. 

And by the time you read this the Yesterday & Today classroom should be up and running. Super exciting


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