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November 20, 2009

December Daily : Request for Q&A 2009

I wanted to open up the comments today to specific questions about the December Daily album/process/ideas/etc. I know some of you have left questions in previous post comments and if I missed your question would you please ask it again here? 

Before posting your question you may want to check out the Q&A post from 2008

I will create a post that compiles the Q&A and post it next week. 

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  • 1.
    tara pakosta said…

    I really want to do this! But I am going to do mine in the form of the logbook thing you had posted! you are the BEST! thanks ali! tara

  • 2.
    TracyBzz said…

    Not a question, but I wanted to tell you what I did last year. I don’t print at home and live an hour away from any photo lab. I could have waited and added them in after, but I did that with a 30 Days Hath September album and it was a pain. So I didn’t want to include pictures.
    I used small tags and cards. I just journaled the Christmas-y things. I actually started in November. For example tonight is the annual Xmas craft sale in town. So that went into my book.
    If we didn’t do anything seasonal in a day I didn’t write anything. I also kept it going until New Year’s.

  • 3.
    Maegen Jenne said…

    Not a question. I am doing DD with a friend of my this year. It is our first year, and we are having so much fun! She is new to scrappn’ and this is a great way to teach her a lot of techniques all at once! I will post to the flikr gallery when we are finished. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! for your continuing inspiration.

  • 4.
    joni possin said…

    Just finished my album and am ready for December 1st. I love rereading last year’s album!
    I am thankful for all your inspiration and assistance. I never feel like a question is “a dumb one”. Thanks for creating that ‘risk-free’ atmosphere.

  • 5.
    Karen C. said…

    I am almost finished with putting my DD together and my question is about sewing the Hambly overlays on the canvas pages. Did you use a special needle to sew with? Any tips to make sewing the overlays easier? Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • 6.
    Jen said…

    I also have a question regarding the overlays. Did you, once the overlay was sewn on, put an eyelet in the hole on the overlay? I can’t tell with the pictures. I also wanted to thank you for answering the question I had a week ago about the eyelets/grommets. I think I have it figured out. Thanks.

  • 7.
    Vanessa said…

    Hi Ali! I have a few questions (sorry). I was wondering what adhesive you would recommend for adhering fabric, paper and embellies to the cover and canvas inserts. Also, when you were finished did you find that your pages stuck out quite a bit because of the rings you used (or did it not matter)? Finally, I don’t sew and I don’t know how to, but I’d love to experiment… is there any small handheld little crafting sewing machine that you recommend to get me started? Thanks for all the valuable info and the inspiration!!! :-)

  • 8.
    Rachel Smith said…

    No questions from me, Ali…I just want to tell you yet again how very graeful I am for you! You are awesome! Thanks for just being you and for sharing yourself and your life with us! ;)

  • 9.
    Katie said…

    Hey Ali,
    I read all the posts your friend, Amanda, made about making her album with the rings and glimmer mist.
    She said that she had to trim the sides of each page so they didn’t hang out of the album? Did you do this? I figured you didn’t, since you didn’t mention it. But, I don’t notice that yours hang out of the album?? Is trimming really necessary?

  • 10.
    Monika Wright said…

    This is for all the crafty souls out there…my DD core pages are completed and without any additional embellishments or photos, it is too large already for my 2″ 8×8 binder. I couldn’t find 2.5″ binder rings at our Office Depot, so got 3″ instead. They seem a little large. Does anyone have anything creative for me to try. I don’t mind making my own covers at all, it looks like I’ll need to do that. Are there even 2.5″ or 3″ 8×8 binders out there?

  • 11.
    Brooke M said…

    Where did you get your album rings? I tried a 2.5″ ring and all the pages stuck out by over an inch! I tried a small album ring, but everything is getting really tight in my album already and I haven’t even added pictures yet.

  • 12.
    Tanya Gilmartin said…

    Hi Ali, what are you doing (or what did you do) with the envelopes? are you putting photos inside? outside? both? do you have a plan?

  • 13.
    Tina said…

    Ali you must have read my mind…I was planning to post a comment today to ask you about the grommets on the fabric album. Where did you find replacement grommets to fit and how did you set them? I didn’t realize they were so large! Thanks so much…I LOVE this concept!

  • 14.
    Melissa said…

    Subject : Eyelets
    Question: What size is the best? With the rings I wanted to make sure they had freedom of movement. Is there a brand & size that you use for eyelets you could recommend?
    I tried using the LARGE eyelets (1/4″), which look like yours, but now my album can’t close (far from) b/c it’s too thick/deep. The medium ones (5/8″) fit on my binder and allow my pages to turn, but just barely. I am using an American Crafts Modern 8×8 Album.

  • 15.
    Heather said…

    I have a question regarding sewing, either on the page protectors or paper; I tried it once and my thread kept balling up at the back of the page protector. Is this just a matter of not having the tension right? Anyone know? I really like the look of stitching on pages and suppose I could do it by hand, but with my machine would be oh so much faster. ;)

  • 16.
    Lola said…

    This is a question for Ali, or perhaps anyone else reading this, and I’m sorry if this has been answered somewhere else already… but is there a flickr group for december daily? hearing everyone talking about what they’re doing, I really want to be able to see the albums, too!

  • 17.
    Lori said…

    This is my first time to the dd album and I”m so excited. I have all my goodies and paper picked out. Now I just need to get it all in the album before the 1st! During the month of December, realistically how long would you spend on each day adding pic and documenting? Have you found it is easier to work on it daily in December or do several days in one setting?

  • 18.
    KristiG said…

    I think you mentioned you’re taking Jessica Sprague’s Holidays in Hand class. I was curious if you’re incorporating that into your December Daily book or if you’re going to keep those two concepts separate.

  • 19.
    Crystal LaDoux said…

    Ali, my question is also about rings. I purchased a 5 ring, 8×8 album from 7 gypsies this year and with my core pages complete it is tight already. What size rings should I upgrade to?
    Thanks for the help Ali

  • 20.
    Tara M said…

    what about adding acrylic covers rather than a ablum? Or even chipboard, might give you the freedom of size you need.
    Hope that helps :o )

  • 21.
    tchrtiff said…

    Thanks for your great inspiration for this project. Last year I just watched from the sidelines but this year I’m jumping in and making a book. I’m so excited about the entire process! I have a couple of questions for you:
    Does the number on each page correspond to date? For example, the page with the 1 is for what you did on December 1st and the page with the number 2 on it is for what you did on December 2nd? Or are the numbers just counting the different activities/events you did during December?
    What if you did something Christmas/holiday related at the end of November and want to include it in your book? Where do you put it? What if you do two great things on, say, December 12th. Do you put both on the number 12 page or does each activity get its own page?
    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • 23.
    Yolanda said…

    In other forums (namely Holidays in Hand, where I am participating this year), several people have commented that they don’t have time to do “holiday stuff” due the obligations of school, work, cooking, and cleaning. As though these activities are somehow less-than because they don’t look like the carefree Christmases in movies. I was hoping you speak a bit about the daily aspect of December Daily and perhaps whether or not we should consider capturing and documenting these days, even when nothing “holiday” happens. What are some moments/images/objects we may want to consider documenting on those days when “nothing happens”?

  • 24.
    Jessica Salyers said…

    That is exactly what I have done the last 2 years, and what I plan to do this year, too. I just found that the “albums” became too bulky and wouldn’t lay well when shut.

  • 25.
    Monika Wright said…

    I was afraid the chipboard might not be sturdy enough. Any good sources for acrylic covers? Do I cut them myself or do they come 8×8. That is an awesome idea and I hadn’t thought of it. I’ve been admiring acrylic for a while but have not worked with it. Any sources you know of?

  • 26.
    Monika Wright said…

    Jessica…any sources you know of for the 8×8 acrylic covers?

  • 27.
    Monika Wright said…

    For me, the daily aspect is what’s it’s all about. Daughter lining up the cereal boxes for everyone’s breakfast, DaDa reading bedtime stories, brother building the mega tent for his little sisters, favorite Christmas stories, story of special Christmas ornaments, school pageants, holiday decorations. You will love that you have taken the time for those photos. They mean so much more to me than the posed photos for the camera! Hope you have fun!

  • 28.
    terri said…

    This is in answer to the sewing thread issue. My machine is fairly sensitive to the bobbin thread coming up from the hole. Several things I have to watch are: I have to use good thread most of the time so I try different threads (but tonight, I used cheap gold metallic thread and it worked); I have to hold the ends of the top and bottom threads a little bit tightly with my thumb and forefinger when I take the first stitch and hold them back behind the needle so they don’t go inside the needle’s hole and get jammed; I have to go very slowly right at the beginning of sewing the paper or protector.
    I don’t know why this is. I have had five machines since ancient times (the 60′s) and this one just has its moods.
    I also try out needles of different sizes, occasionally changing sizes depending on the thickness of the paper/board/fabric/plastic just like you would with any fabric.
    I hope that helped.
    Thanks, Ali, for posting last year’s stuff.

  • 29.
    deborah said…

    Last year I got a book together, but just couldn’t keep up with the daily photos, writing, etc. This year I have my own photo printer, which I think will help, but even when trying to simplify and not be a perfectionist, I’m not sure I can get it all done. Do you have any tips for making the December Daily in the midst of a very busy and full time? Also, any suggestions for using the book and pages I put together last year (including some finished/half finished pages)? Not sure if I should just go for it, or if it will be another abandoned project?
    Thanks for the information and inspiration. (Even if I don’t do the book, I really enjoy seeing yours come together!)

  • 30.
    Jessica said…

    I’m not the Jessica you originally asked, but I got my acrylic covers cut to size at my local Lowes for less than four dollars (mine were 7 x 10). They could easily cut you 8 x 8 covers!

  • 31.
    Lisa Cunningham said…

    Do you have any suggestions for people who will be traveling in December? Last year my December Daily didn’t get finished because we spent a week in PA/DC and a week and a half in Germany. I wanted to enjoy my trip and not worry about scrapbooking each day, but I took notes and kept things to include. When I got home I was so overwhelmed with all the photos and memorabilia that I just didn’t finish it and made a whole separate scrapbook for that whole trip. I’m still stressed when I look at it and think I can only include a few photos or thoughts per day. Any suggestions for those of us traveling in December? Thanks!

  • 32.
    Joy said…

    Ali, I bought most of the supplies you are using this year and I wanted to tell you that the canvas album is AWESOME! I am going to just embellish it instead of covering it and replace the ribbon with rings like yours. But, I cannot tell if you used grommets for every page or not – was it just some pages? Thanks!

  • 33.
    Pascale said…

    Hi, Ali, this is just to say we are a group of French scrapbookers and we have launched a December Daily challenge this year on our blog We are so thankful for all the explanations and advice you gave on your previous dailies. Our presentation of the December Daily included many references to your work and it really inspired everybody. Many readers have already started putting their album together, lots of great ideas out there, and all thanks to you!

  • 34.
    Heather said…

    Thanks so much, Terry. I will give that a try. Admittedly I don’t really sew, so that’s likely the problem. ;)

  • 35.
    Leslie Ackman said…

    I am finishing my book today. I have just 2 more days to do!! Without this challenge I never would have taken the time to do this. Ali, you help me in so many ways when it comes to documenting my memories. THANK YOU! And if I don’t comment next week HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am grateful for your Blog!! Leslie

  • 36.
    Holly S said…

    I have a few questions:
    Looking for a good strong adhesive to attach felt to paper and felt to felt.
    I also used transparencies cut down to size-what adhesive should I use to attach felt/paper to the transparencies that wouldn’t show through to the other side?
    I know you said you were keeping it super simple and would add a few embellishments along the way…are you keeping a choice few in a baggy attached to the cover to add? Curious what those embellishments are.
    Are you planning to journal using the computer or handwrite your comments or a combo of the two?
    If you handwrite will you stick with one color or will you mix it up?
    I am not attaching my numbers to the pages-last year I wanted to swap days and couldn’t so this year I am thinking ahead.
    If it weren’t for you, I would not have last years to look back on and there wouldn’t be one this year to look forward to-thank you!

  • 37.
    Cynthia H said…

    I found this really cute paper by Little Yellow Bicycle and when I saw it I immediately thought of December Daily, so I thought I would share it in case anyone is looking for some help with numbers and/or journaling prompts:

  • 38.
    Sarah Stegall said…

    I am going to be gone the first weekend in December. I am not sure how to include my weekend away plus what my husband and son did. I am not too sure my husband gets the idea behind the album and am worried about his photo selections!
    I love this idea and can’t wait to see my final product as well as yours!
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • 39.
    Anke Humpert said…

    …wonderful give-a-ways!!! Love your blog!

  • 40.
    Teresa said…

    LOVE the dog pendants!!! Pick me please?!?

  • 41.
    Theresa said…

    Just had to say THANK YOU! for posting this. I’ve been looking for acrylic covers in an odd size and had no idea that Lowes would cut them!

  • 42.
    Amy Bailey said…

    Hi Ali,
    I finished my December Daily album, (pre-photo/journaling, of course) and would love to share photos of it. Is there a place where everyone is posting photos of their albums? Thanks again for the idea. I’m excited to get started in a little over a week :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 43.
    Laura said…

    I am using an acrylic album as a base and adding in a lot of different kinds of pages (rather like your December Daily 2008). Some of my pages are just cardstock, and I’m wondering if I should use eyelets where the holes for the rings are or just leave them as is.

  • 44.
    beth lo. said…

    hi ali. two questions: what size grommets did you use? the largest size i could find in the scrapbooking section of all the craft stores i went to were 3/16 but they are too small for the 2.5 inch rings. should i be looking in a different section for a different type of grommet?
    for those asking about 2.5 inch rings: i found mine at michaels in the embroidery section. they came in a pack of two for about $1.70.
    my other question is about the embellishment you sewed onto page protector for days 8. did you sew through both the front and back of the plastic or just the top layer?
    thanks. i’ve got mine about half completed, and i’m totally loving it!

  • 45.
    chantille said…

    Ali, I wondered if you used grommets ot eyelets for the cover of your album and the pages? What size did you use and did you attach them with the cropadile or big bite II?
    I have the MM Mistletoe 8 x 8 felt album that I’d like to use and am debating whether to replace the d-ring inner with rings to give me more depth for my pages. Do you think I’ll gain that much more space or do I ruin the risk of ruining my album?
    I love the look of the canvas pages that came in your album and thought about buying some of the Claudine Hellmuth adhesive canvas sheets and sewing two back to back. Should I remove the backing from the canvas before sewing or leave the backing sheets on to make the pages more sturdy?
    I’m hoping to print my photos at home where I normally only print 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 but would love to be able to include some 8 x 8′s or 4 x 8′s, is there a simple way to do it other than photoshop as I just can’t get on with it.
    Just an idea I wanted to share with any of you that would like to have sewing on some of your pages but don’t own a machine or have one but don’t know how to use it (I’m the latter of the two!). I’m going to take the pages that I want sewing on to my local tailor who mends/alters clothes. I’m sure he won’t charge much although he may think I’m a bit odd :)

  • 46.
    Paula G said…

    This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone just take the photos in December with a very short note about what happened each day, then actually put the album together in January?

  • 47.
    Kyetra Belton said…

    I love the DD concept and followed it last year but did not do one of my own. I was able to work on the foundation at a monthly crop last night and finished up today in about 10 minutes. The only problem that I have is that I can’t wait for December to get here to start to use it. Thanks for this project! I am sure that we will continue it at our house. – Kyetra

  • 48.
    Kathleen said…

    Last year I made my book, but I REALLY couldn’t get it all done in December—I just kept sticky notes handy on those days to “capture” thoughts, details, quotes—and then added those in in January. My family loves the book just as much—they didn’t care when I finished it—I love the idea of doing it, but some days in December between teaching and parties, games for my kids, etc–we don’t get home until late and there is NO time to “cut and paste” into the album—so, on those days, I just put the sticky notes in the book and finish those pages later—hope this helps Deborah—

  • 49.
    deborah said…

    Using sticky notes is a great idea!

  • 50.
    Steffanie said…

    I didn’t get this particular paper but I got the Little Yellow Bicycle album and some of the stuff that goes with it for mine!