And there she goes...again

And There She Goes Again from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

It's good times around here. Yes, indeed. 

Can you guess one of my most favorite parts in this video? 

She is almost 11 months old and getting closer and closer each day to that next big milestone. She is the happiest, most joy-filled, bright-eyed little girl. And so, so funny. She loves to eat and makes constant mmmmmmmmm noises bite after bite. She's especially interested in anything anyone else is eating and gets a little indignant when we deny her repeated requests to share. She's really a fearless eater (and yes, it's likely I am just a tad more sensitive to the whole food issue because of a certain almost-eight-year-old who also lives under this very same roof) and I love that about her.  

Watching her personality emerge has been really good entertainment. The kind that warms your heart and makes you remember all that is good and wonderful in the world. We laugh and giggle and support and blow spit bubbles and redirect and snuggle and pinch cheeks and say "watch this" over and over again.


Totally loving and soaking up all your wonderful thoughts & one little word selections in the comments yesterday. I hope to have the rest of my December Daily pages to show you later today or tomorrow. 

Feel free to keep posting your thoughts on your one little word. I will be compiling all the words early next week into one big list to share. 

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