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December 29, 2009

And there she goes…again

And There She Goes Again from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

It's good times around here. Yes, indeed. 

Can you guess one of my most favorite parts in this video? 

She is almost 11 months old and getting closer and closer each day to that next big milestone. She is the happiest, most joy-filled, bright-eyed little girl. And so, so funny. She loves to eat and makes constant mmmmmmmmm noises bite after bite. She's especially interested in anything anyone else is eating and gets a little indignant when we deny her repeated requests to share. She's really a fearless eater (and yes, it's likely I am just a tad more sensitive to the whole food issue because of a certain almost-eight-year-old who also lives under this very same roof) and I love that about her.  

Watching her personality emerge has been really good entertainment. The kind that warms your heart and makes you remember all that is good and wonderful in the world. We laugh and giggle and support and blow spit bubbles and redirect and snuggle and pinch cheeks and say "watch this" over and over again.


Totally loving and soaking up all your wonderful thoughts & one little word selections in the comments yesterday. I hope to have the rest of my December Daily pages to show you later today or tomorrow. 

Feel free to keep posting your thoughts on your one little word. I will be compiling all the words early next week into one big list to share. 


  • 1.
    Betsey said…

    Ali, think how many smiles are on all our faces as we watch the darling video! What a way to start our day!

  • 2.
    marlee said…

    So adorable. I love the little smile on her face, she’s so happy and proud. Enjoy.

  • 3.
    elizabeth said…

    Lovely video Simon is so cute with her too a joy to watch, thanks for sharing

  • 4.
    Jujudo said…

    Awww, this is such a sweet video. And I LOVE how excited and joyful Simon is about Annas walking experience. Thanks for sharing. This made my day.

  • 5.
    Jen Watkins said…

    Awww She is adorable! I love the part where Simon says “Let’s cheer for her”. What a great big brother!
    You are so very lucky. Enjoy every moment!

  • 6.
    {vicki} said…

    As Simon says “She did it!”
    Here’s a big cheer from Georgia!

  • 7.
    jakki said…

    is one of your favorite parts when Simon says ‘lets cheer for her!’…because that was MY favorite part, LOL….that kind of supporting love between siblings is priceless

  • 8.
    Aia said…

    so sweet ali! and simon is such a good brother! i love looking back at my childrens’ baby pics, the world was such a simplistic place back then. thanks for sharing!

  • 9.

    Ali, I love that video, what an adorable family you have.
    I am proclaiming 2010 as my year of ME.
    Yes, a return to me. Finding me. Taking care of me. Up until now I have devoted myself to my two small children and somehow in the mix, I’d forgotten to take care of me – not only my physical appearance but everything in between.
    2010 is the year I take care of me and rediscover my likes, my style, my everything that encompasses me.
    To assist me in my quest, I’ve signed up for the Mondo Beyondo course with Jen Lemen and Andrea Scher. Rediscovering my dreams, and making them real.
    Here’s to a healthy, happy, prosperous 2010 to you and yours.

  • 10.
    Jenny Alfonso said…

    This is so cute! I love how Simon said “Let’s cheer for her!”. Love the brother sister bond going on between them :) Thanks for sharing!

  • 11.

    Awwww she’s so cute!!! love how Simon said “She’s walking!!” thanks for sharing us =)
    and happy new year to you, your family and readers!! ♥

  • 12.
    Marti Richards said…

    So sweet!! Yay Anna! My 14 month old, Megan, sat beside me and clapped for her, too. Don’t you just love this stage? Simon is such a doll- such a good big brother. Enjoy these moments, Ali! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • 13.
    Aga said…

    Woow, congrats! And Simon is sooo proud:) Very sweet:)

  • 14.
    Anthea Goodman said…

    Awww bless! That is so cute. I have a little girl who is now 15 months old and she does the ‘mmmmmm’ing while shes eating. Its almost as if she’s singing to her food. I’ve never seen or heard of any other baby doing that until now. Certainly my older one didn’t do that! My Mom swears she’s the only child in the world who does it, but now I can safely tell her that she’s not the only one… she’s normal! LOL. She’s just started walking too and I’m treasuring every minute of it. For some reason I don’t remember this stage with my first one!

  • 15.
    Icecat62 said…

    Lol…to me she wasn’t asking for a little help, she saw her brother with something to eat in his hand and was asking for some of it. :) Thanks for sharing the video. That stage goes way too fast. My DD will be turning four next month and it seems like only yesterday she was that little. Enjoy it! :-D

  • 16.
    Kim Su said…

    Ali that is the BEST! Such a wonderful moment to capture on video. Anna has such a sweet smile and I love how Simon is so happy and proud of his little sister walking. He said, “Lets cheer for her” YEAHHH! I love it, thanks for sharing, Kim

  • 17.
    Kim FAucher said…

    so cute!!! Love your sweet little kiddos!!
    MY OLW for 2010 is FEARLESS… THe word jumped out at me and is just very appropriate for the many things I want to accomplish and try.
    Cheers for keeping up this tradition!

  • 18.
    Cary said…

    Love capturing those moments on video. Darling. I agree with Simon, “let’s Cheer for her”. Congrats

  • 19.
    Sandi Keene said…

    Wow! How exciting – she is getting so big!

  • 20.
    Jamie said…

    I cannot believe she’s big enough to walk. I’d say walking age was my favorite, but it’s not true. I seem to love all the ages.

  • 21.
    Dolly/scrapthat said…

    I really can’t say what would be your favorite part but I think it is so cute when your son runs into the other room and she reaches her wee hand for his. sniff*sniff* so sweet!

  • 22.
    kendra said…

    Wonderful! I think your favorite part is after Simon cheers for her. He leaves the room and she turns to look for him. She can’t wait to join him!

  • 23.
    Jen Strange said…

    my heart just melted!!!!

  • 24.
    Jo said…


  • 25.
    JosieK said…

    Wow..she’s already starting to walk..killing me how time flies!
    She’s so adorable Ali..really…and the best is hearing Simon cheering her on..bless his little heart!
    You have such a beautiful family and I always love visiting your blog for inspiration and just to feel good!
    Happy New Year!

  • 26.
    Shelly said…

    What a sweet family moment~thank you for sharing!

  • 27.
    marsha j said…

    awesome! and you got it on video, that is just precious! take lots of pics, one can never have enough pics.

  • 28.
    kristina said…

    What a sweet video, Ali! I love it when Simon says, “Let’s cheer for her!” Too sweet! And it looks like Anna blows you a kiss at one part at the end. Thanks for sharing that with us. So stinkin’ precious! ;) Hugs!

  • 29.
    Elizabeth said…

    Anna is such a beautiful little girl. The happiness and delight just oozes from her cute little face. She is such a lucky girl to have you as a momma…capturing all these precious moments, Awesome!

  • 30.
    Liz Ness said…

    AWESOME! I really loved when Simon said, “Let’s cheer for her!” Now, that’s the best big brother, ever!
    =) Happy new year to you all and I can’t wait to see where your word/intention (for ’10) takes you — sounds exciting (I’ll be lurking, heh-heh)!

  • 31.
    joni possin said…

    The tears just ran as I watched the video several times. Sooooooo sweet!! I love the way she reaches her hand out to Simon as he runs away! Thank you so much for sharing these very special moments!!
    My word for 2010 is “WELLNESS”! I chose this after signing up for a BPS class “Wellness Journey” that begins this Thursday.

  • 32.
    Irene Talaasen said…

    Oh, Ali, what a beautiful video of those two adorable and precious cherubs!!! Enjoy every minute. I know you do and that is such a blessing to all of us as we read your Blog!! God bless the four of you LOTS!
    Irene Talaasen

  • 33.
    liz said…

    So cool. Pretty soon she’ll be the one saying, “watch this mama!” Just you wait! Good times. Love you 4!

  • 34.
    Barb M. said…

    Thanks for sharing. I bet your favorite part is how proud her big brother is! I love his ‘let’s cheer for her’ comment. Sweet!

  • 35.
    Leora Henkin said…

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • 36.
    Yolanda said…

    I loved hearing simon’s voice and getting to see what a kind, empathetic soul he is. Cheering for his baby sister? It must make everything worth it. I also got a bit wistful and teary watching that, as my girl received that exact same toy as an early first birthday present. And we have the same videos of her amazement and pride as she took her first upright, forward steps. Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

  • 37.

    Oh Gosh! I LOVE when Simon yells: “Let’s cheer for her!” and the looks she gives him, you can tell they love eachother so much!! Merry Christmas!!

  • 38.
    Marilyn said…

    so sweet!!!!

  • 39.
    Debra Jones said…

    What a great video. Anna is so proud of herself and Simon is talking a mile a minute and so excited for her. I love the way he wants you all to cheer for her.

  • 40.
    candy said…

    She is such a beautiful baby. Reminds me when mine were little…… I watch theirs. Such a great time in life. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

  • 41.
    Ali Edwards said…

    The “let’s cheer for her” is definitely my favorite ;) .

  • 42.
    Betheroo said…

    So so cute! Happy New Year to you all!

  • 43.
    Kelly B said…

    Yay Anna! How very cool that big brother Simon is as excited for her. Happy New Year to all of yoy.

  • 44.
    Teri said…

    How adorable!, Ali! Your son’s enthusiasm for his sister’s walking is so precious. Thank you for sharing!! :)

  • 45.
    Allison M. said…

    How great is that?! I love that Simon is so excited for her – what a good big brother he is.
    My girl just turned 1 on Dec. 22nd and then started walking on her own at home the very next day – now there’s no stopping her. Up until then she had been only taking 4 or 5 steps on her own.
    I have been giving thought to a word for 2010. This would be the first time I am doing this and I think CREATE would be the one for me. I have devoted the past year to taking care of everyone else and it’s time to take care of me as well. When I create I feel so much better about things, so I need to focus on this.

  • 46.
    Kelli Thomas said…

    It is amazing how fast she is growing up!! It seems like yesterday she was just born! But I guess I don’t have to tell you that. I love that you are sharing her (& of course Simon) with us. Your kids are your best creation yet!!! LOL

  • 47.
    Lisa Garner said…

    It’s such a joy to see her make all these milestones. It seems like yesterday that she was born. Congrats to all of you she is such an amazing little lady!!

  • 48.
    Katie in UT said…

    So cute! I have an almost 9 month old…”Please stop growing!” I keep telling her! I love how Simon encourages everyone to cheer for her…how cute is that?!?! My ‘baby’ has three older siblings to cheer her along and it certainly is a joy!

  • 49.
    Megan said…

    There is no mama-blessing like a child who will eat anything…and I have to laugh about the mmmmmm comments…My 21-year old still loves All food (though he’s tall and skinny) and actually claps when his food is placed before him. :)

  • 50.
    Debbie - NZ said…

    Ali she is sooo gorgious, not that i need to tell you that. It is so awesome seeing Simon so happy with his little sister. I can’t believe he is nearly 8.
    My word for 2010 is Embrace – to embrace life to it’s fullest, embrace who i am etc!

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