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December 10, 2009

December Daily 2009 : Day Nine



I love holiday bedding. It's a part of my love of decor transformation that goes on around here during Christmas time. We got a new bed right before Anna was born which means I needed some new bedding (my favorite that we had last year is now on Simon's bed). 

SUPPLIES : AE Holiday Corner Art

EL751803 The collection of text I added to the photo is an overlay from a new product I have at Designer Digitials called Holiday Corner Art. There are four holiday-themed designs included in the pacakge (12×12): Fa La La, Santa, Merry & Bright, and Peace & Joy

Here's the original:


I ended up with two pages for December 9. I had already done the page about the bedding when we decided to go see Santa last night. As I was falling asleep I was thinking about how I wanted to document our visit and how each child has their own story related to the event. The concept of two columns, each with their own stamped initial was what came to mind. It worked out well. 


And a close-up scan: 

SUPPLIES : Papier Valise red foil; Making Memories Pattern Paper; Studio Calico Noah Alphabet Stamps

JOURNALING FOR SIMON : Oh Simon, you were beyond excited to see Santa again this year. The biggest thing on your mind was making sure that Santa had a Lego Indiana Jones Temple Escape set at the North Pole. You asked him about it and he said that yes, indeed he did have just that toy and he knew all about it. You were so relieved.

You and Santa talked about the North Pole & Rudolph & how he was staying in a hotel while the elves and Mrs. Claus were getting ready for Christmas.

You were also pretty excited to have your sister meet Santa. What you really wanted to do was carry her over to him and introduce him to her. Instead of having you carry her I placed her in his lap and you were so happy to have her there with you.

You also wanted to make sure that Santa knew he should bring a new baby rattle for Anna.

JOURNALING FOR ANNA This, my sweet girl, was your very first visit to see Santa. We dressed you up in the cutest little beige & white dress, cream tights, little black mary jane shoes with a bow on the strap, and a great red wool coat that I bought before you were born. You were so, so cute.

I carried you through the little maze to see the jolly man in the red suit. You watched while Simon had his conversation with Santa and then I placed you in his lap for the photo. At first you gave a little cry and looked up at the man with the furry face with apprehension but then you saw Simon and decided this must be ok.

Dad and I stood back by the photographer to get the two of you to look his way while he captured the moment. It was so cool to see the photo come out with two great kids on Santa’s lap.


This post is part of a series documenting the month of December 2009. You find out more information and view all the completed pages of my album here. Share your work in the Flickr gallery here


  • 1.
    Chris said…

    It was a great trip to see Santa….
    And for the first time ever, I’m the first comment on your post… :)

  • 2.
    karen in va said…

    Your pages are so cool! I love holiday bedding too! I have a question…did you adhere your picture of holiday bedding to the front or back of the acrylic page. And if the back, how did you do that without messing up the photo?
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  • 3.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Like both pages – love the santa picture.

  • 4.
    Cameron said…

    Very cool… I love the stories for each child!

  • 5.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Karen – it’s not adhered to the acrylic at all. It is a separate page – I use the acrylic as a template to cut out the photo and then punch the holes. You turn the acrylic as it’s own page.

  • 6.
    abbey said…

    We’re thinking of taking the kids for their first Santa visit tomorrow. I’m a bit worried about how it will go, but this sounds promising.

  • 7.
    Sue O said…

    I love the page with the kids and Santa. The picture is just too cute. I am always amazed at how much Simon looks like his dad!

  • 8.
    Tara Lutton said…

    Hi Ali….
    I just have to say what everyone else says….your are such and inspiration….i love ur the way u scrapbook and i really love your decorating style. Is that a christmas tree in ur bedroom…have never thought of doing many trees do u put up?

  • 9.
    Ali Edwards said…

    It is :) . Right now we have three artificial trees – one in our bedroom, one in Simon’s room (a very small one), and one in our entry (probably a 4 ft one). We will get a live one for our living room this weekend.

  • 10.
    Anna Davison said…

    Awesome pages Ali…thanks for the peeks! Love the bedding idea & the columns for journaling! AnnaD :)

  • 11.
    Ky Scrapacat said…

    LOVE this. We haven’t even begun to decorate. With two rescue bunnies, our focus is on getting them healthy (mentally and physically). Maybe I could use your page design to convey their benchmarks through the holidays. Yes, I think that would work very well!

  • 12.
    Shannon D said…

    I was going to ask the same question, glad to know I am not the only one with more than one tree, most of my friends think I am a little crazy, we only have two trees though! Love the idea if one in my bedroom, my husband would not though. It it a magical time of the year. The Santa photo is adorable. Loving your pages and the things you want to capture!

  • 13.
    Helen M said…

    Ali – I keep meaning to ask….since you do December Daily do you still do other Christmas scrapbook pages for your other albums, or is this it?!

  • 14.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Sometimes I do one other Christmas page – in the past that has often been because I had an assignment.

  • 15.
    Molly Irwin said…

    so, so sweet! I wish I could get my kids to visit santa. They’ve never been comfortable with the idea. Hmmmm… maybe that’s something for me to document.

  • 16.
    sarbear said…

    Love this. SO inspiring. I’m now only 8 day behind, but checking in here daily gives me motivation to do even little bits at a time. What an adorable baby Anna is!

  • 17.
    Loretta Artful Yogi said…

    Good tip. Why not leave them separate? Hmmmm.

  • 18.
    annie said…

    It looks amazing…..your bedroom looks like a catalog!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 19.
    Dorah said…

    Loving your album. As always it is so cool. My favorite is always the Santa pics. I swear this is the coolest Santa I have ever seen. He actually looks like he could be Santa.

  • 20.
    glee stormont said…

    such a beautiful moment. They will really treasure this when they are older. uh oh, better start making two of these things or who’s getting it when eventually?

  • 21.
    Etta said…

    I love the two column idea for the Santa’s story–going to have to steal that one!!! Also love your envelope idea from day 8. Might steal that one too!! Inspiring as always!

  • 22.
    joni possin said…

    What an adorable photo of your children on Santa’s lap!!
    I have my Christmas Bedding page on my blog today also! I love to change our bedding each season! Pottery Barn has the greatest… especially their end of the season sales on it! The year I bought my Scandinavian Houses bedding, they had shopping bags with the same design on it. I had kept several bags and cut them into squares for album pages!

  • 23.
    Jean said…

    Love your journaling about Anna’s reaction to Santa and how she was comforted by Simon being there too. Very touching.

  • 24.
    Holly S said…

    Quick question…On one of my pages, I have both typed words and pictures. I printed it out on Bazzill but don’t like the way the photos look. Do you always print yours out on photo paper or card stock? Photos I always print on photo paper but I’m hung up on photos and text.
    Love following you and your daily December! It is so special that you share it with us!

  • 25.
    Holly S said…

    Oh! I meant to ask if this was/is the same Santa Simon had his picture taken with and documented about in last year’s daily December? Santa looks familiar to me?!

  • 26.
    julie said…

    Love the documenting of Simon and Anna…. I am wondering where the bedside tables or stands are from?

  • 27.
    Deb said…

    I have said it before but I must say it again…Thank you! You are awesome and inspiring!

  • 28.
    Leora said…

    Oh Ali! I love your Santa page. It couldn’t be any cuter. Enjoy your first Christmas as four!

  • 29.
    Sandi said…

    Very sweet photo. Love the idea on
    Sandi N.

  • 30.
    cathy said…

    Oh Ali, i LOVE seeing the kids together with Santa. Adorable.

  • 31.
    Brooke said…

    Thank you. That was my question too.

  • 32.
    Brooke said…

    It really looks like you found the real Santa there. The one my son visited last year looked like he was about 20 and I’m sure wouldn’t have been so knowledgeable on the latest lego and surely wouldn’t be cool enough to stay in a motel while Mrs. Claus was back at the North Pole…priceless.

  • 33.
    Donna VW said…

    I am really enjoying your posts about this album, thanks.

  • 34.

    Awesome fun moment to remember by.
    perfect plans with getting real live tree.. more fun what to add in your album.
    Keep it going..

  • 35.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Simon has had the same one every year so far – totally amazing.

  • 36.
    Kim said…

    your santa stories brought tears to my eyes. so sweet for Anna and I adore Simon’s intensity. i can appreciate both angles. Thanks for sharing

  • 37.
    Donna said…

    I can’t wait until we get our Santa photos back – they are such a great part of a December book! Thanks Ali.
    A question – where is the #9 tag from? I couldn’t see the source.

  • 38.
    Michele H. said…

    adorable picture of Simon & Anna & i love the journaling for each of them!

  • 39.
    Anastasia said…

    The journaling is so touching! Cute picture with Santa and beautiful bedding!

  • 40.
    Stephanie George said…

    Thank you for sharing the journaling with us. i always love to read your journaling and how you explain and share things to/with your kids!

  • 41.
    Erin said…

    Sweet bedding! Where did you get it?

  • 42.
    Nina Patena said…

    Hi, Ali! Love the photos on top of the bed! Just wanted to ask where you can have photos mounted like the one of Anna’s in the middle? Thanks!

  • 43.
    Aga said…

    I love the photo with Santa, really sweet! Your work, dear Ali, is great inspiration for me and the idea of december daily is great, thanks:)
    Agata from Poland

  • 44.
    {vicki} said…

    Thanks for sharing the journaling!

  • 45.
    Huyen said…

    The beard always get the little one and it is massive. Glad Anna had Simon to look on for confidence.

  • 46.
    Ali Edwards said…

    That’s a gallery wrapped canvas from ColorInc:

  • 47.
    Deirdre - Irl said…

    Wow Ali, just amazing. Love everything about your page.

  • 48.
    Heather said…

    Too cool! We’re going to see Santa tomorrow. This gets me in the mood – to make sure to record The Story.

  • 49.
    Val said…

    Love the photo of the two kids with Santa – Anna looks like she could be an elf! One question, why is Santa in his jammies?

  • 50.

    i love your style but life has gotten in the way of following all the time…i just wanted to share that we for YEARS have always done a barnes and nobles gift card in our kids stocking…with a note or tag that says “if you can read you can do anything” and they always have so much fun knowing when they go they have that card and pick out something–now we do it for our grandkids….and then they get one giant candy bar and candy cane oh and socks we always seem to need socks …

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