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AnnaLOW JANUARY 26 : Hello sweet, happy girl. You are a lover of life. Easy-going. You are just a few days shy of your first birthday. Almost-walking without any assistance (you actually ended up walking on your own on the 27th). Silly. Those blue eyes.

I am excited to watch life unfold for you.

Photo © Kim Ackerman

AE_January27Low JANUARY 27 : Currently reading The Book Thief
and carrying around Food Rules
(loved Michael Pollan's other books). Up next: The Happiness Project

JANUARY 28 : Thursday lunch. Turkey, avocado, and some cheese. Pineapples. Most days I try not to eat lunch at my computer. I go to the table. I spread out the paper...and read the news that I have already heard on NPR in the early AM.

JANUARY 29 : This morning I took three pairs of sweat pants (his pant of choice on no-school days) out of Simon's drawers because they are way past the point of being way too short.

We have this spot between our kitchen and dining room where we have been measuring him (and now Anna - who is also like a weed) since we moved in a few years back. He loves being measured. He loves seeing how tall he is getting. He often talks about being "as tall as Mom."

I think he thinks there will be a prize. I need to ask him what will happen when he is taller than me...


All these words & photos are going into my Project Life
album. I am uploading and writing daily (or almost) on Flickr. You can read more about my approach to this project here.

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