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I am working on a video tutorial this morning demonstrating how to adjust title & journaling blocks such as this one in Photoshop Elements to fit the story you want to tell. Details and step by step instructions/images/process coming later today.

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  1. Andee

    2010-01-28 00:25:10 -0500

    lovely pic - so much feeling - i see you snap them most of the time without flash. you must have a steady arm... :)

  2. hannahk

    2010-01-28 00:39:59 -0500

    oooh I love this layout. the challenge layout from yesterday today class week 4 got me started on the idea of incorporating my many pieces of paper / letters etc with images and elements, and I really admire the style of this example. Thank you for yet more great inspiration.

  3. Susan

    2010-01-28 01:10:58 -0500

    i love that picture, so sweet. would you mind sharing your favorite lens with us? i'm always curious what lens gets used most often. thank you :)


    2010-01-28 01:39:05 -0500

    Love this layout with the actual drawing!-Soraya

  5. Sylvia

    2010-01-28 01:52:13 -0500

    great layout!!! can't wait for the how-to!!!

  6. Susan

    2010-01-28 02:00:38 -0500

    Thank you!!!
    I can't wait.

  7. Linn

    2010-01-28 02:09:36 -0500

    I love including my boys' drawings on my layouts...I wish I'd thought of it a few years ago! Yours is perfect with all the white space and the photo to match!

  8. Stacy Milford

    2010-01-28 02:21:55 -0500

    awwww...this is so sweet :o)

  9. Judy Webb

    2010-01-28 02:26:10 -0500

    Any help with PSE is appreciated. I am so frustrated over choosing between paper and digital scraping. So many papers, so many embellishments in my stash. So easy and many digital papers, elements, etc on-line. You are such a help.

  10. Karen

    2010-01-28 02:34:15 -0500

    How cute! Always think its great to include a kidlet's artwork and I really am smiling at your circle elements! I suppose a happy face can have that effect on people. Oh wait! There's a cute kidlet there too? Yup, good reason to smile. :>

  11. Jill

    2010-01-28 04:13:42 -0500

    Hi Ali - I so enjoyed Y&T, and am going back to the lessons as I work through the layouts. I'm a bit slower at creating, and just couldn't keep up each week, but looked forward to Thursdays nonetheless! Seeing your layout above, I'm reminded of my burning questions for you: what are your philosophy and style tactics for selecting and placing accents on your creations? In my opinion, you're an expert at marrying key accents that enhance your photo+words stories. Just the right balance. I'd love to hear more about this from you.

  12. Tona

    2010-01-28 04:45:31 -0500

    Love that photo & Simon's precious drawing.

  13. Debbie Mercer

    2010-01-28 06:48:58 -0500

    Hi Ali, this is such a great layout. Thanks for the tutorial, the videos are very helpful especially for someone like myself who is a little intimidated by the whole digital side of things.

  14. Amy

    2010-01-28 07:26:44 -0500

    Just want to thank you for all of the detailed instructions. I really am grateful and thankful to have access to your ideas and techniques.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Anilu Magloire

    2010-01-28 07:28:33 -0500

    Can you share where you got the digital stitches and label you used on your blog banner?

  16. Ali Edwards

    2010-01-28 08:25:12 -0500

    The stitches are from my stitched overlays at Designer Digitals:
    The little red label is a vintage one I had here that I typed on with my typewriter and then scanned.

  17. Ursula Schneider

    2010-01-28 10:12:51 -0500

    Ali, love that photo. I'm with the other girls, what is your go to lens? Are you often shooting in overcast weather? So many of your shots seem to have such even lighting.

  18. Teresa

    2010-01-28 13:59:47 -0500

    This is great. My daughter is always making cards for us. And I know I can' keep them all. But I'm always wondering what do to with them to keep them.

  19. Zewa

    2010-01-28 22:55:02 -0500

    your blog looks all crooked and messed up...what's going on?

  20. Caryl Hope

    2010-01-29 00:26:51 -0500

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your tutorials are a great help and I'm actually enjoying this hybrid/digital way of scrapbooking. It seemed so intimidating before but you've made it so simple and I am glad I finally get to really play with your digital products!

  21. Ali Edwards

    2010-01-29 02:03:21 -0500

    It's something with internet explorer - I am trying to figure out what's up. It's viewing fine in Firefox and Safari.

  22. Peaches Scribner

    2010-01-29 08:33:32 -0500

    Please Please put on your to do list writing a book about hybrid scrapbooking or maybe offering a BPS class. I've followed your work for years, loved the BPS Y&T class, and I appreciate this series on your blog so much. Software changes so fast it might be hard to do a book, maybe an online (and updatable) book or the BPS class would be the way to go. There is certainly a need that isn't completely filled by the all-digital scrapgeniuses out there.
    It's also so nice to have instruction from a Mac person.
    Another emphasis of yours that I appreciate is that photos do not have to be perfect. If I spend 45 minutes altering a photo in PSE, I've lost half my Saturday scrapping time (on a good day :-). So it's a relief to see that a page can look great without perfect photos.
    Thanks for all you do --

  23. kelly

    2010-01-30 00:12:25 -0500

    Ali, thanks so much for doing these tutorials! I have always been intimidated by elemnts and digital scrapping in general. I have now created 2 layouts that are completely digital ( of course with your products at designer digitals)! Please keep these mini tutorials up! They are very much appreciated!

  24. Denise Rotell

    2010-01-31 12:57:21 -0500

    I love, love, love the perfect sized journaling template you made for your POTD project...I would be awesome to have a template available at Designer Digitals with a sheet of those blocks for either journaling or to mask out pictures!!

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