One Little Word : February 2010

wood type letter O letter N letter E

letter L I letter T letter T letter l E

W o letter R D

One of the things I am planning to do this year is a monthly post about One Little Word. My hope is that it will serve as a reminder, a check-in, and a chance to re-focus.

I am starting off with three basic categories: learn, create, and write. Each word includes a suggestion for an action to take related to your word.

Here's three simple actions for February 2010:

LEARN : Locate a book (online, library, bookstore) that addresses your word and make it a priority to read/learn something new about your word this month. Let it feed that part of you that is wanting to make a change. I am planning to get back into a book I started on a recommendation last fall called Writing Motherhood.

CREATE : Grab your camera and photograph the letters of your word. This is a really fun exercise that can be done as you go about the normal routines of your life. Look up, look down, keep your eyes open for cool typefaces. Upload them and print them out and as a visual reminder of your word. If you can't get out or you want a little instant gratification you can always check out Spell With Flickr (what I used to create the "one little word" above). 

WRITE : This idea came from the One Little Word comments. After she chooses a word each year, Lynnelle at A Writer's Life writes a letter to her future self. Consider writing out where you hope you will be in one year and the role your word will play for you in 2010. Here's a nice write up of suggestions about writing a letter to yourself: If You Could Talk To Your Future Self What Would You Say? You can even send an email to your future self at

Hoping that your word is already making a difference for you in your life.

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