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Maybe your one little word includes something related to making a dream in your life come true. If so, I definitely recommend investigating an online workshop called Mondo Beyondo hosted by two of my friends Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen. It's all about transforming dreams into realities. The next session begins March 8th.

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  1. [email protected]

    2010-02-28 22:05:45 -0800

    So Ali, why is Mondo Beyondo worth it? I am teetering with the idea but not sure it's worth the money.
    BTW, love your blog, read it everyday!!!!!!!
    Claudine DiMuzio

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  2. Francesca Di Leo

    2010-02-28 23:07:52 -0800

    hi claudine, mondo beyondo was one of the best $100 i ever spent. not only did it guide us towards realizing our dreams but how to go about making them a reality. not to mention, creating a whole tribe of supporters that are equally supportive of having your dreams realized. those of us from my area are planning our own 'retreat' to continue our dreaming work. give it a try, you might just be as delightfully surprised as i was..

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  3. malissa

    2010-02-28 23:54:34 -0800

    I registered last night! I missed the January deadline! My little word is 'believe' because I don't seem to really believe in myself that I can make my dreams come true and I'm hoping Mondo Beyondo will reveal some things to me.

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  4. alexandra

    2010-03-01 00:57:56 -0800

    Wow! That was spontaneous - I just read this and signed up!!

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  5. cindylynnemcallister

    2010-03-01 02:57:22 -0800

    Hi Ali,
    My word for this year is "adventure" because I have always had a fear to go on adventures by myself...this year I am going to take a trip to the beach in North Carolina and it is a big huge thing for me. Just want to thank you for being a wonderful inspiration everyday.

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  6. Sara

    2010-03-01 03:56:44 -0800

    I just did a post about how my word is going this year... this is my third year doing it, and I think I finally am really getting it...

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  7. ciacchina

    2010-03-01 05:38:30 -0800

    bellissima frase!

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  8. Jazmiine

    2010-03-01 05:38:39 -0800

    So your a creative photograher. . thats amazing ^^
    I know we havent met but...
    I just sorta wanted to ask your advice on sometihng, see this friday im flying over to london for a model casting, i lovecreating and restyling pictures and making different trends looks on myself. i was just wondering if i actaully do have a chance of making anything of myself in the fashion industry? Was it hard? o.o

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  9. Mariangeles_Spain

    2010-03-01 07:21:06 -0800

    It wasn't planned but today I've walked a big step towards my word ACCEPTING

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  10. Kirsten

    2010-03-01 08:42:13 -0800

    My word is health, and today I had surgery on my foot. Guess I am embracing it!! Moving (well hopping for a couple days) forward.

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  11. sue

    2010-03-01 20:54:38 -0800

    Love the quote! My word for this year is FAMILY and we have several 'family' gatherings this week so I'm definately focused on my family. Thanks Ali.

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  12. Sandy (Your Life, Organized)

    2010-03-02 23:55:33 -0800

    Love love love this! Thank you! I am making a scrapbook page with this on it to hang in my scrapbook room! :-)

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  13. Renae

    2010-03-03 23:50:25 -0800

    Ali, Ever thought of writing a book about everyone's word and where it has led them? I think it would be fascinating!

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  14. Susi

    2010-03-04 05:22:42 -0800

    Thank you, Ali, for always sharing such amazing resources with us. I hope you are all feeling better.

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  15. Krystyn

    2010-12-20 05:16:27 -0800

    I have never participated in any of the "one little word" activities I've seen over the years, however this year, while reading your blog & the BPS course description a word popped into my head that totally fits what I want 2011 to be. I'm contemplating doing the class as I'd really like to be a part of it, my only hesitation is that I tend not to do well with on-line type gets in the way for me.

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  16. diandriag

    2011-01-03 13:26:28 -0800

    I love your blog. If you do not mind sharing...which font was used on the picture above with the quote...I love the font and would like to use it if I can locate it. Thank you in advance.

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