AE Reviews: Testing White Pens For Scrapbooking


Jet Pens was kind enough to recently send me four different white pens to test out from their favorites. Here's a list of the ones I tried both on cardstock and on a photo:

Uni-Ball Signo Angelic Colour
Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip
Uni-Ball Signo
Pilot Latte

The third one, the Uni-Ball Signo, definitely seemed to go on the
best on both the cardstock & the photo (the examples on the photo are in the same order as above).


In my stash I still have a few of the Sharpie Poster Paint Pens (supposedly discontinued) that I have used on a variety of projects in the past. This site still has some of the white ones in stock. Dick Blick also still has some in stock (except white).

I did see on the Sharpie website that they have a new water-based paint pen. I will probably give that one a try too. Anyone tried this one yet? I especially liked how those poster paint pens worked on my photos and will be interested to see if this works in the same way.

Any other white pens you are using and loving these days?

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  1. Kelli Johnson

    2010-03-19 11:43:59 -0400

    Hey Ali! I'm a super organized, tired of all my pens, kick. Can you also tell us what black pens you like ;) I feel like I use everything, and abuse everything. And may be it's just the way I write, but I'm dying to find a pen that lasts longer then 3 months!

  2. becky

    2010-03-19 12:39:42 -0400

    My gelly roll white pen never works like I want it to. I need to get that signo one. Thanks for this review!

  3. Suzie

    2010-03-19 12:42:35 -0400

    To stop your uni-bol from skipping, put a little bit of undu in the cap and put the cap on your pen. Wait a few minutes, wipe off the tip and try writing again. This has worked really well for me. Good luck
    I LOVE the silver and gold sharpie pens and wish they would make more. Maybe if we all asked at once they would make them again.

  4. Barb M.

    2010-03-19 12:57:59 -0400

    Love the Uniball Signo. I liked it so much that I gave it as a gift for my tablemates at a crop.

  5. S

    2010-03-19 13:12:13 -0400

    The Uni-ball Signo is my go-to white pen also. I tried the Sharpie poster paint pen and didn't like the results, but I do love the new Sharpie pens in black and blue.

  6. Karidan

    2010-03-19 14:44:32 -0400

    Oh My GOODNESS!! I have such a fuss with white pens... They never seem to work as well as others. I am currently using AC Galaxy but it is such a wide tip I hate it sometimes!! I am definetly going to look for that 3rd one though and see how it works for me!!

  7. kelly

    2010-03-19 15:40:38 -0400

    My favorite white pens are-
    Sakura glaze or souffle in White (not clear)
    Pilot Latte (or Sweets) in White
    Water based sharpie poster paint pen extra fine (I haven't seen the new water based sharpies yet but will let you know when I do as I'll try those!) The original set-the water based sharpie poster paint pens have been discontinued (like you said) but the warehouses still have them in stock. I don't recommend stocking up on them at all as over time the white tends to separate no matter how much you shake and pump the pen.
    Uniball signos-I used the white pen for years but too often it acts dried up or skips even after only a few uses. I recommend the pens above first.
    I have a whole list of pens on my blog that I keep adding to-pens that I've tested and tried on acrylic paint, paper and the like. I'm a pen nut!
    I LOVE Jet pens!

  8. jukeb0x

    2010-03-19 17:05:00 -0400

    I like Uni-ball Signo the best although the white Inkssentials opaque pen comes in a close second, only because I need to keep cleaning the tip if I don't use it frequently. I stocked up on the white Sharpie poster paint pens, as I love those when I need a much thicker line.

  9. Tona

    2010-03-19 17:40:08 -0400

    I've been using the Uni-Ball Signo for a couple of years now & have been happy with it. I joke that it will write on anything that will stand still long enough.

  10. Katemeri

    2010-03-19 17:57:10 -0400

    Thanks for testing these and sharing your thoughts. I love the look of white pen on dark paper and buy a new one every time I'm back home but don't scrap often and when I do they're all dried out.

  11. Jenink

    2010-03-19 19:49:56 -0400

    I like my uniball Signo. I have the Ranger one too but it doesn't seem any better coverage wise than the Signo and gives me more skipping problems.
    I'd love to ditto one of the above comments about your black journaling pen recommendations too. Thanks Ali :)

  12. Tanya

    2010-03-20 02:08:49 -0400

    Hands down, Uniball Signo. I've used it for years! To get it going smooth, I usually start it on a test photo so that it it gets smooth before I put it on the photo I prefer to write on. (I do this with all of my pens though)

  13. Linda E

    2010-03-20 05:58:55 -0400

    Thanks for reaffirming that my pen of choice -- the uni ball signo -- is the best one around. As luck would have it, it's the first pen I tried when I started scrapbooking and I have never looked back!

  14. Brenda in Sunny So Cal

    2010-03-20 08:43:24 -0400

    Hi Ali, I like how the Uniball Signo writes but it is gel and I can never get a continuos stroke on the gel pens, how I wish Sharpie had not discontinued their's

  15. glee

    2010-03-20 08:49:42 -0400

    thank you. i have been looking for this info as i am unhappy w/ the souffle pen i've been using.

  16. Andrea MacDonald

    2010-03-20 10:54:06 -0400

    I use the uniball. Love it!

  17. Julia

    2010-03-20 11:04:09 -0400

    I like the Uniball Signo a lot. Works well on black cardstock.
    It helps to store these kind of pens cap down.

  18. kris

    2010-03-21 04:55:17 -0400

    Uniball signo is great. Thanks for the comparison!

  19. lynne moore

    2010-03-21 08:20:49 -0400

    Uniball is good. I also like glaze pens: they go onto photos and paper and are a little raised when dry (pretty quickly) and you have color choices too. And then there is a white "chalk" pen I have somewhere. It shows up great on dark paper. But the trick is you can't see it at first and then is fades in!

  20. christi

    2010-03-21 13:33:08 -0400

    I find the Ranger Inkssentials best because I like the finer line.

  21. PinkPug,INK.

    2010-03-21 16:49:35 -0400

    I just went to Michael's yesterday to buy a white pen! I ended up buying one of the Sakura gelly roll ones but I will definitely have to get the Signo pen now!

  22. marta

    2010-03-21 16:49:45 -0400

    oh my goodness. this is awesome to see so many pen lovers out there. i just told my husband, this is why i love blogging! i was just commissioned to handwrite some wedding invitation envelopes and the bride requested white ink and thanks to your post, am no longer scared to death. am going to try out the favorites listed here. thank you!
    as for a good black pen. for journaling and a smooth fine line, my absolute favorite is the black 0.7 pilot p-700. available at any office supply store. really, i adore this pen to the nth degree. can't wait to hear your picks. xo.

  23. Joyce

    2010-03-21 18:56:10 -0400

    The Uni-ball Signo is my absolute favorite white journal pen! I have used up 3 so far! I did try the sharpies a couple years ago, but I didn't get reliable results. Sometimes it came out in a puddle on my project! Maybe they were old stock from the store where I purchased?

  24. Nicole

    2010-03-22 05:20:40 -0400

    The Uni-ball Signo works well but I mainly use Sharpies water based paint marker. I love them since they come in a few thicknesses but I typically like a thicker line work for my hand writing.
    Love the sharpie ones!!!

  25. Carrie

    2010-03-24 09:34:08 -0400

    Thank you so much for the info...I have been in the market for good white pens for months...had tried a few that I didn't like, so I am happily going to try the Uniball Signo & I also ordered one of the white Sharpies (which I had been looking for for forever)!

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