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March 6, 2010

Sponsor Giveaways : Treasury of Memories, Clickin Moms,

Two people will receive Compositors from

moirai Compositor is a super simple Photoshop script (for use with CS3 or CS4), that helps you create anything from collages to albums in just minutes. The innovation in the Compositor is it starts with the images and builds a design with them instead of forcing images into a stock design. Check out our videos to see how the Compositor works.

  • A new user interface makes the tool easier to use: Picking the dimensions of the final image is more straight-forward and looks just like the Image Size dialog in Photoshop®. Other options are now defined similarly.
  • Picking the images for your composition is easier than ever: You no longer have to load all of your images into Photoshop® in exactly the right order. The new interface allows you pick other images to include by browsing files on your computer. You can also re-order the images before generating the final composition.
  • There are new options for the final composition so the tool can do more for you: You can specify borders on the individual images in the composition, you can specify background colors other than white, and you can even pick another image to use as the background.
  • Best of all, you get to choose the final layout: Instead of a layout being automatically chosen, you are a given a choice of numerous layout options. This flexibility guarantees that you’ll get the composition you want with no hassles.

NOTE FROM ALI : I had the chance to try out this script software last night and it's really pretty cool. It's easy to tell the program the photos you want to use, choose the layout and hit a single button for it to do the work of re-sizing the images to fit in the grid. I can definitely see using this for scrapbooking both digitally and with paper. Cool product. The only bummer is that it only works with CS3 or CS4.


One person will win the “Life is Good” collection kit ($30) AND the add-on kit too ($10) from Treasury of Memories.

Ready to have some fun? Check out this playful collection of papercrafting goodies in the “Life is Good” Collection Kit by Treasury of Memories!

You’ll enjoy a variety of great products from My Mind’s Eye, Creative Imaginations and so much more…all coordinating and ready for you to have fun! With just one kit, our design team created a super chunky mini book, three scrapbook pages, AND ten adorable notecards! Colorful handouts are also included to share creative inspiration too!

PLUS this month’s collection has a great add-on kit! And it’s perfect for a Mother’s Day gift or for any special occasion!

Check out their blog for creative ideas and for great specials valid this weekend only!


Clickin Moms is giving away a 6 month membership.

Here’s the funny thing about photography. It’s one of those activities that seems like something you have to do all on your own: you find the shot, you set it up, you take the picture. And yet, when you think about it, one of the most rewarding aspects about the whole process is sharing with other photographers. That’s what Clickin Moms is all about.

Clickin Moms is a community of women who have the same passion for photography that you have, who have questions about what they’re doing just like you do, and who want to know more about how to do it better – same as you.

What kind of new camera should I shop for? What in the world do I do with it once I get it? How do I capture nice sharp images like I see on the internet? What types of shots work well in scrapbooks? How do I set up my own photography business?

Clickin Moms is a welcoming, generous, supportive group made up of everyone from beginners to pros. And it feels about as close to friends and family as you can get online. What a forum for sharing images and ideas! You can show others your photos and get constructive feedback about them. Learn about a ton of subjects – everything from technical areas like lighting to practical stuff like the business of photography. Even host your own lesson on a subject others want to know more about. And if you have your own blog, you can join the affiliate program and earn commissions by referring your readers to Clickin’ Moms.

On top of all the support that is available to every member every day, Clickin’ Moms has recently started to offer photography workshops. These incredibly popular classes come in several varieties, geared towards various levels of photographers and topics.

No matter where you are in your photography journey, this is a group that’s worth getting to know.


TO BE ENTERED into this weekend's giveaway please leave a comment below sharing your current favorite creative tool or product (if you are reading this on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments
will be closed at 8pm Pacific on Sunday and the winner's posted shortly

Have a wonderful weekend!


  • 51.
    Sav O'Gwynn said…

    right now I am in love love love with cutting mat–does that count? It is underneath my keyboard and fills most of my desktop up. It allows me to cut and draw and do everything right in front of me (without hurting my desk). THANKS so much:)

  • 52.
    Bethany said…

    My favorite tool is my Cricut – I can do anything with this tool!

  • 53.
    Harriett said…

    Right now I am enjoying learning how to use the brushes and overlays I’ve gotten for Photoshop.
    Love that Life is Good kit!

  • 54.
    Joey Manwarren said…

    Gosh, this is hard. I think my fave at the moment is my pen tablet…but don’t tell that to my camera! ;)

  • 55.
    Teresa said…

    I guess my favorite tool right now would have to be my computer. Another great giveaway, Thanks Ali.

  • 56.
    jenn said…

    my favorite tool right now I think is my circle punch, and as always letter stickers… I can’t ever get enough typography on anything!!

  • 57.
    Beth O. said…

    I actually have two favorites — my camera and my project life kit.

  • 58.
    Theresa said…

    Right now I am loving PSE. I just started digi scrapping and love this program!

  • 59.
    Sandy said…

    Project Life and my camera are tops w/ me right now. This has encouraged me to look at the “simple things” in my life. But…it has also made me want a new camera–LOL!

  • 60.
    Tiffani said…

    Favorite tools right now are probably punches – circle, border, etc.

  • 61.
    Debbie said…

    My favorite tool right now is my 1 1/2″ circle punch. You can do so many creative things with it.

  • 62.
    Hilke said…

    Combining my love for crochet with Scrapbooking or felting….that’s what I really like at the moment!

  • 63.
    HildeM said…

    Distress Inks. Use them for so many different things on cards and scrapbooking. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the prize draw :)

  • 64.
    Louise said…

    Divided page protectors, making scrapbooking alot easier and managable these days.

  • 65.
    Janice said…

    My current favorite “tool” is my camera. I’m learning so much! And, having two precious grandsons is making it so much more enjoyable! I would LOVE to win the “Clickn Moms” membership! Thanks for the chance!

  • 66.
    Yulia said…

    My favorite tool for now is my computer.
    Thank you for wonderful giveaways!
    Have a good weekend!

  • 67.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Photoshop definitely favorite tool (next to my camera)

  • 68.
    Jenn L said…

    I am really loving a variety of Photoshop actions. They can often take my photos from good to great!

  • 69.
    SandyB said…

    My favorite tool is photoshop.

  • 70.
    Michelle said…

    My new favorite tool is my Martha Stewart butterfly punch. I saw Elizabeth Kartchner use it several times on her layouts and had to try it – now I’m addicted!

  • 71.
    Peaceliving said…

    Ooh! All three look great (and I do have Photoshop CS3 so I could use the first one!) My favorite creative tool right now…I’m experimenting with my photoshop actions and trying to figure out what they all do. I’m also using Becky Higgin’s Project Life album which is a good challenge and at the same time a release from traditional scrapbooking. I’m liking it, as I had been “scrap challenged” for the past year.

  • 72.
    Kim said…

    I would have to say my current favorite scrapbooking tool is my photoshop program. Over the last 6 months I’ve been learning how to use this program. Little by little I’m expanding my skills and I’m thrilled with my results. Ali, I hope you and your little ones are on the road to recovery. Have a great weekend, Kim :)

  • 73.
    Jules Stuart said…

    My favorite tool has got to be my cricut cutter. It makes things so much easier when it comes to cutting out letters and shapes. Plus, I can interact with it with the computer. This is a wonderful give-a-way Ali! Thanks to you and all of your sponsors. Have a terrific weekend!

  • 74.
    Betheroo said…

    Right now I’m enjoying using my computer. I am learning to use Photoshop for digi-scrapping and hybrid scrapping.

  • 75.
    Jenny Alfonso said…

    I can’t live without kraft cardstock. It’s my to-go-product :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  • 76.
    ciacchina said…

    WoW! un altro bellissimo giveaway! adoro i timbri e ora mi sto divertendo da matti con la mia nuovissima Big-shot!
    grazie dell’opportunità

  • 77.
    deborah said…

    Such great giveaways – I love the mix of digital and traditional stuff! Thanks for the chance to win.
    My current favorite tool is the large square punch that you featured a little while ago – I bought one and am having fun coming up with ways to use it!

  • 78.
    Lidia said…

    My most creative tool is the internet!!!

  • 79.
    Melisa Hunter said…

    My favourite products are designer paper, stamps and embellishments. I couldn’t stop at one(!) product! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 80.
    Dennise H. said…

    At this moment my fave tool is my Cricut…I love the imagaes and endless possiblitles i can create with just a few cart’s….but really i love all my tools they work together.

  • 81.
    Pam said…

    Awesome giveaways!!!! My favorite tool is my sewing machine:) No project seems complete without it! I also just got a typewriter from ebay, so that has been showing up on my pages a lot lately too:)

  • 82.
    Amy said…

    I recently downloaded your Hand-drawn journal blocks and I absolutely love them! My other favourite tool is a good glass of red wine…helps get the creative juices flowing :)

  • 83.
    Lauri said…

    Love the giveaways! Thank you to your sponsors! My favorite tool is the Log Your Memory 2010 daily memory keeper/jogger. I found it on your blog in November, bought it, and downloaded the Dec 09 and 2010 calendars. It’s full of great ideas to help me capture what’s going on in my world right now as well as inspiration to jot notes about stories I want to tell. I take it with me everywhere! Thanks Ali!!

  • 84.
    Holly S said…

    I’ve gotta say lately I am loving polka dots a lot!! Bold colored polka dots, soft colored polka dots, mixed colored polka dots…I can’t get enough of these beauties!
    Sending healing vibes your way.

  • 85.
    Amy said…

    I love Treasury of Memories. I would love to get my hands on that paper. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you and your family are well today.

  • 86.
    Karin Podolski said…

    My favorite product is this cool camera bag by Acme. It looks like a little bowling bag. Why is it my favorite? Because I saw it in CK and showed the pic to my dad. His response was “That is hideous! You already have a camera bag!!” (men..). Anyway, about 2 weeks later, he came home from Best Buy with the same bag….I think of him every time I whip out my camera. Thanks, Dad!

  • 87.
    Laura said…

    Hi Ali-
    Definitely all my new aperture 3 presets and brushes, fun, fun, fun. Of course my camera too. Off to learn more about clickin Mom’s.

  • 88.

    My favorite tool at the moment is my brand new I-top bradmaker. Just got it for my birthday and I am so happy with it!

  • 89.
    Debbie Servantez said…

    The internet! I’m pretty new at this so bouncing around reading the blogs and looking at galleries is very very inspiring. I learned so much doing the December Daily that I am doing Project Life and also am gearing up to do Week in the Life! So excited!

  • 90.
    Debbie said…

    Definately my computer!

  • 91.
    Jess said…

    I have recently fallen BACK in love with my circle cutter. I can’t get over how easy and simple it is to use and how much it can improve a simple layout!

  • 92.
    Lyndsey said…

    I’ve been loving the Pioneer Woman actions, she has some great ones!

  • 93.
    Sara Padgett said…

    My favorite creative tool is my dSLR camera. I love it! Great prizes!

  • 94.
    Joy said…

    At the moment my favourite tool is my Photoshop CS3 application which I am spending hours trying to master, I am not a quick learner and am very envious of those that seem to pick it up so quickly, luckily I have discovered all the talented Hybrid Scapbooker’s out there on the world wide web who have made learning photoshop that much easier with their helpful tips and tutorials. I love the idea of the Compositors from Moiratools, anything that makes photoshop easier to use is a winner in my eyes.

  • 95.
    Karidan said…

    OH my I would love to win any of these… I have been wanting a membership to Clickin Moms for forever just dont have the budget… I seen the moiratools on another blog and enter a giveaway there for them too!! Would help with my clients storyboards so much.. ok way to long just pick me PLEASE!!!

  • 96.
    Jennie said…

    The treasury of Memories kit is so fun!!! I’m in love with my kraft knife right now. I love cutting out parts of printed paper to use as embellishments on my layouts! Thanks Ali for all the giveaways!

  • 97.
    Minimimi said…

    I have looking at Clicking mom for awhile and would love to try it. Of course, I am always open to discover great new scrapbooking club too!

  • 98.
    LynneB said…

    My favorite tool right now is PSE. Having so much fun playing with it and doing hybrid and digital layouts.

  • 99.
    Renee said…

    My favorite tool right now is Photoshop Elements – love learning all it can do. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  • 100.

    My favorite tool tight now is probably PSE which I never really took the time to explore until I was taking your yesterday/Today class, and now with Cathy’s DYL class. It isn’t as difficult as I was letting it be in my mind!