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For quite a number of years now, I have believed that scrapbooking is a way to own our story.

Through documentation and exploration and simply getting the story down on paper we come to know ourselves better. And as my friend Dr. Brené Brown says, "we gain access to our worthiness."

I first met Brené, a researcher, writer and professor, a few years back at our now annual Oregon Coast summer retreat. She is an exceptional woman who inspires me in so many ways, most especially through her concept of wholeheartedness. We bonded over some of our "better" type-A qualities, years & years of swimming, good old sarcasm, and the fact that we both "like our crazy right up front."

Karen did a great interview yesterday with Brené here.

BBrownCaseFrontMed This week Brené is celebrating the release of her new DVD titled The Hustle for Worthiness with a Week of Worthiness on her blog. To help her celebrate I am giving away one of these DVD's today.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate "who I am" and "what I believe" is to capture the ordinary moments of life - the moments that tell the real everyday stories of our family. Leave a comment below sharing one of your favorite ordinary moments for a chance to win Brené's new DVD.

Comments will be closed tonight at 8pm Pacific with the winner posted shortly after.

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  1. Tina S.

    2010-03-09 13:52:51 -0500

    What a great giveaway! My favorite everyday moment has been the best for me ever since my first child was born 24 years ago. I love to go to the kids' rooms right before I go to bed for the night just to listen to their breathing and their sweet, sleepy sounds. I used to love to listen to their baby sighs. My "baby" is 17 now but I still go into his room each night before I go to bed to listen to the deep even breathing of sleep.

  2. Kat

    2010-03-09 13:56:56 -0500

    Ordinary moments: as a newlywed we are still figuring out what our ordinary is but my favorite time is Sunday morning- hanging out in bed, cooking breakfast and just "being", no hussle and bussle to pull us away from each other.

  3. Linda Mc

    2010-03-09 13:59:38 -0500

    I love lying down at night when I know all is well and my family is safe. The second fav is when we are all awake in the morning rushing to get out of the house!!!!

  4. pamela joy

    2010-03-09 14:01:59 -0500

    The moments right before my daughters fall asleep. That time when they are most open and vulnerable and tell me their dreams and fears and wishes in the dark. I stroke their hair and listen and think how blessed I am. It is my favorite time each and every day.

  5. Jan C.

    2010-03-09 14:04:08 -0500

    Tonight, cooking a pasta dinner with my kids and joking around.

  6. Michele

    2010-03-09 14:08:19 -0500

    The everyday moment I cherish is when my 2.5 year old asks his brother, myself and husband, "How was your day?" OMG to think he cares about us as much as we care about him!

  7. Jeannie Jones

    2010-03-09 14:08:39 -0500

    We were not fortunate to be blessed with children and my husband hates to be photographed. I'm trying to do the Project Life but find that I've run out of creative pictures to take every day. I can only take so many pictures of my daily Coke Zero. I need some inspiration.

  8. Cait

    2010-03-09 14:10:17 -0500

    My favorite ordinary moment? Listening to my son sing a lullaby to his baby sister when he thinks no one is listening. :)

  9. Kristi

    2010-03-09 14:12:07 -0500

    Getting a kiss with super sticky little lips.

  10. [email protected]

    2010-03-09 14:13:50 -0500

    to love. every day. every moment. every one. no matter what. and btw - I'm going to be a grandma - no ordinary moment, but wonderful all the same

  11. [email protected]

    2010-03-09 14:16:19 -0500

    I love kissing my daughter goodnight. No matter what went on that day, no matter how many smiles or tears, how much stress or anxiety, I enjoy that moment more than any other. Each night it is a moment of peace and comfort, I take the time to savor it each night.

  12. Amy

    2010-03-09 14:20:18 -0500

    Taking the bus around the city, either to & from work, downtown to shop or see a show....I just love zoning out, or listening to good music or a podcast, reading, people-watching, the camraderie of the "regulars" on my morning route, getting to know the different drivers. Ordinary, but extraordinary.

  13. Lauri

    2010-03-09 14:22:02 -0500

    A favorite ordinary moment is (still) walking into my 16 and 18 year-old sons rooms in the morning and saying "time to rise and shine" or some other thing I've been saying for the past 15 years to wake them up in the morning on school days. I've asked them if they'd prefer an alarm (and sometimes they use one) but they say they like waking up this way - it's what they've always known. How sweet and ordinary and special all at the same time is that? ;-) Love the inspiration from Brene!

  14. ali gitt

    2010-03-09 14:26:11 -0500

    waking up in the morning to let my dog outside...he gets so excited and jumps up and down, turns in circles...I smile each time I see him. Another ordinary moment is taking a shower and having a moment to reflect on what the day is going to be about...refreshing moment.

  15. Lynnelle S

    2010-03-09 14:32:03 -0500

    Love the title! My ordinary moment today was swinging my three-year old. She would sigh and close her eyes and whisper "more". My heart yearns for these our busy lives they seem to quickly go by us, but today we played on a beautiful day of spring and enjoyed "more."

  16. jen shears

    2010-03-09 14:38:22 -0500

    Telling my daughter so many times a day that I love her.... :)

  17. Tammie

    2010-03-09 14:38:51 -0500

    Cuddling in the morning with my little girl and Playing uno or board games with her at night... especially when she decides she wants to "let me win".

  18. Danielle N.

    2010-03-09 14:40:40 -0500

    Going out for breakfast/brunch on the weekend followed by a trip to the bookstore.

  19. Leanne

    2010-03-09 14:41:14 -0500

    Ali - I found Brene through YOU - in an ordinary moment. Clicking away at the computer until I read something that "spoke to me" and filled my soul. Brene did that . . .wholeheartedly. You do it, too.
    So, thanks to both of you.

  20. Shannon

    2010-03-09 14:42:34 -0500

    Fixing my daughter's hair in the morning.

  21. Donna

    2010-03-09 14:54:30 -0500

    Almost every night I go to bed a little bit before my sweet husband. As I am reading or just about to fall asleep I listen to him playing his guitar (acoustic and sometimes electric). It's most ordinary in our house and something I appreciate (even when I have to close the door because it is a bit loud). Ordinary and comforting!

  22. Phyllis

    2010-03-09 14:56:00 -0500

    Love to sit and play games (like Yatzee) with my husband of 42 years.

  23. Phyllis

    2010-03-09 14:57:44 -0500

    Love to sit and play games (like Yatzee) with my husband of 42 years.

  24. Winnie

    2010-03-09 15:00:43 -0500

    I drive by a cemetery on the way to work everyday. I pay my respect by turning off the car stereo and to remind myself to live in the moment and let go of all negative feelings. Because there is no way to know when it all ends.

  25. Steph H.

    2010-03-09 15:02:55 -0500

    The simple exchange of hugs and smooches as my husband and I say our Good Mornings and ask each other "How did you sleep?" I look forward to that every morning and miss it when we are not together.

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