Easter Photos & Scrapbook Layout


Easter around here was very low key this year.

But still wonderfully colorful.


I did a bit of super-simple egg-dying in between resting in bed on Saturday (fever & sore throat this past weekend). The one good thing about being sick recently is that I am almost done with a book I started and put down long ago: Wallace Stegner's Crossing to Safety. I am finding myself deeply intertwined with the story.


Egg hunting for the Edwards' requires PJ's, a bathrobe or sweatshirt, and something to cover your feet.


As usual, Simon had a great time. He may not be a fan of coloring the eggs but he really likes to hunt for them. He also really likes saying hi to the Easter bunny who we happened to run into at the mall a few weeks back. His biggest disappointment was that the bunny did not bring any cookies in any of the eggs in his basket. What's up with that Easter Bunny?


And the silly little fancy pants, who loves going outside most of all, immediately got the hang of the whole process. Carry the basket and pick up eggs. True to her own style she had fun picking up the eggs, crashing two of them together and then throwing them on the ground. She also had fun climbing up the few steps outside our door and picking up dirt.

I took the photos above and added a couple more and put them together into a digital layout:


Our Easter layout for 2010 is a 2-page 12x12 spread, with the second page being one large 12x12 image. Here's a close-up look at the first page (click to view larger):


For this page I used my Beauty of Now layered template from Designer Digitals, adjusting the title to reflect the subject. Other supplies used include the handwritten Easter (from my Spring Handdrawn Brushes), the 2010 date, and Michelle Martin's Emery Solid cardstock.

For a how-to and more information on working with digital layered templates check out this video tutorial & free layered template.

The rest of our day was spent hanging out and resting. Chris' Mom came over for an early Cesar salad dinner and we spent some time talking about an upcoming family trip we will be taking later this summer. I got to read more of my book. Anna played with the empty plastic eggs (after spending time hunting for the candy that they had held earlier) and her basket. Simon played a little wii Star Wars and put together a lego ship.

It was quiet and lovely.

Today I am a guest over on Tracey Clark's blog with a special photo for her I Am Enough project.
I read some of the other entries last night and they are lovely (mine is just a photo..."it is enough."). I love this concept. We all need to be reminded of this again and again.

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