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April 12, 2010

Starting To Plan For Week In The Life

One of the things I worked on this past weekend was finalizing some of the things I will be using for my Week In The Life project that gets underway next week.

If this is your first year documenting a week in your life, welcome! If you are still on the fence, there’s always time and there’s always modifications but there is never a perfect week.

Thinking About Supplies

I’ve decided to go with the same format for my album as last year: an 8.5×11 album with regular sized page protectors (a 2-page spread for each day) and a baseball card page protector for each day (7). You can get baseball card page protectors at office supply stores, specialty card stores, and even Toys R Us (that’s where I grabbed mine this year).

I also ordered some more 8.5×11 white cardstock – I’ll be using that for my base again.

To spice things up this time I’m going to use a red We Are Memory Keepers album (I know, really spicy).

One nice thing about getting your album organized in advance is that you can use it as a storage place as you collect things over the seven days. You can also grab seven envelopes and use those, labeling one for each day of the week.

Right now I’m working on a new design to hold my photos and journaling for the week. Last year I used The Story of Today overlays. Look for something new from me, both printable/hybrid and fully digital/layered template later this week (available this coming weekend at Designer

Today’s thought:

Is there something specific you want to document this year?

Last year I did running tally/list of what was happening over the course of the day as my journaling. You can see an example here and what the end result looked like here. As you will notice I tended to have much more information early in the day and much less later in the day.

In other years I’ve emphasized different categories that I made sure I documented each day: food, gratitude, work, etc. I asked on Twitter and Facebook last week what three things people really wanted to document in 2010. Some of the things mentioned included:

  1. a photo of your outfit each day (I definitely encourage getting a photo of yourself each day)
  2. routines
  3. activities
  4. ups & downs
  5. conversations/overheard/quotes from kids, family, etc
  6. things that made me smile
  7. hometown
  8. what you’re watching/listening to/reading (tv, music, internet)
  9. mundane tasks
  10. observations
  11. weather
  12. pets
  13. what things cost
  14. etc

Other ideas? I’d love to hear what you are planning on documenting?

I’m planning to solidify my personal category choices later on this week. What you choose to document will be up to you.

No Better Time For Spring Cleaning

Over the next five days I’ll be encouraging a bit of spring cleaning before embarking on this project. Not necessarily all over your house (Simple Mom has a great series planned on that this week), but in your craft area and in your mind as you get ready to take the time to document seven days in your life.

I’m getting excited!


  • 1.
    Lana said…

    Totally excited too! I have already prepped my album using your “The Story of Today” overlays but I am looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for this year.
    I don’t have anything specific in mind that I’d like to document during the week, but I like some of the ideas on your list like my outfit every day, and conversations. Those subjects could definitely make things more interesting this time around.
    Thanks for sharing this, Ali. I do love this project!

  • 2.
    Molly Irwin said…

    Quick question, Ali:
    With just 14 pages (2 spreads/day) + a few additional inserts, I was wondering if I needed an entire album for this. Do you find there’s a lot of extra depth/room left on the ring in the finished album?

  • 3.
    Bloomingayl said…

    Things being what they are today, I thought I ledger of my purchases and their cost would be an eyeopener for this project. I’m using Cosmo Cricket ledger cardstock. I know there are many other choices as wells as digital. . .also feel like I’m cheating. Started my book already and plan to cover the highlights of April. I love these projects.

  • 4.
    Michelle P said…

    New to this, but I am EXCITED!! I bought my album & inserts. I can’t wait to get started. I think I’ll print off some of “The Story of Today” on transparencies. I like the idea of using conversations. My kids are all teenagers….so you can imagine some of our dinner conversation. Thanks Ali for inspiring me to stretch beyond what I normally do.
    You’re AWESOME!!

  • 5.
    michelleK said…

    this is great….I am going to start a week in the life of album this week. I had no idea you were going to be doing this.

  • 6.
    Nancy said…

    Getting ready here too.
    Couldn’t you persuade Designer Digitals to add Paypal as a payment method? I really want to get some of your digital files, but only have Paypal…
    Looking forward to next Monday.
    Really like that we are starting with a check-up for Morrison at the pediatrician (nothing wrong, just a check-up), so I will be able to add his current height and weight and things to the beginning of this album.
    Fun stuff!

  • 7.
    debbi g. said…

    I am totally on board..LOVE this idea.

  • 8.
    Jean said…

    I plan to incorporate my lists – shopping, errands, … I found from the Yesterday + Today course that the handwritten items of my grandmother’s, mother’s and aunt’s were incredibly important and meaningful to me. I think my lists say a lot about my “everyday.”

  • 9.
    Sarah Mullanix said…

    I absolutely LOVE this…you’re totally right about there never being a perfect week to do this, but I tried a month in my life album a few years ago with a group of friends and although we finished it I think that a week in the life will accomplish the same results without being too overwhelming to keep up with. I can’t wait to hear and see more!

  • 10.
    Tanya Gilmartin said…

    I always like to document the things we purchased. From big ticket items (if any) to groceries, gas and other essentials. I think it would be cool to look back and see how much things cost. Save your reciepts and tuck them into a little pocket for each day.
    Looking forward to another great project with you, Ali!

  • 11.
    TheDana said…

    Getting ready here, too! I’ve already started putting my binder together, the baseball card holders are set to go, I pulled my papers and started making my embellishments. I’ve made a list of the things I want to document. I like the idea of adding convos. I also like the idea mentioned above of keeping a ledger of daily purchases. I take a picture of the gas prices every year so I know that this will be a valuable addition to our week-in-the-life. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • 12.
    Leslie said…

    I am going to play along. This is such an awesome idea. I have done this twice and LOvE it. Thanks, Ali for all your inspiration. LOVE it!! Spring cleaning sounds GREAT!

  • 13.
    cinback said…

    I have participated in this project with you for the last 2 years and I am so going to follow along again this year. I love looking back on the everyday routines and seeing how they evolve from one year to the next!

  • 14.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Anna has a check-up on Monday too :) . I will mention Paypal to Katie.

  • 15.
    Ali Edwards said…

    I think it doesn’t necessarily need it’s own album Molly. I looked at the one from 2008 and it takes up about 3/4 (+ a little more) of the 8.5×11. I do a separate album because my others are all 12×12.
    In 2008 I also included a couple other things in the back – like part of a folded newspaper on the day that the market really fell.

  • 16.
    teresa said…

    this will be my first week in life, even though i tried not just once…this time i will go through with it!
    I want to document numbers as well such as:
    #of hours my baby sleeps
    # of ounces he drinks
    can’t wait to start!

  • 17.
    Debbie C. said…

    I really enjoy your blog…it is so inspiring. I think I am going to dive in and finally do a week in my life along with you! I have been wanting to do this for some time now. Ali, some friends of mine and I would like for you to do another video on your favorite tools, an up-dated version…surely you have some new ones by now! And maybe your favorite tips. In your spare time of course HA! I learn so much from you. Thanks for the white pen info and the sew mini info..I had been slowly researching these on my own, and there it was…straight from your exciting.Thanks Debbie

  • 18.
    Melanie said…

    I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun.

  • 19.
    Kelli said…

    Loads of great ideas! I haven’t done this before but am excited to give it a try. I didn’t quite finish my 25 days album the way I wanted but by the end of January I had to let it go and call it done. Since this is only a week, I think I’ll do much better :o )

  • 20.
    Denise K. said…

    I’ve had a “Week In The Life” project on the brain, excited that it’s coming up, but not sure how to translate that excitement into preparation. Thank you for walking us through the prep – it is Priceless!

  • 21.
    Nancy said…

    Ah, never mind, I just got an answer from Randy too and will be able to put my order in manually!
    Can’t wait to get started with your designs (and a few of the other designers as well, haha)!
    Funny thing about Anna’s check-up too! What a coincidence! But then again, I think Morrison and Anna are only 10 days apart. Would love to see how much they are alike in height and weight!

  • 22.
    Raewyn A said…

    My Mum, 17yr old daughter and I are going on a girly shopping trip to Australia from 20th to 25th so I am hoping to make this “Week In The Life” project our travel journal this year – we can start on the 19th with the packing of our luggage which would include all my lists! LOL

  • 23.
    Lady Aga said…

    I’ll try to do this project with You. It’s great idea and good reason to think about important and not_so_important things in my life. And my first scrapbooking-project about ME;)
    Greetings from Poland

  • 24.
    kelly said…

    Is this a project that we pay for? I searched but didn’t find it. Perhaps it is obvious?

  • 25.
    Deb J said…

    I will be participating. I created a small 6X6 album with chipboard that I have decorated. I enticed a few others ladies to join me by having them over to make their own albums. It will be fun.

  • 26.
    paula said…

    Dear Ali,
    Just wanted to drop a note to say that I saw your past post about “A week in the Life” and thought I’d skip it this year because I had too much going on (a monthly scrapbook for both my kids and Project Life) and have a hard time keeping up with projects. Then I read today’s post and remembered my 1st attempt at this when you did it back in 2008? Although I did not complete an album, I’m so grateful that I jumped in and took pictures of our family that week. Looking back now and remembering the routines I had with my son and my daughter (who was just months old back then) has been an eye-opener for me…I can’t believe how many details of our lives I’ve already forgotten! The pictures I took that week are one of my most prized possessions in the legacy I want to give my children and I’m so grateful I did it. Thanks for motivating me again to do it this year…it will be nice to record and compare how our lives have changed since then. Also, thanks for the reminder that no week is perfect…and even if I don’t complete an entire album I will be joining you and recording our lives (even if by picture only) again!

  • 27.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Kelly – this isn’t a class that you pay for. I will give you information this week, next and the week after to help people along the way. You can do it how I do it (or how I have done it in the past) or make up your own version. It’s more a chance to do something with others at the same time…
    That said I do offer products for sale that I will be using in my album. You can read more about the project here:

  • 28.
    Jamie De Luna said…

    I am VERY excited to do another Week in Life. My first one was in Oct last year and was such a fun experience. I actually missed taking pictures of all the daily details when it was done. I’m still trying to finish my December Daily so that will be on hold while Week in Life takes over. Until finding Ali, I was never able to have an excuse to do an album for myself. The week in life is so manageable and really fun. Thank you Ali!!!

  • 29.
    ToLiveInspired said…

    I love this idea.. But where I am a bit stuck is that I am already doing project 365 ( well I call it 365ish, since I get it most of the time but not all.. In reality it’s probably more like project 52 as I do a semi digital gathering of info and pics from each week.. ) I am trying to decide if I just slip a week in the life into the 365 or do a different thing for it.. hmmmm .. Really new to scrapbooking, so want to push myself a bit but not go into a panic mode!

  • 30.
    Ricka said…

    I am going to document my little one potty trained. I am thinking it’s quite interesting to see how long she does..

  • 31.
    lori said…

    I am looking forward to next week’s week in the life. ( I had a blast doing the december daily album). So, thank you for this post to help prompt me to which direction I want to go in journaling and documenting my family’s week.

  • 32.
    j. landis said…

    Very excited for this to start.
    Hoping it will help me sb more than
    just major events in my family’s
    life. I found the sheet proctectors
    you mentioned at

  • 33.
    Ami said…

    I am excited to join in this year. I must admit I wasn’t going to do it but then I found an wonderful brown 8-1/2×11 album with protectors and exactly 7 baseball card page protectors in my stash! I decided it was a sign that I should make the time for this project.

  • 34.
    elisa said…

    Hey Ali,
    I hesitated even considering doing “A Week in The Life” after having done the December Daily, which I found a little tough during the holidays, although it’s pretty much completed except for the embellishments. However, after you announced that it would be for the Week of April 19th, my second daughter’s first birthday, I realized, how could I resist? I haven’t decided my formula yet, but am getting ready for the challenge. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!

  • 35.
    Stephanne Smith said…

    You know, I’ve watched this album being put together the last few years and thought I’d never be able to do it because not that much happens–every day seems so “rinse and repeat”. But this year–THIS YEAR–I’m inspired to find SOMETHING about every day that’s meaningful. I’ve got a soon-to-be 4yr old who always has something to say and we’re in contract on a new house. If I can’t find something inspiring with all of the blessings I’ve encountered lately, well…
    Anyway… thanks for doing this each year and reminding me that there’s more to life than just the day to day.

  • 36.
    Marilyn Johnson said…

    I really want to join in this year but I am worried I won’t have enough time. I will keep watching your blog to see how you organize it all. Do you just keep notes and take pictures then put it all together the following week? We will have lots going on at our house. A baby shower for the new baby we are expecting, my 17 year old’s birthday and her prom, as well as gardening!

  • 37.
    Tanya Watson said…

    I so love this idea…Ive started this week though (Tuesday here in nz now, so started yesterday)Im doing this week and next week collecting things etc, I know its a week in a life, but I wanted to do a week with my daughter home as its school holidays and then a week when shes at school as the routine my son and I have is very different when shes at school as he has playcentre 2 days a week….i may just end up putting one week into the album yet Im not sure but no harm in doing them both and then going from there….also im putting a pocket at the back of the album to hold the front page of the herald and out local paper the couties news and also going to do the kids hand prints and there age and height and weight on it and then the tv guide as i mark what i want to watch in the week….lol lots of extras but i think they will be interesting to look over in years to come….when my kids were born i kept the herald paper as well so one is 10 years old and one is 2 years old, great to read back on… all your projects Ali – thanks for the inspiration

  • 38.
    Ali Edwards said…

    That’s usually how I do it Marilyn. One week for collecting and then one week or so for putting it together. Since I am blogging about it I do it all right away…some people may wait a bit before putting it all together in an album (or some people who are doing it digitally work on it each day as they go). Definitely up to you.

  • 39.
    Ali Edwards said…

    I often think that the beauty of life is really in the “rinse and repeat.”
    You can do this :) .

  • 40.

    Hi Ali,
    Thanks for info. I think I will actually attempt this. 7 days sounds easy enough.

  • 41.
    Colleen Sheehy said…

    Ali – I am super excited! I’ve finally decided to commit and do the week in a life project with you!! It’ll be my first time. :)
    Question, I’m not a digi scraper at all. I don’t even have Photoshop. I have a MAC, but only use picasa to edit my pics. Will you have templates similar to “The Story of Today” that I can just print out and use straight from my printer?
    Also, why did you decide to use 8.5X11 pages? I also usually scrap 12X12 and am not sure what I want to do for this project.

  • 42.
    LJM said…

    Such a great idea, and thanks for the push to get it going.

  • 43.
    Emma said…

    Hi Ali
    I am joining in again for the thrid year running. I keep a daily journal so choosing what I will record for the whole week is a bit of a challenge for me to make it stand out from the rest of my journal. Some things I do record are
    - the puzzles that I complete – sudako or crosswords,
    - any comics or pictures I find in the papers that make me smile,
    - word of the day and it’s meaning from,
    - the major news item on Sunrise (our morning talk show),
    - a recipe from one of the meals I cook through the week
    - parts of any phone conversations that I have
    - any small pictures of sketches that I draw
    - a snippet from my uni work
    Just to name a few things that I will be recording.
    Look forward to seeing the different pages created.

  • 44.
    Debbie Servantez said…

    Got my album today and a pack of page protectors. Love that idea. I am very excited!!! Challenges are a big help to me to get something done…a finite commitment. :D

  • 45.
    noell said…

    Molly, I’m just going to add the pages to my regular Everyday album — the album where I keep all my layouts that are about everyday things and routines we do.

  • 46.
    Noell Hyman said…

    Every day Izzy and I make sure to spend some concentrated one-on-one time with each other. Once in a while it’s just to sit and talk at the end of the day. Often we leave the oldest in charge after dinner so we can go get a drink together. Or he’ll play guitar while I sing along. Sometimes we bake or play games or read to each other. I’m excited to give those together times their own little place in my pages so I have a document of each of them.
    I also take a daily Me-time where I write or do something artistic. I plan to give my Me-time a daily place, too.

  • 47.
    Sara Mangan said…

    Every night at supper we all go around the table and tell our high and low of the day.
    Our youngest is 3 and she even participates.
    So one of the things I want to document is each person’s high and low every day.

  • 48.
    Lani said…

    Ali – how are you taking the shots of you during your week? Checked out your previous posts, and wondered if you have a helper, or are you just using a timer? Thanks!

  • 49.
    Catherine Reum said…

    I have to admit, I wasn’t going to participate. It is a funny time with finals right around the corner, etc. Then reading this post- it dawned on me! I graduate in May, after 7yrs I FINALLY graduate, what better way to document this last chapter? So, long story short- I’m in!

  • 50.
    MAC said…

    I’m going to a weekend crop April 23-24. I’ve never taken photos at a crop before. Now I have to! We’re also moving a piano that weekend. The rest of the week is “mundane,” but that’s the attraction to doing this project. I’ll be paying special attention to my health each day. I’ve got lupus and never know which are going to be my good and which my bad days. This project will help push me to open up about my illness.

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