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A few months back I received an email from a writer who was working on a story for the April issue of Real Simple magazine about things readers can do to improve their lives that are actually worth their time. She was interested in the Week In The Life project and why it was a good idea.

I was really, really excited to get this email and even more excited to see it in print.

As many of you know this project has been a favorite of mine since I captured my first full week back in 2004-2005. The original project was for my album class at Creating Keepsakes University. I remember being so, so nervous before that first class. Since that time my love for this project has grown. These albums are awesome peeks into my life and the lives of my family at a particular point in time.

I love that anyone can do this project. Anyone can commit to one week of personal storytelling, of capturing what their life is all about at a particular moment in time...and then let the rest go. Documentation like this is made even easier these days with all the technology at our fingertips. No one needs to lug around a fancy camera - you can do the whole project with your smart phone. Snap photos with your camera and use a notes/document feature to jot down the details of the days. Pair that with one envelope per day for capturing receipts, handwritten notes, bits of life, etc. and that's really all you need for the gathering phase. 

I am getting really excited to do it again in just a couple of weeks.
You're invited to play along from April 19th through the 25th. During
the week I will post my daily photos, stories, and comments on the
process of documenting and gathering. The week after (April 26th through
the 20th) I'll showcase how the album comes together.

This year why not invite someone else to document a week in their life as well? Introduce a friend, family member (maybe a parent) or maybe one or more of your kids to the project. Consider creating a support network to encourage and share with each other over the seven days and then make a date to get together to organize your content into an album. Or just share stories and photos and bits of life you collected.

Thanks Real
for helping spread the message that documenting everyday life is definitely worth the time.

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