Week In The Life : Friday


Daddy's cereal always seems to taste better than anything she has on her tray.


As much as I love the internet I still love having a morning paper.


Anna seems to like the paper too.


This morning she was carrying around Corduroy and one of her babies and going back and forth between her pink chair and Simon's red chair.

Insert missing photos of an oatmeal breakfast, a cool vegan doughnut shop for a visit with a friend, & a great bike workout at the gym.


Chris and I attended the Demobilization & Change of Command Ceremonies for 2-162 Infantry of our local National Guard. They were returning home after 9 months in Iraq. God Bless the volunteers.


Chris talking with Representative Nancy Nathanson.


This is the face of a boy who was not too happy to be heading out of town on a car trip on a Friday afternoon. He really just wanted to go home. Normally he loves going to the city to stay in a hotel but today he was just plain tired from the past week. Completely understandable.


This is the face of a girl who likes checking out cool hotels in Portland. Chris needed to attend a fundraiser dinner so we all decided to come. This time we stayed at The Nines.


Our room.


Anna and the couch.


Looking up.


Friday has been a blur.

It's been one of those days packed full with stuff where you zoom from one thing to the next. It's been good stuff...just at a much faster pace than I normally like (with a couple speed bumps along the way for good measure of course).

Looking forward to documenting the weekend and everything that goes along with a Saturday & Sunday for us right now.

Hugging my kids and my husband extra tight tonight.


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