Week In The Life : Friday


Daddy's cereal always seems to taste better than anything she has on her tray.


As much as I love the internet I still love having a morning paper.


Anna seems to like the paper too.


This morning she was carrying around Corduroy and one of her babies and going back and forth between her pink chair and Simon's red chair.

Insert missing photos of an oatmeal breakfast, a cool vegan doughnut shop for a visit with a friend, & a great bike workout at the gym.


Chris and I attended the Demobilization & Change of Command Ceremonies for 2-162 Infantry of our local National Guard. They were returning home after 9 months in Iraq. God Bless the volunteers.


Chris talking with Representative Nancy Nathanson.


This is the face of a boy who was not too happy to be heading out of town on a car trip on a Friday afternoon. He really just wanted to go home. Normally he loves going to the city to stay in a hotel but today he was just plain tired from the past week. Completely understandable.


This is the face of a girl who likes checking out cool hotels in Portland. Chris needed to attend a fundraiser dinner so we all decided to come. This time we stayed at The Nines.


Our room.


Anna and the couch.


Looking up.


Friday has been a blur.

It's been one of those days packed full with stuff where you zoom from one thing to the next. It's been good stuff...just at a much faster pace than I normally like (with a couple speed bumps along the way for good measure of course).

Looking forward to documenting the weekend and everything that goes along with a Saturday & Sunday for us right now.

Hugging my kids and my husband extra tight tonight.


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33 thoughts

  1. Debbie

    2010-04-24 03:34:13 -0400

    I love the way you include yourself in so many shots, Ali, and your funny understated journalling style. Loving the inspiration ;-)

  2. Nathalie

    2010-04-24 03:36:08 -0400

    Love, love , love your photos again!!! My favorite is Anna reading the paper, priceless! :) My Friday was like your Wednesday... nothing much going on and the motivation was not there.
    With all the weekend activities I should get re-energized til the finish!

  3. con-tain-it

    2010-04-24 03:39:25 -0400

    The Nines...did you see Pioneer Woman there? Just kiddin'...but she was there last week with her daughter and Mother-in-Law for a book signing and she also stayed at The Nines. She also loved the hotel and the bohemian, eclectic look.

  4. radish

    2010-04-24 04:05:17 -0400

    The first photo of Cris feeding Anna is wonderful. His stance, a sort of just get this over look. I wish I had that photo of my husband with the kids.

  5. cheryl

    2010-04-24 04:10:48 -0400

    I loved the photo of Anna by the couch and I am glad to see Iam not the only one that tries to include myself in a photo.Thanks for sharing them

  6. christene

    2010-04-24 04:25:56 -0400

    Looks like the little girl was enjoying checking out the hotel ALMOST as much as the big girl! ;-)

  7. Kirsten H

    2010-04-24 05:16:25 -0400

    My Friday went nothing like planned, the lack of photos will prove it. Guess it's a bigger journalling day.

  8. lori

    2010-04-24 08:04:46 -0400

    Yesterday was my day 7 of a week in the life as i started last weekend - i loved it! great pictures - especially anna reading the paper. do you follow pioneerwoman? she was at the nines last week. thanks for all your inspiration!

  9. nicole

    2010-04-24 08:37:28 -0400

    great photos! lovely blog!

  10. Nancy

    2010-04-24 08:57:41 -0400

    I really like that you have all these different pictures of the day.
    That did not work out for me this round. I did write full report each evening (ok, I did yesterday's tonight as well...) and have just a few pictures of each day.
    Doesn't matter, I will just work with what I have.
    But for next year, I think I need to use a timer or alarm to remember myself to take pictures. Like, set the timer for each hour or so. And I will definitely keep a notebook with me all day, so I can write little tidbits throughout the day. It's amazing how difficult it can be to remember what you did just a few hours ago. Weird.
    Can't believe we have only one more day to go!
    Looking forward to the assembling of the album next week!

  11. Jessica Turner

    2010-04-24 09:18:20 -0400

    Loving your photos. I started assembling my album and blogged about it here: http://jessicaturnersblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/working-on-week-in-life.html
    It is already such a neat project! Thanks for the inspiration

  12. Paula

    2010-04-24 09:54:50 -0400

    I love that you've shared your week with your beautiful family! Good for you for documenting the week...Babies change so quickly! And I'm missing my morning Detroit Free Press that used to be delivered to my door in Detroit...they'll deliver the Fort Wayne paper in Indiana, but it's not the same.

  13. Jo

    2010-04-24 09:55:24 -0400

    Love the photo of Anna reading the paper - so cute - love her little hands gripping it tight.

  14. glee

    2010-04-24 10:37:49 -0400

    that aqua couch is so beautiful, is that in your room!!
    Your hub is so cute in his glasses! i'm like simon, just wanna stay home. but good to see him getting into the swing of things later.

  15. Jacki

    2010-04-24 11:36:32 -0400

    Wow. what a great day. You had so much packed into just Friday- that it looked like the entire week! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

  16. Michele H.

    2010-04-24 13:44:59 -0400

    love that face of Simon's and Anna reading the paper...to cute:) Enjoy your weekend!

  17. Jennifer S

    2010-04-24 14:49:01 -0400

    Super cool hotel room...great pics!

  18. AnnB

    2010-04-24 16:53:13 -0400

    Gosh, you realize what a small world this is when two blogs you follow talk about the same hotel. Do you follow The Pioneer Woman's blog? Check her out... you have me in common. HA. http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeandgarden/

  19. mary

    2010-04-24 19:03:24 -0400

    loving your photos this week. we stayed at the Nines last Thanksgiving. . . great hotel and great location!

  20. Melanie

    2010-04-25 00:26:33 -0400

    The hotel looks fabulous! Hope you had fun.

  21. Mary Beth

    2010-04-25 12:15:09 -0400

    I love this project and am starting to put it together today. However, I'm having trouble with the journaling cards as they are printing out (from Photoshop) bigger than the W R Memory Keepers baseball card holders. The holders are 2.6 X 3.5 and the journaling cards print out at 3 X 4.25. What am I doing wrong?

  22. Jill

    2010-04-25 12:33:11 -0400

    I so love the way you share yourself with the blog readership!
    I too am going to be recording a week in our life...just wait until the beginning of May. I like to hear what things you might suggest to make it easier. Plus my one and only son turns 5 on May 5th so our week in the life will document his week long birthday celebration too!

  23. Tracy

    2010-04-26 08:23:01 -0400

    My other favorite blog is that of Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. Have you heard of her? Well she is on a book signing tour and stayed at "The Nines" on Friday night and blogged about it also. I recognized the mirror and the hall immediately when I saw her photos. What a small "cyber" world. She too is work at home mom!

  24. Pam

    2010-04-26 12:30:46 -0400

    I wanted to type "you're my second friend to stay at The Nines this month" and then I thought - but neither Ree nor Ali know you exist. Okay, I feel like you're friends!
    Loving this project!

  25. Megan

    2010-06-11 13:26:41 -0400

    Love The Nines. Thank you for documenting all of this and sharing it. I really want to do a project like this now. This seems so fun!!

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