Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale On Now & A Layout


SUPPLIES : AE Pieces Of Life Layered Template, MMartin Lars Solids Background Cardstock, Katie Pertiet Collageables No1, No2, No3.

LT993822-180x180 It's quarterly sale time again at Designer Digitals. From now through Tuesday at midnight EST everything in the store is 30% off. You might consider picking up the template I used for the layout above or maybe you are still thinking about doing a Week In The Life project. Now is a really good time to purchase either the 12x12 or the 8.5x11 packages.

Or maybe you want to think ahead about a way to document your summer (or
you want to go back and document last summer or the one before or the
one before


I've got a great layered template album package that I used for a summer memory book in 2008. The design of the template package is really universal and could be used for all kinds of different stories (theme is Today You). It's definitely one of my favorite photobooks. See the full post on this photobook here

Interested in learning more about digital scrapbooking? Click here for starting points and video tutorials to help you along the way.


A big thank you for the amazing generosity regarding the fundraiser for Linda I posted about yesterday.

14 thoughts

  1. dawn

    2010-05-21 01:41:59 -0400

    Anna looks so sweet in these pictures. I like the new template look too, have so many options with it. I love the layout of Simon also, he's grown up so much. What does Simon do when school is out? Is he excited for summer vacation. I wish I had photoshop so I could get some of these cool digital templates you come up with. Thanks for another great idea, have a good weekend.

  2. Barb M.

    2010-05-21 02:14:25 -0400

    OMG, that Anna layout is amazing. I love the idea and style of the Simon layout. Thanks for enabling and sharing the sale info!

  3. Nicky from Canada

    2010-05-21 02:33:13 -0400

    Loved the today you templates, made my book of last summer and it is loved by everyone in our house. Have since used it for other layouts, getting lots of use out of its versatility.

  4. Jen

    2010-05-21 03:20:24 -0400

    Wow those LO are totally amazing! You provide so much inspiration.

  5. Loretta

    2010-05-21 03:21:04 -0400

    Very nice layout with the pieces of life template.

  6. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2010-05-21 03:25:03 -0400

    Anna is so adorable! Love the new template!

  7. Kelly Massman

    2010-05-21 04:07:04 -0400

    Your pages today are great!

  8. mary

    2010-05-21 10:30:49 -0400

    love that layout ali! my shopping bag is overflowing at DD - so excited for the sale : )

  9. [email protected]

    2010-05-21 12:01:14 -0400

    Question re. Week in the Life
    Are you still incorporating 8.5x11 pages into your 12x12 albums? If so, why not just put the Week in the Life right into your 12x12 album chronologically? There are so may amazing 8.5x11 products out there right now(love Cathy's monthly hybrid in 8.5x11 that you tweeted about for example)and I am debating whether to continue putting 8.5x11's in my 12x12 albums as well. Thanks!

  10. Stacy Moore

    2010-05-21 22:39:11 -0400

    Scrap booking ideas and layouts. I just received 10 free scrapbook layouts. I wanted to share this scrapbooking link with everyone.

  11. kirsten

    2010-05-22 04:47:15 -0400

    Those layouts are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

  12. Melissa Rhodes

    2010-05-22 11:56:23 -0400

    I noticed the shirt Anna is wearing is one my girls had as matching outfits! Do you have the pants that match too? She is so cute! Love your layout too!

  13. Gabi

    2010-05-23 04:55:32 -0400

    These photos of Anna are precious!
    Thank you for wonderful chat at DD, Ali!

  14. Design Editor

    2010-05-23 11:44:34 -0400

    I love the pix of Anna! Great idea to utilize a handful of similar photos from the same take, which I tend to do. Thanks! Catherine

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