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S E E I N G : Hearts. I've been working on keeping my eyes open and looking down when I look through the lens. Totally inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts.


B R O W S I N G : I've been checking out some serious visual inspiration via Creature Comforts. Be warned...this is one of those sites that will lead you on a ton of additional visual adventures.


D O C U M E N T I N G : A Mini Diary from Marta of I love the simplicity of this little book. Currently it sits on my desk and I grab it from time to time and jot down my answers. I feel no pressure or obligation to do it daily.


P U R C H A S I N G : After seeing some awesome quilts Jamaica has been making I commissioned her to create one for Anna. I just about cried when I opened up the package and immediately sent her an email thanking her for creating an heirloom for our family. Handmade = good.


P L A N N I N G : Love how Liz did this wall in her office. Great post including more information and a free template for your photos here.


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