Stories Of Summer : Full Moon Walks By Suzanne Schoenfelder

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51MF7ENBDSL._SL500_AA300_ A family in a book called Walk When the Moon Is Full
(Francis Hamerstrom & Robert Katona 1974; out of print) took a walk in the evening on every full moon for one year. They had an adventure each time and so began our family adventures. It continued for twelve years for us. Our neighborhood, and even our backyard, had a different world offer us at night.

I started recording our lives through the full moon walks before I began scrapbooking. The pages collected in a folder along with drawings, facts and poems about the moon. Now each of the 12 months of the year are in separate page protectors in the Full Moon Walk Scrapbook with pattered paper on the left. This allows many years to be in one scrapbook.


We always had a special treat to eat and kept a record of the following: a simple drawing of the moon if the night was clear, X’d out if cloudy, who we were with, where we walked, the date, temperature, what happened today, what happened that month, and the snack.


We have walked in the snow, rain, on the boardwalk, with Hally’s Comet, and on Christmas Eve. Every so often a Blue Moon event comes up! (two full moons in one month) A full moon walk cannot be postponed because it occurs on that particular night, but a walk doesn’t have to be long if circumstances do not allow.

Eventually we took rides in the car for the full moon walk and only the driver knew where we were going (usually ice cream stands). We had full moon parties and friends would join us. It gave us a chance to collect info on the moon, which led to staying up late on nights that shooting stars were predicted. I know that even fifty years from now when our children see the full moon they will remember our Full Moon Walks.

I hope I have inspired you to start your own Full Moon Walk. Just mark the year’s calendar for the months ahead with the dates of the full moon.

The next full moon just happens to be tomorrow night: Saturday, June 26th.


NOTE FROM ALI : Suzanne's submission was particularly inspiring to me. I love the documentary nature of this activity and how it's something that happens at night - for some reason that makes it feel all the more magical. I love the longevity. I love that it's a tradition that can be passed on from one family to the next. I love that it became something Suzanne's family looked forward to and that they went on to invite others to join in their adventure.

Do you have any special summer family traditions that you look forward to in the summer months? Feel free to share in the comments today.

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