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July 27, 2010

AE Review : Persnickety Prints


In the mail yesterday I received a series of digital layouts and prints I'd uploaded to Persnickety Prints last week. I decided to try out Persnickety after hearing positive feedback around the internet from others who had used their services.


The results were great. I love having these layouts printed and now safely tucked into my albums. I don't usually print 12×12 pages here at home (even though I have an over-sized HP Photosmart B8550 Inkjet Photo Printer
that I like and use daily both for photos and general office-related printing needs
). I find that the professional prints just turn out better overall.

I printed one 12×12 photo (as the second page to this layout shown above). I love having one whole page as a part of a two-page spread. Such a nice way to include photos in the mix. 


As you can see, my digital layouts go right into my 12×12 albums along with my traditional paper layouts.

On my desktop I have a file called "Print." In that file I add digital layouts as I complete them and then when I have a bunch in there I'll upload them to be printed. I usually include any special photos I want to have enlarged.


These two layouts can be seen in more detail here and here.


In addition to the digital pages I also ordered five foam mounted 8×10's that I'll be using for an upcoming home photo project.

UPLOAD + ORDER PROCESS : The upload and order process was simple and didn't take too long (I uploaded 9, 12×12 images and 5, 8×10 images). I thought it was cool that their size options included 8×8, 6×6, and 8.5×11 – all great for digitally printed projects.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : Excellent. They emailed me and let me know that one of my files had been uploaded low-resolution and I was able to email them the full-resolution version before printing.

I'd definitely order from Persnickety again in the future.

And in case you are wondering, I've always been happy using (one of the reasons I love them is that they are based here in Oregon) and Shutterfly,
but I find it's worth checking out others as a means of comparison and it's
always nice to find companies with great customer service.

WANT MORE REVIEWS? : Here's a really great post at The Daily Digi that reviews a bunch of different companies.


My friend Jen Lee is hosting a Voice & Story Retreat this coming November in Colorado called Integrate In The Rockies. It may be just the thing you are needing in your life right now.


  • 51.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Jamie – it’s part of a layered template:

  • 52.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Matte :)

  • 53.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Paula – I go and forth between printing on demand (here at home while I am actually working on a page – that gives me the most flexibility) and having 4×6′s printed that I then use of my layouts and in my minibooks. I know lots of people who just use 4×6′s to remove that obstacle all together – and there’s nothing wrong with simplifying the process for yourself :) . I totally vote for just going for it and getting some printed and actually making some stuff!

  • 54.
    Liz Faraone said…

    I learned about the site bloggled after you talked about on your blog, probably a year ago. For some reason I don’t thin kthe site is working or updating anymore. The customer service # does’nt work & they have not responded to my emails. Are you using them or have you heard anything? If not, how are you backing up your blog?? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP!!!

  • 55.
    Betty said…

    Is there a way to turn off the flickering movement of the sponsors’ buttons? I’m finding it hard to read with this distraction.

  • 56.
    TaraMcK said…

    Ali are you splitting LO’s between Simon and Anna or just by albums year? I would love to see how Anna’s baby album turned out.
    Can’t wait to try out Persnickety!

  • 57.
    Christine said…

    Do you have any recommendations for printing services for iPhone pictures? I used snapfish and was extremely unhappy with how they turned out. They look great on my phone but on paper, they were miserable.

  • 58.
    Deirdre said…

    Just about to order from Persnickety and happy to see the matte/glossy question answered. one more question: when you order a stack of 4×6, do you usually order matte as well, or just on layouts?

  • 59.
    Tina said…

    Ali, Where do you find your scrapbooks…the binder style, love them. I have so many pages done and just sitting in a pile (I know eek!).
    Thanks I might try digi pages….we shall see.

  • 60.
    Christy said…

    Did you use a Persnickety layout or did you make your own? Do you have to allow for print margins? Thanks

  • 61.
    Kelly said…

    Just received my order from Persnickity and am in awe! The pages turned out perfect. I was worried about the full bleed borders on my 12×12 pages as several had a thin border around the edge or type near the edge. Nothing was cut off! I will be ordering from them regularly now instead of using my Epson R1800 wide format. I have a hard time getting the color perfect but Persnickity was dead on!

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