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On my desk right now is this little minibook.

It's one of those projects-in-progress. It's actually been sitting on my table for at least a month and has already lived a variety of lives. When I first started it I thought it would be a minibook about siblings.
It's current incarnation is as a minibook celebrating "love" in general, and more specifically a bit about the love I'm feeling for my family right now.

The pattern papers are adhered. All but one of the photos have been placed. The accent word-art tags have been printed and adhered. A few other embellishments are in place.

What's missing are the words.

More and more these days I don't want to make something unless I feel like it's meaningful. We each have our own definition of what's meaningful in our scrapbooks and paper crafting projects. I want the words I add to be of substance, to say something beyond "I love you." I'm finding myself waiting for the "right" words rather than just getting some simple words of love written down and adhered. 

The less I scrapbook, the more I feel this way. 

I think for this book I am going to write sentences for each person that begin with the phrase "I love you today because..." I want to capture the current things I love about each one of them: the quirks, the silly phrases, the inside jokes, the way they are approaching challenges, the foods they can't get enough of, their most immediate joys.

I want to say "I love you" in a more specific way; in a way that captures a bit of what I am loving about them right now.

I love having a path forward. Back to work.


The album I'm using for this project is a Pink Paislee 4x8 Natural Artisan Canvas Album and is available at both Two Peas and
Butterfly rub on is from Jenni Bowlin. Word art designed by me can be purchased through Designer Digitals.

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