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I've been taking a bunch of summer photos since we've been home documenting how we are spending our days. For the kids that really means how they are spending their time outside. This past week it's been all about sprinklers and the slip-n-slide with the neighbor kids.

I'm procrastinating on working on anything related to our Italy trip. I look through the photos. I smile. I reminisce. I sigh. And then I feel overwhelmed and it moves farther down my list of projects to tackle. Sound familiar?

I'm ok with that for now. I'll let it simmer a bit longer and see what kind of inspiration evolves in the coming weeks.

AEdwards_RoundedCornerTemplatePackagePREV In the meantime, specifically to record our summer memories, I've developed a super simple & versatile series of rounded corner layered templates. Great for mixing and matching.

The new template package includes ten 12x12 layered templates (six are shown on this preview) - all include a thin line frame like you see in my layout above - are available at Designer Digitals now.

LAYOUT JOURNALING : I want to play outside. With you. In the water. On the slip-n-slide. Can we have a snack? I want the neighbors to play. Can we have some ice cream? I want to play with the water guns. In the sprinkler. With you.

So much playing is going on around here this summer. With Anna more of a “little kid” this year she is in serious play mode meaning you have more of a built-in playmate than ever before. I think, just by how it’s going right now, that this is just going to get better for both of you. It’s awesome to have a sibling to run around with, to giggle with, to tickle, to hug, to jump, and to sing, and so many other fun things.

I want to play with legos. With swords. With lightsabers. Can we make funny ghost faces? Read me a story? Can we have a snack? Nap time. TV time. Rest time. And then do it all over again.

: Ali Edwards Rounded Corner Layered Template Pack
Cardstock : Katie Pertiet Lars Solid Paper Pack
: Katie Pertiet Date Strips No. 1
Compass Epoxy
: Katie Pertiet Buttoned Up Vintage
"e" Stamp
: Katie Pertiet Messy Stamped Alphabet No. 2
want to play" Phrase Strip
: Katie Pertiet Collageables No. 1
: Anna Aspnes StraightLine Stitch Red No. 1


If you are interested in learning more about digital
scrapbooking, including working with layered templates like the one in this post, check out my series on scrapbooking with your computer.

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