Those Things Left Undone

When I wake up on Monday morning I'll walk into a kitchen with a counter and sink full of dishes. In my office I'll find a partially completed layout I'd planned to finish and post. On my computer l'll find emails I've not yet answered. In my closet and laundry room I'll find hampers filled with clothes to be washed.

When I wake up on Monday morning, instead of finding a clean house and an organized work space, I'll find a heart full of great memories from this past weekend.  

As I begin that process of cleaning up the kitchen and getting the laundry going I'll be thankful that Chris and I got to spend a full weekend just with Simon while Anna had her first weekend at Grandma & Grandpa Camp (what we call going to the beach with my parents). We let him choose his own adventures with our full attention: swimming on both Saturday & Sunday, Toy Story 3, the park, chocolate ice cream, dinners of his favorite foods, cuddling with me on the couch.

When I wake up on Monday morning I'll hear Simon's words in my ear from Saturday night, "thank you for spending the day with me."

When I wake up on Monday morning I'll begin my day with a very thankful heart.

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